Friday, April 15, 2011

Thieves' Guild

As I write this, the politicians in D.C. are about to let the entire government shut down because they can't agree on budget cuts. But even if the Republicans manage to get all the cuts they want, it'll still be a drop in the bucket compared to what's needed to save this country. Trouble is, they're all afraid to do what's necessary because they might anger the voters, most of which are just as spoiled and out of touch with reality as they are. I hate to say it, but there's not a damned thing at this late date that can be done to save America. It's doomed. We need trillions in cuts..not billions. And that would mean a fundamental change in the lifestyles of every American alive, and most of them highly unpleasant.

But there's another problem with doing this; we don't owe it! That's right. We don't. Our crooked and greedy politicians, and all those fat Wall Street Jews owe all that money. We don't. It wasn't any of us that embezzled trillions from American stocks, corporations, and federal slush funds, not to mention the Federal Reserve, it was the Jews. And yet not one..not one of the thieving monsters has been arrested and brought to justice.

That's because for years these treasonous bastards have been funneling a vast fortune in kick- backs and bribe money to almost every politician in Washington. If he had any power to cause them trouble, or the authority to call for an audit, he was targeted and paid off. Oh, there were a few that refused and tried to do the right thing. There has also recently been several senate and congressional aids and insiders that tried to blow the whistle on this conspiracy, and they all ended up dying in a rash of weird "accidents."

Like the legal aide to Obama that rented a room to that kike Rahm Emanuel for over three years. Somehow her Mercedes exploded into a fireball inside her garage, which was closed by the way...with her in the driver's seat. The fire marshal said in his official report that it had "hit" something, and that the explosion was caused by a "high velocity impact" on the rear of the vehicle. Say what? How can a car sitting in a closed garage hit something so hard that it explodes? Well the answer is, it can't of course, but in Washington, anything is possible for enough money. Heck, you can even defy the laws of physics.

We didn't steal all that money, they did. And if you really buy that story about all those trillions vanishing in a cloud of book work, I've got a bridge for All that money is sitting in private and corporate bank accounts all over the Middle East, Israel, Europe and Asia.

And what really needs to be done is we need to arrest every one of those traitors and confiscate all of their assets both public and personal, and put it back into American coffers. We should even take their stinking toothbrushes and leave them with nothing but a pair of WalMart sneakers, a T-shirt, and a old pair of jeans, and stand them up before a firing squad. No trial full of Jew shyster lawyers for them. They all get a military tribunal. After all, they're guilty of the worst kind of terrorism and high treason.

There should really be no trial at all. But for the sake of appearances we'll at least give them a courts martial. By grabbing all of their assets, we stand a very good chance of recouping the great majority of the wealth that was spirited away. And here's another proof that the stinking Jews control everything: Alan Greenspan admitted after the audit of the Fed, which he fought tooth and nail to stop by the way, that he and his kike cronies did indeed, give Israel and many of the Jew Bankers overseas, some 22 trillion dollars of your money, over the span of 20 years.

And yet that evil sonofabitch and his crew still sit in their swivel chairs running the Fed! Can you believe this crap? I sure can't. And yet we hear nothing about this from the media or the government, only from the white resistance news organizations.

Good God folks, we've got a stinking twenty pound red-eyed rat in the ointment, and yet nobody's saying squat! What the hell? We have a vast thieve's guild operating full bore here in America, cleaning our financial clocks for us, while our idiot politicians try to fix this loss by forcing us to pay for it! What's wrong with this picture? Well for one thing, we don't owe it. And for another, there's not enough money left in the pockets of the American people to pay for all the stuff they want us to pay for. We flat don't have it anymore because it was stolen from us! And yet the states are getting so greedy that they're using every trick in the book to milk more money out of a public that's now almost 30% unemployed!

Take California for a good example. All traffic fines are double or triple this year, and so is the price of registering your vehicle. That's not to mention formerly free things like disabled placards now cost a pile of money, and even a lowly temporary operating permit is now $50, where it has always been free with the car's registration.

