Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indeterminate Sentences for "Hate"

Some bad news about the Heretical Two. Stephen Whittle's sentence is finished and he is no longer in a bail hostel, but he is still subject to Probation and Police Service supervision. I am sure the same thing will happen to Simon when his sentence ends in nearly two years' time - March 2013, I believe.

It appears that what I feared would happen to hard-line nationalists in the near future in Britain has already happened to the H2. They have been given an unofficial additional and 'indeterminate' sentence and are being treated like dangerous paedophiles on a long term basis. I am sure the Authorities don't even have much legal cover for this abuse, but there is no one left with the status and courage to challenge them - it would seem.



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Blogger Luek said...

These two originally asked the United States for political asylum. Of course they were arrested by the compassionate Amurrican government and sent back to their persecutors in England. Also, Ernst Zundel suffered a similar fate relying on the compassion of the Amurricans for protection. Oh! I almost forgot about the 90+ year old retired autoworker and grandfather John Demjanjuk who believed that living a trouble free solid taxpaying citizen personal life would protect him here in Amurrica from persecution from foreign tyrants. Side note: John Demjanjuk actually got a better deal from the Israeli courts than from Amurrican jurisprudence for what it is worth.

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