Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Net Closes

[From a British supporter who can't be named because...well, read on and you'll see why he can't be named.)

So much for any hope in the near future of reversing the precedent set by the trial and conviction of the Heretical Two (H2) - partly over racial material posted on a US computer server.

The prosecution of the H2 was the first time in UK legal history. It also marked the UK extending its legal jurisdiction over the USA with the successful extradition of the H2 from California for committing speech crimes protected by the First Amendment - a curious reversal of the usual state of affairs between the two countries where the US is normally totally dominant.

The jury at Simon Sheppard's trial were given the impression by the judge that it was just another race trial, but the Jewish Chronicle boasted of the change in interpretation of the law immediately after the conviction of the H2. This change was brought about without any change of UK legislation, but probably through PC/Marxist judges use of the EU Human Rights Act, which came into force in 2000, to impose their own agenda.

Germany had also already gone down this road in the case of Dr Frederick Toben, with the first attempted prosecution in 2000 and again in 2008 based on the fact that his Australian website could be accessed in Germany and that he is of German ethnic origin. Ernst Zundel was successfully prosecuted in 2005 and Rudolph German in 2007. France has tried the same methods, although a proactive Yahoo ban of Nazi & KKK memorabilia for sale in France in 2001, was lost in 2006 at the court of ninth circuit in California.

Even though the legal controversy concerns a different subject, the Californian Superior Court's decision to force Twitter to reveal details of UK users, marks another step towards tyranny and further extension over legal jurisdiction by the UK over the USA; but again acting as agents of ZOG.

Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph has stressed that although the British media have been criticising judges for imposing legal injunctions and super injunctions to protect the "rights to privacy" of footballers and politicians - the main scandal concerns the many children taken into care by police and social services without any good reason.

Parents are prevented by injunctions from speaking to their MPs by injunctions imposed by judges and threatened with imprisonment contrary to their "human rights" and against common law. Meanwhile most of the cases of ethnic and underclass kids, who have been genuinely abused, are ignored because of the issues arising concerning racism, public disorder etc.


Anonymous Barney said...

Hello Mr C. I felt I had to comment on this insane case, simply because, here in the UK, the legal system - but not the actual law - is nearly always twisted nowadays in favour of the criminal. I believe this insanity is proposed in "The Protocols", but I'm not certain.

People can now end up in court for daring to defend themselves against an attacker. The Tony Martin case was the one that got the most publicity, but there have been others, probably many more that we don't even hear about, and just a few that we do.

It's getting so bad that it will soon be possible for a criminal, without leaving his armchair, to merely say he was breaking into my home and I thumped him, and then I'd be ordered to pay compensation - to somebody I'd possibly never even met.

There IS no law any more, just a totally corrupt jew-masonic "legal" system that does whatever ZOG wants.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Whites are beginning to notice how bad the cesspit is. Note some of the comments on the story. No mentions of race in the story but plenty in the comments. Like the niggapes used to say "Times, they is a changing!"

4:10 PM  

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