Monday, April 04, 2011

The Great Debate, Part Deux

It looks like Dr. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents will be the moderator, and the debate will take place on his web site. My proposed rules are:

1) No ad hominem attacks, flaming, personal comments. Needling little one-liners of the kind many posters will attempt to sneak by the moderator are specifically prohibited. Moderator may edit posts for civility, or reject posts altogether

2) This is a debate about the Northwest Imperative, and to a lesser extent the content of my fiction as applicable to the Northwest Imperative in fact. All posts must be clearly on-topic. Lengthy digressions and posts with no discernible purpose other than showing how clever and erudite the poster is, may be edited or rejected altogether.

3) The general rule of thumb is that this is a serious discussion for serious adults. In the event some of the Space Madness slips through anyway and somebody starts gibbering about how I stole his ice cream bar, I am to have a recognized right to decline to respond and cite Terms of Discussion (TOD) as my reason for doing so. Having done so, the discussion will then move on.

I will let interested parties know the exact where and when.


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