Friday, June 24, 2011

Try This One

Hi, guys:

There does seem to have been a problem with the link this time around for Radio Free Northwest. This may be a blogspot or Firefox problem. Try this one above. If it doesn't work, try cutting and pasting. The link itself if correct. or just simply go to the site at

and go to Radio Free Northwest for June 23rd.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like our movement has made its way to the mainstream via Yahoo News! This is excellent.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

The correct link is

12:59 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

At the risk of being boorish, what difference would a competent attorney have in defending Mr. Steele? The government wanted Edgar Steele out of the picture permanently. And they got what they wanted! Of course the obvious paradox is that the very entity that wants Steele dead is the one that competent legal representation appealing his conviction would be trying to convince that Mr. Steele should be freed and all charges dropped! What is wrong with this picture? The only realistic path for Mr. Steele would be getting the Feds to let him not go to prison because of his ill health while his appeal goes through which could take the rest of his life. Of course a part of this deal would be that Mr. Steele would in effect be permanently silenced, not making any public statements or other public displays of resistance to the government. It would be cheaper to do this than incarcerating him and being responsible for his expensive medical attention and possibly making him a martyr. In other words, Mr. Steele is toast! And a bankrupt ruined man at that!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your talk about money and the movement was interesting. Folks talk about Jews being "cheap" but they seem to fund their ethnic organizations quite lavishly. Guess they don't drink as much beer.

Anyway, back in the 90's, two Jews died within weeks of each other and their bequests made it into USA Today. One left $800 million to charity with half going to Jewish causes; the other was a IRS secretary or clerk who retired in the late 1950s and had a hobby of playing the stock market. She left an estate of a couple of million dollars with most going to a yeshiva (she didn't have any immediate family). The school never heard of her and was pleased but surprised.

This got me thinking: I never heard of anyone leaving money to a White nationalist group and wondered why (a few years later someone in the Boston area left $10,000 to the National Alliance which made the local news). Out of the 150 or so million Whites in this country there must be a few racially aware millionaires. I could understand someone saying that they can't donate while they have a business which can be boycotted or children who can be harrassed but the excuses get lamer if safely retired (my friends will snub me and I'll get kicked out of the country club) and there is no excuse when dead.

Suppose someone dies with a $50 million estate, what is stopping them from leaving $2 million to a White nationalist cause? There can only be two reasons: 1) There are no racially aware millionaires or 2) There are no organizations that can be trusted with the money. When I say "trusted" I mean can handle a large sum with out self-destructing (acting like nogs who just won the lottery). I suppose the old NA may have been able to cope with a windfall and maybe AmRen today can (they seem professionally run) but can any group including yours handle something like that? (No I am not rich nor expecting a visit from the reaper anytime soon). It is something worth pondering: Why people can't support the cause financially even when it is risk free? You have decades of experiance in the movement so perhaps you can address this.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are no racially aware rich people and never will be. People who become racially aware are people who have been stepped on and down trodden, such as the people of Germany before WWII. National Socialism is a form of class war against rich banksters. Eventually the anger of poor white people will reach the point when they will not hesitate to exterminate all rich people, because all rich people are either Jews or white traitors.
The 'Order' hesitated to exterminate white FBI agents. Only when poor white people are ready to exterminate FBI agents is the movement ready for the 'Revolution'

3:37 AM  

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