Monday, April 04, 2011

Space Madness

It has been pointed out to me that some of you do not even remember the 1990s all that well, never mind earlier periods, and you do not understand my references to the term Space Madness as regards the level of “debate” which takes place on a White Nationalist blog or VBulletin board whenever I personally put in an appearance, or whenever the Northwest Imperative is mentioned. The "discussion" generally involves accusations that I stole Dr. Pierce's ice cream bar.

Check out

It’s one of these sites where you have to watch a 30-second ad first, but it has the whole episode. In this version, the part of Ren Hoek is voiced by Hadding Scott.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man I must be old,I saw this when it first came Your right about Nationalist having space madness kinda like the white house.

9:32 PM  

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