Friday, May 20, 2011

Why The Hatred?

It's no secret I detest blacks. In fact I'm probably one of the most vocal people on the internet about the evils of that race. But seldom do I ever get into exactly why I despise them so much. Seldom do I ever talk about the core reasons that I, and millions of other whites like me around the world feel this way. There's no simple answer to it, though if I were to try and lump it all into one blob of disgust, it would be because they voluntarily choose to be niggers. Let me explain;

When a black man is born, he has a lower intelligence than whites, and like all the other dark races, he possesses twice to three times the hormone levels that a white has. This, as we all know, is a recipe for trouble. Their sex drive is out the roof, while their capacity to handle it intelligently is extremely limited. Consequently one of their driving goals in life is sex.

This has made them a menace to every race on the planet ever since they were dragged out of the African bush, kicking and screaming, to be used as brute animal force in the plantations overseas. But it doesn't have to be that way. Not to the extent they allow it anyway. If they really wanted to, they could use a large amount of restraint, learning to dominate these primitive drives. But that was not to be.

Blacks are not simply men that happen to be black. To be born a black means you're only one small click above an orangutan. This is not a racist remark, it's the simple truth.

And up until liberal political pressure got so bad that it could destroy careers, anthropologists taught this fact. Heck, I've got one of the old college textbooks from the 50's, showing the similarities between the two, and there's far more similarities than differences.

The only real differences are their ability to speak after a fashion, and their slightly higher intelligence. Add fur to a black and it will spook you because they look so much alike, especially the pure bloods. We seldom see a pure bloods in the States thanks to the Jew's long running interbreeding agenda, of which they themselves are no small contributors. Like a black, a Jew will screw a snake if someone will hold it still.

But primitive traits aside, the core reason I despise them is because most of them do have the ability to control the majority of their animal urges..they just don't want to. For you see, a black gravitates toward evil like a fly to a turd. It's in their very nature to be evil. They love it. Given the choice between doing the right thing and the easy thing, a black will always choose the lowlife path. Always.

Blacks are an old race. Almost as old as ours. In fact every one of the most ultra ancient texts we have, even those the Tibetan monks profess to be a minimum of 30,000 years old, speak of ancient wars between "the sons of darkness" and the "sons of light". The sons of darkness had black skin, where the sons of light had white skin. According to these texts, there have been many civilizations before ours that have risen to giddy heights, only to be destroyed by cyclical cataclysmic events, and these sons of darkness.
We have records telling us about the last two great cultures on this planet, and the wars they waged against these ape men, but we only have hints of the ones before those. All we know for certain is they existed. All traces of them have been destroyed..wiped out by the ravages of eons and tectonic upheavals. But what records we do have speak of the great wars that raged between the races, and the sad fact that in both cases the whites lost..but only after nearly wiping blacks off the map. But as we all know, they have an infernal gift for breeding, and before long their numbers were replenished, even if the technologies they stole didn't survive with them. And each time we whites had to start all over again, clawing our way back out of the mire of ignorance.

And because of this, all memory of what happened was lost, and the hard lessons we learned were lost as well, leaving us to once again repeat the same mistakes of our forebears.

And here we go again. Evil is as old as time. It's older than the earth, and probably older than creation. And as long as blacks have existed, evil has had a way to manifest its will. And what makes me despise them, not just hate them is the fact that they like it! Being evil is fun to them. It's the preferred lifestyle. Just look at them. Gangs, burglaries, rapes, murders, molestations, car thefts, drugs, gambling, porno, profanities, obscene music and dancing, chasing our women, beating children, pimping and prostitution, plus voodoo, devil worship, and all other manner of crime, outrages and evil.

They love it. They get up every single morning plotting to do more. If it's dark, evil, dangerous and destructive, then a black will be involved. They serve no constructive purpose in any society, but are instead predators and parasites. They are hostile, aggressive and violent, and are sneaky, lying, and backstabbing. Any seasoned cop will tell you that he's never interrogated a black that told the truth. To them, lying is second nature, like breathing.

The stark reality is they have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. None.

Any person, I don't care who he is or where he lives, is better off if he never meets a black as long as he lives. Sadly, few of us are ever that blessed. Ask yourself this one simple question: Are we better off with blacks..or without them? Only a fool or a liar would say we're better off. But as long as we allow liberals to have any measure of control in this country, we will continue to see our beloved land disintegrate before our eyes.

I recently read an article where government researchers did a study on how people accept opposing views. They found that liberals will actually dig their heels in deeper and become even more stubbornly supportive of their insane philosophy if positive proof is shown to them that they are dead wrong.

Logic no longer enters into it. Even knowing they are on a fools' errand, they refuse to change their ways. Well, I've always suspected this because I've debated and argued with various liberals for decades. And one thing that has always disgusted me was the fact that no matter how concrete my proof was, they rejected it out of hand, refusing to even look at it, or if they did, refusing to admit they were wrong.

