Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rousing The Rabble

Hi, guys:

If some of you want to hear me rousing the rabble, check out

A few words of explanation are necessary. This speech was recorded in Pulaski, Tennessee on Martin Lucifer Koon day, January 17 1989, and I was addressing a hall of about 200 people, mostly Klansmen and Skinheads, but including some dignitaries. (This was where I first met Pastor Richard Butler.) At that time I was a Southern Nationalist working with a group called the Confederate National Congress. Some of the things I say in here may sound a bit out of kilter with my later Northwest advocacy, but bear in mind this speech was recorded 22 years ago and a lot has taken place in my personal and political development since then.

I dont even remember this being recorded, but obviously it was. Later on there was a street march, and I as well as others made a speech on the courthouse steps in Pulaski with all kinds of screaming and hollering scum around. There may be a tape of that floating around somewhere as well.



Anonymous brian boru said...

Here's a little cheerful song for everyone.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like The speech mate, shame about the hat!


3:19 PM  

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