Saturday, May 28, 2011

Edgar Steele's Drunken Public Defender

The so-called establishment media coverage has subsided, preparatory to sending the whole revolting case down the memory hole and burying Ed Steele alive.

There are supposedly plans for an appeal of Steele’s grotesque conviction, and Cyndi Steele is doing a lot of interviews raising hell about the farce wherein her husband was not allowed to call witnesses in his defense, but mostly these interviews she’s doing are with quote-unquote “our” internet and other media, so she won’t be reaching the White community itself but only that small portion of it that is racially aware. In addition there is the question of how much an appeal will cost, and who will pay for it.

One interesting Steele-related item did surface in the media this week. It seems that Edgar Steele’s first court-appointed attorney, a guy named Roger Peven, is being eased out of his position as the lead federal public defender due to being a drunk and an asshole. On May the 17th there was an article in the Spokane Spokesman-Review by Thomas Clouse, to that effect.

Apparently Peven once took a leave of absence to spend thirty days in a rehab clinic to dry out, at government expense of course, and he is now being sued by three of the attorneys on his own staff for basically being a jackass. Well, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black.

Bear in mind that for almost eight of the nine months prior to Edgar Steele’s trial, this Roger Peven guy was the bozo in charge of his defense. Beautiful. No wonder nothing got done for eight months.

This Spokesman-Review article also reveals a couple of more interesting items of information. It seems that Roger Peven is being paid $155,000 per year in taxpayer money to do nothing, at least according to the lawsuit, and also he is now the defense attorney for Kevin Harpham, the supposed maker of the Bionic Backpack in Spokane last January.

I’m sure Harpham is filled with confidence at the prospect of having as his defense attorney an ageing clown who is a self-admitted alcoholic, who is being sued by his own staff for paranoid and irrational behavior, and who appears to be on the verge of losing his job due to incompetence. Great judicial system we’ve got in this country, eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read the first reports citing malpractice on the part of the Public Defender, I seem to recall the authors' having spelled the drunk's surname "Pevin" and immediately wondered if the drunken asshole might also have been a kike ("Pevin" rhyming with the common kike surname "Levin" and all). I would be quite curious to know the race of the drunken Public Defender, but I'm sure the controlled media will go to great lengths to dodge any such questions, especially if the boozehound turns out to be a bagel-biter.


9:56 AM  
Blogger Luek said...

The outstanding paradox of this whole surreal frameup of Mr. Steele is that his alleged victims are his staunches supporters. Cyndi Steele is a rare jewel or according to the Feds a complete fool. I thought there had to be a victim before there could be a crime? Either way, I don't see how the morons on the jury could have determined his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "morons" on the jury could do no less after having soaked up hours and hours of "Okra Windbag" and Lifetime TV.

Thus brainwashed, jurors likely saw it their duty to rid the community of a "hater" and that was sufficient reason. After all, the FBI gathered the evidence, so no need to doubt that.

Of course this verdict was also meant as a message for various haters and "supremacists": Don't be coming to the NW with "hating on your mind".

I remember a movie from a few years ago about an occurrence somewhere in the NW (supposedly based on actual events). In the movie, white folks in a small town rose up and ran out a group of evil "Skinheads and Nazis".

In the movie, the "haters" were merely voicing an unpopular point of view. Yet, these same good towns people naturally will say nothing as Spics move in and takeover everything, including their daughters.

The irony is that the skinheads didn't hate their fellow white people. Yet these same people welcome Beaners who are the most extreme and violent racists you can be around. They commit a hell of a lot of crime as well.

The pious folks who ran the haters out will now be run out by Spics. Revenge in a way. But these dumb-asses will learn nothing.

Because of this mindset, we got the verdict we got.

Occasionally, the shoe is on the other foot. I refer to the Randy Weaver acquittal. Yet, that was only a partial victory. The FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi who killed Weaver's wife was never tried for murder.

Off on a tangent a bit but this Lon Horiuchi looks a lot like the chink brought home by the white girl in the disgusting Ally Bank "I love my bank" commercial.

According to Free Republic, "sniper" Horiuchi works for gun company H-S Precision.

3:38 PM  

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