Friday, March 04, 2011

CNN: Whites Now Persecuted Minority

Stupid liberal crap, of course, but it’s interesting that what was once unspeakable can no longer be silenced.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I smell a setup in this article! A little 'free publicity' for a Movement whose actual size Liberals and their Jewish masters typically seek to marginalize and demonize, to portray as a shrinking pocket of toothless hillbillies somewhere in the backwoods of the Appalachian region. Instead, this article admits that White Nationalism is the domain of well-read and highly-intelligent White people. Perhaps well-read and highly-intelligent enough to be regarded as 'dangerous' after another Mossad false-flag attack for which the well-read and highly-intelligent Whites who are the majority of the White Nationalist movement will be framed instead of some terminally-ill Arab (bin Laden) or some easily-manipulated young, naive White guy (McVeigh). Wouldn't that just be TJB?


8:51 AM  

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