Sunday, June 19, 2011

Edgar Steele's Thieving Lawyer Disbarred

[During his recent trial for his life, Edgar Steele was offered a choice between a drunk and a thief as his defense counsel, which is pretty typical for the United States criminal justice system. Ed and Cyndi chose the thief, and apparently chose wrong, although there is certainly no indication that the drunk could have done any better. - HAC]


Edgar Steele, his family, friends and supporters wish to express their serious disappointment and outrage upon hearing of the disbarment of Mr. Steele's attorney, Robert McAllister. They view this as a betrayal of their trust placed in him. It is unconscionable that he failed to disqualify himself before he put Mr. Steele at risk of conviction on false charges.

After several months of alleged "representation" by Federal Public Defender Roger Peven, those close to Mr. Steele's case came to realize Mr. Peven's efforts were marginal at best. He was simply trying to make Mr. Steele take a plea bargain, and had no intention of defending him from the fraudulent charges."

[For God's sake, the guy is a public defender and a federal employee, drawing a $155,000 per year salary from the very system that had determined to destroy Ed Steele. Of course he was fucking useless! What else did anyone expect? - HAC]

The observation was that his so-called "representation" was fraught with procrastination, even inattentiveness. A sad irony exists that after Peven was off the case, he found himself in the limelight of negative publicity for an alcohol problem and for doing the same thing to others.

When Mr. McAllister's name came forward with positive recommendations, many found new optimism that an aggressive offense on the false charges would be mounted to defend and then free Mr. Steele.

Observers of McAllister's performance at trial in Boise naturally had justifiable questions and criticism of defense opportunities that were passed by. He simply failed to ask the hard questions as if he was distracted by something else, so that he could not properly perform as Mr. Steele's attorney.

Cyndi Steele and her family wish to go on record, saying they were completely unaware of any impropriety in Mr. McAllister's personal or professional dealings outside of his representing Edgar Steele. In fact, they were caught off guard and surprised when news of disbarment was announced.

Mr. Steele is now represented by Mr. Wesley Hoyt, attorney practicing in Colorado and Idaho. Mr. Hoyt has extensive defense experience with Idaho businessman David Hinkson, who is currently imprisoned as a result of similar governmental/judicial frame-up and railroading and hopes to use that experience to point out the errors and misconduct that caused the conviction of Mr. Steele.

[I think I may revert to my original advice given in The March Up Country many years ago: when they come for you, if you are so fortunate as to be allowed a public trial at all (some aren't, like Jeff Hughes and Vicky Weaver and Kathy Ainsworth), defend yourself. Don't let the government appoint a drunk to do it, and don't hire some thief who will do nothing except sit around in court looking like a deer caught in the headlights before you are dragged off to death and torture and he sends your wife a six-figure bill. - HAC]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Methinks also that charges against him were already in the works and defending Steele was his "plea bargain" with the Feds. He'd make it easy for the Feds to convict Steele, to the point of outdoing the Prosecutor in his efforts for a conviction. In return, McAllister will probably get off easy, simply being disbarred, but riding off into the sunset with this stock portfolios and 401K's.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mhmmm If you were on trial would it be better to just use the 5 words or defend yourself?

11:31 PM  

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