Friday, March 11, 2011

Kevin William Harpham

Okay, a little more info on Kevin William Harpham, the poor shlub the FBI has decided to drop into the frame for the mysterious Bionic Backpack incident in Spokane.

It seems that the Curse of Glenn Miller has struck again. Harpham appears to have been a typical “Net Nazi” who hung out on VNN and supported the drunken informer and ex-denizen of the Witness Protection Program, Frazier Glenn Miller, apparently contributing money to his bibulous Senate campaign.

This is according to the SPLC, who claim to have built up a whole file of over 1,000 posts on Harpham off VNN since 2004 and probably assisted the FBI in grooming him for the frame. So far as anyone has revealed, other than a brief paper membership in Erich Gliebe’s National Alliance around ’04 (assuming the SPLC has gotten even that much right), Harpham has never done anything more than post to VNN and vent.

You know, you guys might really want to reconsider your participation in VNN and Stormfront and White Nationalist Info and such-like. The enemy does monitor these things, and anything you say online can and will be held against you, sometimes years later.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...anything you say online can and will be held against you, sometimes years later."

Who cares. I'm white. The enemy holds my very existence against me.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because there's no point throwing it all away pointlessly, like the guy who kamikazied into the IRS building.

I know that Stormfront is a complete joke full of white trash and chickensh!t keyboard warriors; maybe ~10-15% would actually be useful in any way. Don't know about the other 2 sites.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does someone expect to win hearts and minds when they hide the truth.

9:03 PM  

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