Friday, May 27, 2011

Attack of the Howler Monkeys

(Every one of us could sit down and wright out a list as long as a cat's tail of the insanities liberals force us to tolerate on a daily basis. Good is evil and evil good. The vile, silly-assed laws and regulations we now live under can literally get you tossed in prison if you don't play along. It reminds me of being stuck in an evil Mad Hatter's tea party with no way out. We can't continue to live like this. I've had heople shoot back at me saying, "But it would be nuts to take on this screwy establishment and form a nation of our own!" Oh yeah? Would it be any more nuts that what we're living under right now? I think not. If we are ever to restore any semblance of sanity, common sense and morality back into our lives, we are going to have to forcibly separate ourselves from this mutilated culture. It's lost. It cannot be fixed or saved. So the only viable solution is for us to separate from it.)

I have come to the sad conclusion that most of our race is what I term RD, that is racially dysfunctional! In spite of that, however, I do believe we will win this thing. America will not survive, but a portion of our people will. After all its no longer about saving America, but saving a portion of our race as future breeding stock.

Example One: As you realize Obama has declared that Israel needs to pull back from land obtained by conquest in its 1967 war and go back to their pre-1967 borders. I happened to listen to the radio that day driving home from work and I had to turn it off in disgust. To a tee all the callers were all white males absolutely furious that Obama has made demands on Israel and all gave spirited defenses of Israel and the dangers the Jewish people face with demographic trends. Would to God these same people would be as concerned with the survival of their own race as their are a bunch of psychotic desert dwellers.

Example 2: I recently had to attend a high school graduation with a heavily black audience. I am always amazed at how the school officials have to give a pep talk prior to the ceremony pointing out its a solemn occasion, and please be respectful of others, yadda, yadda, yadda!

Of course halfway into the ceremony blacks can no longer stand it. They scream when their child's name is announced, blow airs horns, rush from the stands down to the floor, pushing people out of the way, to take pictures, and blow air horns. Many family members stand up and do a weird jive dance in the stands as their child receives his, or her, diploma.

What's even sadder is the place is loaded with cops and not one arrest in made, or anybody even asked to leave!!!! It honestly was so damn loud I could not hear myself think. I am not trying to be facetious but it really and truly reminded me of the howler monkey exhibit at the zoo! I got to wondering, who is the most insane? Blacks, who are merely acting out their DNA or whites who sit silently and put up with it. And when the ceremony is over the crowd is asked to leave, none do, so the lights are turned out section by section to encourage them to leave. That leads me to believe that at least somebody knows blacks can turn volatile and and unruly in a moment's notice, so we better make them get the hell out!

Example 3: Long ago I remember going to movies as a child and a stern, red coated usher, would patrol the aisles, with flashlight in hand, and evict anybody that said so much as a peep!

Now before movies start we have to have a representative of the theater make a short speech begging people not to text or answer calls on their cell phone during the movie! And I must confess its not just a black thing, white teenagers are notorious about texting, or answering calls during the movie also! You see, there are a million and one reasons why White people need their own sovereign nation. Its many times the little things in life that convinces us how insane America really is, and how dysfunctional its people have become.

A white Ethno-State is needed, if for no other purpose, to restore sanity in life! America is indeed an insane nation!

-The Lone Haranguer


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