Friday, April 29, 2011

The Curse of the 1990s Is Loose Again

One of the accusations leveled against me by the Goat Dancers, who are obsessed to the point of derangement over all the toxic little ins and outs of the 1990s Movement, is that I am allegedly a secret Christian and I am part of some Christian plot to do down Dr. Pierce, blah blah blah ishkabibble. These accusations are usually of the "pardon the crayon, they don't let us have anything sharp here" variety, but I inadvertently made a slip recently that will no doubt set the dervishes to whirling again.

I have been getting some flak due to Axis Sally's favorable references to Christianity on this week's Radio Free Northwest:

which apparently "proves" that I am part of some strange Christian conspiracy to "take over the Movement," although why Christians or anyone else would want to take over the Movement remains almost as great a mystery as the question of "what Movement?"

[Sigh...] First off, what Sally was doing was reading an adaptation from an article that
I myself wrote many years ago, so any complaints need to be directed against me and not her.

Secondly, I originally wrote that piece, Race Relations In America, as a pamphlet for the Council of Conservative Citizens chapter in Kentucky, hence the favorable references to Christianity in view of the target audience. This was back in pre-internet, hand-distribution days, remember, and this piece was designed for mass consumption. I think about 25,000 were printed and actually passed out by the late Joe High and his boys.

I have always had difficulty explaining to non-Southerners that it simply is not a good idea to pass out literature to working-class White people in that region claiming that Jesus was a "dead Jew on a stick" and that Christ was a homosexual getting it on with his disciples. It does not serve to put one on a credible basis of communication with the locals. For some reason having nothing to do with anything in the real world, some of the more manic among us refuse to give up such efforts under any circumstances, including total failure. Anyway, that's why the pro-Christian references in the text.

I have re-printed the entire article (the updated 1998 version) below, so you can read the original, or as close as I can get. The original Kentucky CCC 1990s version was printed and I don't think any copies exist on the internet

I used to let the Christians and the antis scream themselves hoarse at one another and get it out of their system every fourteen or fifteen months or so. I haven't done it for a while because I'd hoped we were past that, but maybe not. Do we need to break for a couple of weeks and have a religious scream session?


Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

Well, I'm a Christian myself and derive great courage and strength in my faith... not to mention hope, in that God will not forsake us when our greatest hour of need arises, i.e., the foretold "camp of the saints" is surrounded.

If someone wants to disrespect this and rob me of that which provides the needed courage to go on when all things look lost, well... good luck, then, depending upon people alone... especially those of your very own family, who will often do you dirt faster than the enemy.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Hodding Skeet said...

I notice that Speidel has been very quiet since you publicly identified him as "Hadding Scott." I guess without anonynmity, harrassing HAC online isn't as much fun anymore.

8:02 AM  

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