Saturday, May 14, 2011

Steele's Magnolias

Imagine that you are a man who cares passionately about your race and nation. Imagine that you speak openly on this subject, in spite of death threats against you, your nine year old daughter, and your entire family. Imagine that you are a United States Coast Guard Veteran from the Viet Nam era who worked his way through college, graduate school, law school and CPA exams. Now imagine that you are White. This is the story of one Mr. Edgar J. Steele, an accomplished and brilliant Attorney, who has defended unpopular clients such as Pastor Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations. Ed’s career spans more than forty years, and his willingness to defend unpopular clients afforded him the self proclaimed title, “Attorney for the Damned.”

Steele’s Magnolias are used to being unpopular for being White and proud, because we have noticed that America is no longer safe. That is why we appreciate Ed’s closing sentence in every essay on his site,, “A New America – an idea whose time has come.” The common theme with Steele’s Magnolias is that we are done apologizing for wanting to raise our children where they are not schooled by sodomites or taught to feel shame for being from a great race of conquerors. Steele’s Magnolias will not stand by while the entire State of Idaho is condemned for being “too White” and having too much racial animus. We are chastised for being close minded, and reminded that being open minded only refers to loving and embracing sodomites, lesbians and perverts of every kind. Environmental sustainability means erasing generations through contraception and infanticide. Those who do not have a death wish for the White race are ideologically assassinated as racists. Whites are omitted from the diversity rainbow, although the European race is the most colorful and brilliant the world has ever known.

Let us recall the case of Vicki Weaver, whose loyalty to her family was judged with a bullet that killed her as she held her baby daughter, Elishba. This is one of Steele’s Magnolias. This is the prime example of what happens when White women desire to renounce their affiliation with the old America. The old America offers White women ample opportunity to be leered at, cat called and raped by sooty beasts who roam the streets. The old America offers White mothers long commutes to tiresome jobs while family demands are ignored. The old America offers White women criticism and condemnation for restoring dignity to motherhood.

Mrs. Weaver chose life in the New America. She was very well liked with the women of the Aryan Nations church, where she was active. She bothered no one. Yet her sentence for being a traditional homemaker and pioneer, qualities considered eccentric in this age of destruction, was death. Steele’s Magnolias hold Mrs. Weaver up as the prime example of the true extremism in America. The extremists are those who would force their way on the Weaver’s property, then shoot their dog, Stryker, fourteen year old son, Sammy, and unarmed, mother with babe in arms, our Iowa born and bred Heroine, Mrs. Vicki Weaver.

Steele’s Magnolias do not apologize for offending anyone, since we are mortally offended by the red, white and blue mass murder machine whose corporate name is the United States of America. You can’t imagine how offended we are to see the Civil Rights Act of 1866 turn into a reason to define Blacks as equal with sodomites, lesbians and perverts of every kind. We who hail from the Southeastern United States remember and cherish the bonds of friendship with Blacks, whose contribution to society has been rewarded with a burgeoning bureaucracy, and a condescending label of “Uncle Tom” or “Aunt Jane” for those who dare not to comply with the Canaanite agenda. We know the Black man didn’t really want to sit at the front of our public buses. We know he really wanted to sit at the head of the table in homes with White women. We know so many God fearing, educated Black women who remain single, while Black men take a White wife as the crowning achievement in their quest for conservatism and family values. We cannot fight their battle nor fight against them. We can only fight our own here in the New America. We call Bolshevik on those who hurl insults at us, and welcome your insults. Each new online insult causes another young White woman to question her identity, to speak with us, and to understand the depth of what Ed Steele really meant in his magnum opus, Defensive Racism.

Steele’s Magnolias recognize one important point from this book to be Ed’s concept of culture gone to seed. Ed answers the question of nature versus nurture with the overwhelming response that people build the culture that reflects their highest values. We are reminded of this when we see rolling green fields in Eastern Washington, Montana and Idaho. We are reminded of this when we see work trucks, heavy laden with fire wood, chopped, split and stacked. We are reminded of this when we attend a local Pee Wee Rodeo, Grange Hall event, or Church service. We have no interest in your shopping malls, your cubicles, or your 401K plans. We renounce any culture which does not reflect our highest values, aptly and succinctly expressed in David Lane’s Fourteen Words:

“We must secure the existence of our People, and a future for White Children, because the beauty of the White Aryan Woman must not perish from the Earth.”

We are Steele’s Magnolias, and we welcome your support. Please contact us at

-Heidi D.


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