The number of tickets the highway patrol has written this year has more than doubled, yet the CHP denies they were ordered to increase revenues. Just once I'd like to see a government department not lie its ass off. But lying to the public is an old established practice. The public is in a rage over this tactic, especially considering the fines are now so high.

But that's not all. The state comptroller snuck a new law under our noses without us knowing it, getting the state legislature to sign off on it without a referendum or vote. He now has the power..and has been using it, which allows him to size any and all private bank accounts that show no activity or over a year!

Recently a retired couple that had worked all their lives to have enough to retire on, went to withdraw their savings, only to find that all three million dollars of it..a lifetime's savings..was gone. The comptroller had snagged it because they had not made any withdrawals or deposits in a year!

This law used to be for those who had died and left no heirs, so the state could get the money. But the waiting time was seven years. This liberal bastard got the time cut to ONE year, and now he's robbing tens of thousands of whites blind, and there's not a damned thing anyone can do about it. Corrupt? Our politicians? Now what ever made you think that?

The really scary part is that a lot of other state comptrollers are now copying this bastard, so if I were you, I'd be checking on your savings and pulling it OUT of that account and converting it to precious metal as fast as you can. Besides, it's appreciating faster than bank interest. You don't know which states have enacted this same scam, or even if you're already screwed. You'd better check, then move your assets now. This corrupt government is our enemy folks. It's time you faced the fact and started living accordingly...

Now the senate wants to attack Social Security and Medicare, hurting the always. This is because they refuse to even consider making cuts to the pork barrel projects, foreign aid, or all those unnecessary and unwelcome military bases all over the world, which are bankrupting us to maintain.

They say doing so wouldn't scratch the surface on the debt. They're lying through their teeth. Just add up the numbers. Almost half our GNP goes to foreign aid and bases! They could also ban outsourcing. They could phase it out slowly, forcing those greedy corporate Jews to cooperate or see everything they own get confiscated by the government.

But all of these things require one of two changes. Our choice. Either we revolt and take back our government by force and implement these policies, or we find a way to get some honest men in Washington. I leave it to you to decide which option is more realistic. The bottom line is, you can't get blood out of a rock. The American people are broke. We don't have it to pay them, and even if we did, we don't owe it.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous brian boru said...

Why shouldn't the kikes steal everything they want? They have nothing to fear. Not one of them has ever had to suffer the consequences of their criminal behaviour. The only thing that would make these vampires stop doing what they do is if they knew with certainty that they would end up dangling from a rope. There has never been the faintest sign of that happening, so they will continue to rob the human race and set up their world-wide slave and murder system. What have they to fear? All those guns in people's closets will just continue to gather rust. At least Americans still have guns; most other whites have already been disarmed and don't even want to discuss the problem anyway. I think that only a series of natural disasters will upset the momentum of their plans now.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PRECISELY!!! The GUILTY must be prosecuted for their crimes, it is simple Justice according to the Laws of God! I have actually heard some False-Prophet-for-Profit tub-thumpers pretending to be real Christian preachers use Romans 12:19 "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." to deceive Christians into believing that the Lord forbids mankind from dispensing Justice against the enemies of God. Justice (a penalty measured to fit the severity of the offense) and Vengeance (punishment other than that defined by the Law of God as a Just punishment) are two VERY DIFFERENT things. Arresting these 'Jew' members of the Thieves' Guild and prosecuting them before military tribunals for high treason and dispensing a penalty of death by hanging upon each and every one of them who is found Guilty is Justice as codified under the Law of God, it is not mere Vengeance! Even the Vengeance taken by God against them will itself be Just, because it will be the sum total of the punishment due each individual 'Jew' robber baron for each individual sin. While mankind is permitted to dispense Justice for such number of those wicked acts of which it is possible for mankind to know, we are forbidden to multiply the punishment by a number of offenses which is known only to God Himself.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Social Security is a hopeless mess at this point. It was created back in the days where most of America was still rural and had a dozen kids...both for free farmhands and because half of them died of childhood diseases. Also the life expectancy was lower.

Forget saving SS, Mr.Covington, it's a goner. Great idea but never got adjusted for the wild changes in our culture and demographics. It was doomed the moment the post-war Baby Boom ended, as it inevitably would.

8:24 AM  

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