Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ideas and Suggestions, Anyone?

Recently the idea of a proper, no-holds-barred, yet civil and lunacy-free debate on the subject of the Northwest Imperative, between myself and serious adult critics and supporters both, came up on the Occidental Observer web site. This was just before Professor McDonald finally had enough of his site being turned into a cackle box by two and a half men and cut off the thread.

What I envision is something like a VBulletin thread or even a blog’s comments section like this, but unlike VNN or here, a productive one, where lunatics and trolls are denied admittance and posts which violate the TOD (terms of discussion) or which wander off topic are stopped before they appear so they can’t clutter up the thread with rambling digressive bullshit that has nothing to do with the existential threat facing White civilization.

It’s deeply unfortunate that a situation like this exists within the Movement (or whatever you want to call “this thing of ours”) where we simply aren’t mature enough to handle genuine free speech, but there it is. If the internet is ever going to be anything other than a toy or a place where people like “Hadding Scott” and Willard go to vomit, then the fact is that certain people who have nothing to say have to be kept out.

It could be done very simply: we could start with a blog post of say, The Fundamental Principles of Northwest Migration, and then proceed from there in the comments section. Or we could use a whole dedicated blog. I have several old ones I’m not using that might be useful for the purpose. (Boy, won’t that get the Goat Dancing conspiracy theorists leaping and cavorting and whirling like dervishes again!)

The key to the success of the discussion would be the absolute enforcement of two ironclad rules:

Rule One) No ad hominem attacks and no irrelevancy. Ideas are to be discussed, not personalities. This rule will also apply to digression into an endless post-mortem of the 1980s and 1990s Movement, which I’m rather surprised some people want to engage in since their own pet gurus and Great White Leaders would come out of it so poorly, but there it is.

2) The banning of any participation by Frazier Glenn Miller. He is no longer a legitimate part of our community, he is not and will never be rehabilitated, his expulsion from our ranks is permanent and lifelong, and he has nothing to say.

I personally don’t find these rules to be excessively onerous. Now, to find a “respectable” (in our sense) moderator who agrees with me.

Failing that, I can do it unilaterally, cutting and pasting the saner anti-Northwest posts from this and some of the previous Goat Dances, and dealing with them on a special web site. I will do if I can’t get any takers, but I’d rather have a proper debate. We will be re-opening soon, and of course it could be done there. But this would obviously lack the same cachet as if I could get someone “respectable” (again, pardon the expression) to hold the mouse, so to speak.

The thing is that I need to take on the Northwest Migration’s serious and compos mentis critics and deal with their objections, but that’s a lot less effective if I can’t get them to participate in the discussion directly.

Ideas, suggestions, comments? (Sane ones?)


Anonymous Mike X said...

I am somewhat confused about which website, blog, or whatever is in operation... nonetheless, I think the idea of a dialog is a good one. In the past (when the NSWPP was still going strong) it would have been easier to stage a move to the Northwest than it is now - especially with the economic downturn...

However, if it must be done (let's say in order to establish regional political power) then the only real model we have is Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Oregon <>

The problem is, this guy arrived in the Pacific Northwest with lots of $$$. It might be done on a shoestring, but it would take a strong cadre and a public appeal to the natives... to my thinking the PNW is fairly liberal and more than a little superstitious... we'd have to get some statistics to support this... Oregon, in my experience, is the home of old pick up trucks and nut jobs... Well, you know the situation... State-by-state I was disappointed by the PNW. You gotta have people taking up collections and passing out literature in the big, screwed up, urban centers, and then moving the ones you want to your 'Kingdom' in the PNW. Otherwise you are out in the boonies by yourself and are fair game for the Feds. Read the article and give me your critique. (Probably point-by-point would be best.) There are some good ideas there and lots of mistakes, but like Hermann Goering said, "It's better to shoot and miss then not to have shot at all."

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