Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reason #112 the GOP Shouldn't Run Sarah Palin in 2012

Dear God, that voice! That hideous voice!

Shrill, high, and squeaky. It grates on the ears like the sound of fingernails scraping a blackboard. It sounds like a nasty, bossy little 12 year-old, and combines with her room-temperature IQ in order to make her a living caricature of herself. She brings the United States into even more disrepute (if that's possible) any time she opens her mouth. Can you imagine her attempting a State of the Union address?

I mean, I think the whole U.S.A. thing needs to come to an end, and I look forward to it happening, but my God--not like this!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah know that it doesn't really matter which figure head they install in the White House- that individual will take orders from the Oilygharchy that approved their nomination and funded their campaign in any case. And that makes the "room temperature IQ" matter a non-issue. Besides, we have had room temperature IQ presidents before (George W. Bush, for example) and even one who was exhibiting signs of early dementia (Reagan). So what does it matter? At least Sarah Palin is not hard to look at and she is not a mulatto-hell, that is a plus right there!

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course they'll run a weak opponent, so the nigger wins.Let it go to hell it's better for us.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing likable about Sarah Palin is how much she makes liberal women squirm. There's something about her that's very "small-town America" (for better or worse) and they simply can't stand that ... they hate poor whites/flyover country denizens far more than they love niggers.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never jumped aboard the Palin bashing train since I figured that anyone who drives the leftists crazy (redundant?) must be somewhat OK.

Besides she’s a handsome white woman who has done nothing that I know of to harm anyone and she apparently got where she is by herself.

When she gave her rousing speech at the GOP convention I realized that she had struck fear deep into the empty souls of the lefty loonies and establishment RINOs. This is the source of so much hatred for her.

Because of Palin, McNasty pulled ahead in the polls for a few days, or maybe weeks, I can’t recall. Then he wimped out and refused to justifiably criticize the Nigerian and thus sunk in the polls. His philosophy was, “it’s better to lose than to win and be called a racist by the Washington comPost”.

Since I am a white man, my natural tendency is to defend white women, except mud-sharks whom I hope die horrible deaths at the hands of their nigger bucks. It’s called culling the herd.

Speaking of this, Palin related as how as a teenager she waited for hours in the cold to meet Bo Jackson, the greatest nigger af-leak of that era. I wonder if she would have done the same for Larry Bird who was at his peak during that time? She was big into basketball.

On her positive side, as governor she was able to bring big oil to her will and thus stop them from raping the citizens of the state, to some degree. Plus she shook up the establishment Repugnicons in Alaska and beat them in the state house election. They still hate her for that, which,in my book is a good thing for her.

She also supports reasonable use of Alaska’s resources to the betterment of all, even the lower 48. Naturally Californicators objected to her ideas of drilling for our own oil to increase the supply and lower prices.

It’s some justice to see these trendy leftists in California paying four dollars per gallon for gas. Serves them right. I sometimes wonder if the typical white Californicator even knows that the gas they put in their cars comes from wells drilled into oil reserves below ground.

Do I want Palin as President? Hell no, although she would be better in all ways over our present HMFNIC. But that’s an easy standard to surpass isn’t it.

I hear her expressing nothing unique in the way of policy. She has made no mention of being against affirmative action laws, quota hiring, abolishing EEOC, preventing jobs from going overseas to slave labour camps, ending NAFTA, stopping the Spic invasion, getting the US out of the UN, and a host of other issues. In other words, I see nothing much in her “ideas” that white people should support.

If the Repugnicons nominate Palin we have the Nigger another four years.

I watched all of her reality series about Alaska and was impressed that she didn’t glorify Alaska's “raw meat eaters” in any way. She treated the relatives of her (part) Eskimo husband with matter of fact acceptance and without glorification and praise.

I suspect that her attitude toward the Eskimo is like the white people I have talked to in Alaska, “At best they are a damn nuisance, at worst, downright dangerous when liquored up and drugged out”.

Then there’s her Jew adulation thing…………………………….

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather the nation collapse under that Marxist half-breed; then at least SOME of the blame will get pinned on the 'persons' who truly deserve it.

8:52 AM  

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