Thursday, June 09, 2011

Radio Free Northwest - June 9th, 2011

Racial Comrades:

Radio Free Northwest #72, dated June 9 2011 is now available for download from the Party website at:

In this podcast I talk about VBulletin boards, Axis Sally and I have a chat about Fred Phelps and the situation in Coffee Creek Women's Prison in Oregon, and I play some cowboy songs for our weekly musical selections.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see Radio Free Northwest has now established itself as a program that more and more people are looking forward to hear.

I think the reason Fred Phelps gets away with more "hate speech" than White Nationalists is that he and nearly all of his 12 children are lawyers. It goes to show that knowledge is power. It is unfortunate that the "movement" has virtually no attorneys on board(especially now that Edgar Steele has been taken away from us) and is left at the mercy of public defenders.

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