Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Never Forgotten

A White woman in the Coffee Creek women's prison in Oregon was sent to solitary confinement for 45 days, in complete isolation on "reduced rations" (something like 700-900 calories per day), no heat, "basic hygiene" (i.e. no running water in the punishment cell), as well as other forms of abuse we suspect but cannot at this point prove, for the possession of this poem which she wrote. This was in fact what was written on her punishment form, which she was able to smuggle out of the prison, so no, "Harold isn't making this up."

She is one of many White women in the prison who is suffering because of her desire to received Northwest Observer and other politically incorrect material, including my novels. I will not name this gallant lady, which is kind of ridiculous since the prison regime already knows who she is, but for the moment I don't feel like giving the Goat Dancers any more ammunition and also, we are working on possible action to take regarding the persistent pattern of racially-motivated abuse and institutional terrorism to which White women are currently being subjected in Coffee Creek.

However, in response to the abuse she has received and continues to receive at the hands of the tyrant, I think her poem at least deserves publication. - HAC

* * * * *

Never Forgotten

Born on a Wednesday

In a town called Woden.

Ironic, you say?

Or a true son of Odin?

He fought for the White,

Not giving up, even when snared.

He brought many to the light,

And then was silenced because "they" were scared.

Sheer truth is what he spoke,

Whether or not all agreed.

He lived and died for our folk,

Served a real purpose, as decreed.

We can honor him with more words,

Or wake up and take heed.

Leave the quarrels to the birds,

And rise up together by way of deeds.

Of the greatest folk hero was our comrade, David Lane,

As one who defied the enemies’ chains;

As one who planted a seed in many brains;

As one who overcame the pain;

As Wodensson, giving the 14 Words in his name!

None of this will be in vain.

Hail David Lane!


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