Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Is Where Your Money Is Going

Found in a parking lot of a grocery store, Menominee, Michigan. When was the last time YOU could afford to feed your family like this? Well why not? Oh! No money? Gee, I wonder where it's all going?

But just ask any nigger or wetback, and they'll tell you that "they aint' gettin' enough", and that ole' whitey is a mean, racist pig that oppresses dey spoiled, lazy, thieving, worthless black asses...

It's waaay past time we sealed the borders, ran those parasites back across it at gunpoint along with all their criminal brats, and put all our worthless niggers in government work camps by force!

And above all, arrest every last stinking liberal politician in the country and try them for high treason! And if the yuppies, queers, commies and progressives don't like it, they can join the niggers in the camps!

-The Lone Haranguer


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