Friday, July 01, 2011

HAC's Memoirs

Hello Mr. Covington,

Not for any project anytime soon, but have you given any thought to writing your memoirs? The accounts of your adventures, struggles, and times spent across the globe? I know you're working on Freedom's Son's right now, and I wouldn't want to seem like I'm pushing you into another time-consuming project. But I think the impact your memoirs could make would outshine even the quartet.

-Robert in Massachusetts


If I wanted to be a real stinker I'd threaten to write such a book and listen to the Goat Dancers and Willard shriek like banshees, but no, no plans to write my memoirs now and probably never.

The main reason is that I could never be completely honest, and there is no point in undertaking a project like that if you're not going to play it straight up and tell everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There is too much that would have to be held back for a variety of reasons. Just for one example, there are people who helped out the NSPA 30-odd years ago who are still around, and would still be subject to retaliation if I were to mention their names or what specifically they did, from which the authorities might be able to figure out their names.

There are other people who have helped me personally down through the years in many ways, whom I could never publicly acknowledge, because of the distinct possibility of retaliation and punishment from the System. There is also the risk that I might inadvertently give away information which the enemy might use against White people in some way in the future.

It is customary to begin an autobiography with one's childhood; I have spent forty years trying to forget mine. There are certain things in my life which I have no intention of ever discussing with anyone, because it's nobody else's damned business, like my relationships with women including my wives and with my family, like what was done to my mother and my children and my sister, etc. These of all people have a right to privacy. They have gone through enough trouble and pain rooted in that American Gothic scene out there at the Amityville Horror, and I will not add to that.

I probably won't write my memoirs because I'm simply not that significant an individual, and nobody gives a damn. Writing one's memoirs is a form of vanity. It arrogantly assumes that there will be someone interested in reading them, and right now the number of weekly hits on Radio Free Northwest indicates to me this isn't the case.

Finally, I won't be writing my memoirs because in my case the long, strange trip ain't over yet.



Anonymous Robert in Massachusetts said...

Very well answered Mr. Covington. I think your response reveals your sense of honor.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Luek said...


Seems like some assholes have already done the heavy lifting of compiling your bio already.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the flame/edit war in the comment section of Mr. Covington's Wikipedia article amusing. It is obvious that the limp-wristed fags of Wikipedia who enjoy all manner of things stuck up their butts, were not counting on an articulate white nationalist to meet them blow by blow and give detailed evidence against each and every one of their slurs and accusations.

The lefty fags can't handle it when reality doesn't meet their fantasies like in that old bull dyke fantasy tv show "Murphy Brown." Each week they'd trundle in some white male who would spout some conservative point of view but then Murphy Brown, cape flying, hands on hips in superman pose, would shoot him down with one or two well chosen words. Magically, and giving no resistance, the evil wicked white man would run away whimpering with this tail between his legs or have an epiphany and convert to the liberal cause, complete with bending over for the closest sodomite.

Well gay guys and dykes, it doesn't happen that way in real life. Sometimes when you swing at someone, they swing back... hard!

10:18 AM  

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