In other words you can't reason with insanity, and liberalism is a form of mental illness. A whole cadre of well respected psychologists have come to this conclusion. This means we all need to stop wasting our time and effort trying to pull their heads out of their butts, and start dealing with them like we would any other dangerous nutcase.

Liberals are the enablers of blacks in this country and around the world, and everywhere they've forced whites to surrender political or social control to these apes in the name of "equality", the results have been absolutely disastrous. And yet they still continue to push this same evil agenda on whites everywhere. This alone is proof they are nuts.

We must stop tolerating liberal antics and become hard as nails when it comes to stopping them. No mercy, no quarter, and no negotiating. Our race cannot afford to allow liberalism to continue to exist. The philosophy must be universally outlawed as a dangerous criminal cult. Liberalism is evil. Proof of this is all around us. A thing is known by its fruits, and liberalism causes only chaos, degeneracy and destruction.

Just look at TV and our media. On one channel they're depicting a black super hero, while on the next one cops are chasing some murderous buck who just shot a family of four for crack money. Another channel is praising some black sports figure, while on another the newscaster is covering the rape of a young white girl by some ghetto black. No matter how much they murder, rob, loot, burn, or profane our culture, the liberals continue to stick them on a pedestal and smooch their worthless black asses.

I just watched a show on Fox where Beck was talking to a group of liberal school teachers about the problems in our schools, namely the poor grades. They talked long and hard, but not one of those cowards had the guts to come out and say that the reason for this failure was that all our schools are now overrun with sub-humans that don't possess the ability or the drive to learn.

It's a complete waste of time, effort and money, yet these fools continue to pour billions into this black hole. We need to separate our kids from all these blacks and mestizos if they are to be able to learn anything. No white kid can learn in a classroom of 60 blacks and mestizos who spend the day raising hell in the classroom and calling the teacher a "ho" and a "puta", and sometimes stomping her to boot. Many white teachers now carry a gun whether they are allowed to or not.

One teacher did bring up the idea of a voucher system, and I think that's a good long as the parents have to pay for it. That would force the blacks and Mmstizos to stay in their public toilets while white kids went to all-white schools. Because no mud family is going to spend that kind of money on a school they can send their kid to for free anyway. We can't legally segregate, but we can do it financially. It's the only way education can work.

Liberals know this, they just don't like it. After all, they look the other way with our prison system. It segregates all the races to maintain order. They know integration doesn't work. But to come out publicly and announce their bullshit is a failure will never happen, so we have to make the changes ourselves. And the first thing we need to do is get rid of liberals in power in all facets of life and government as soon as humanly possible, and by any and all means necessary.

I've known several black men in my life, and none of them were anything remotely like their racial brothers. In fact I remember one time over twenty years ago, when I had been carrying on a conversation with a guy that sat next to me on a flight to Seattle. It was only after a couple of hours of talk that it finally dawned on me that the guy was black! I flat hadn't noticed.

Why? Because he was a man. A man that happened to be black, like a man happens to have brown eyes. It was a minor thing because he made it minor. But unfortunately men like him are as rare as chicken lips. Most blacks are flat out niggers. It's a shame people like this have to suffer, but war is never completely fair or nice. It's war. And war is now our only option if we are to survive as a race and culture. We must all face these hard truths and brace ourselves to deal with them or pay the price in freedom..and in lives..ours.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Luek said...

It must be pointed out that niggers like chimps are experts at mimicking. This is where the term “aping” came from. So, as you as we all occasionally do meet an intelligent sounding nigger you are probably speaking by proxy to the white he is mimicking.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Marianne J. said...

I agree with the voucher system,here in Sweden some people are starting to ask for similar methods, since many schools in big cities are seriously inflicted with diversity (negroes, arabs,asians)I worked as consultor and instructor for a finish company in southamerica and I saw that in those countries private schools were the only way by which the tiny little-rich-white ruling elite and european expats could get their kids away from mestizos, negroes and amerindians.

11:56 AM  
Blogger FeminizedWesternMale said...

"...where Beck was talking to a group of liberal school teachers about the problems in our schools, namely the poor grades."

Classic Post: "What it's Like to Teach Black Students?"

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Luek -- 100% Correct! Even the most adept at maintaining the appearance of being 'intelligent' and 'civilized' niggers will go INSTANTLY feral at the slightest hint of (real or imaginary) provocation. Jewry has done a dangerously thorough job of conditioning its pet apes to blame Whitey for all of Jewry's crimes against humanity, especially slavery. Even when a nigger is in the midst of berating one of its own 'Nappy Headed Ho' types for applauding its niglets for their embracing the Gangsta lifestyle, the moment a White commends the nigger for pointing out the obvious and the Nappy Headed Ho gives the signal for the "intelligent" nigger to chimp out (calls the "intelligent" nigger an "Uncle Tom" or "Oreo"), the allegedly "intelligent" nigger immediately sheds its "civilized" veneer and chimps out to "prove" its "blackness" to the Ho.


8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"rather be called a racist than a coward"

3:09 AM  

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