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Radio Free Northwest - March 31st, 2011

Racial Comrades:

Radio Free Northwest #62, dated March 31st, 2011, is now available for download from the Party website at

In this broadcast I eulogize British Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley, and discuss a number of practical issues about Northwest Migration, including the Northwest climate, employment prospects, and housing.


The Way We Were

[An excerpt from A DISTANT THUNDER by H. A. Covington, available from In this scene an old man is telling a historical researcher what life was like in the Pacific Northwest before the Revolution.]

Damn. How can I explain to you what life was like back then?

The little girl from the university tells me the purpose of me sitting here maundering into the videocam is to preserve all this clutter for posterity, and also so future historians can listen to me and from my babbled fragments reconstruct the reason for The Awakening, as they’re starting to call it. Yeah, I guess it’s a pretty interesting question, if you think about it. For almost three generations the white race ate every serving of shit that ZOG chose to dollop out to us, grinning like egg-suck dogs while we scarfed it all down and licked the plate. So what changed? Just why, exactly, during the early decades of the twenty-first century did the white man finally decide to fight, at the eleventh hour and the fifty-ninth minute and the fifty-ninth second? What made the white man finally get up off his ass and pick up a gun after a lifetime of allowing the Federal government of the United States to do pretty much any damned thing it wanted to do?

Hell if I know.

I keep getting asked that all the time. I think some of us even talked about it among ourselves back then, to while away the hours on the bounce. Can’t really remember what we ever decided, if anything. Young people look at me like I have the key to some great secret. If I knew it I’d share it with you, believe me. It’s sure something we need. Whatever the hell it was, our race didn’t stumble across it until it was almost too damned late. But really, I don’t know. When you live through something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand every little thing about it.

I’ll tell you this much: I don’t remember the war as being this big long heroic adventure that our NBA films and books and documentaries portray, that’s for sure. You want to know the truth of the matter, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. War isn’t. Long periods of paranoid and nervous boredom broken by brief outbursts of madness and horror.

But as to why white people finally revolted? The best I can tell you is that there wasn’t any one reason, it was a whole combination of things that just happened to fall into place just right. Or wrong. You can only push people so far. At some point, there was just some final straw that broke the camel’s back, and thanks to the Party and the Incomers, the white racial settlers from around the continent who came to the Northwest, we were able to reach critical mass and blow. But precisely what that ultimate straw was, I haven’t got a clue. Didn’t then, don’t now.

Life is so utterly and completely different now that it passes comprehension. I don’t think anyone who’s not of my generation can really imagine what it was like back then. Sometimes I sit here and I look at my grandchildren and I see the calm and safe, all-white world of peace and plenty they live in, this beautiful town of mine and this land of ours, and I swear I think I dreamed it all or imagined it, that my childhood and my young manhood was some kind of nightmare I had and then I finally woke up in the world as it should be.

The main difference is that life is good now for most people. A white child has a chance now, a chance to be a child without fear and worry. A child can ride a bike and play down at the creek and walk home from school without any risk of being kidnapped and buggered and chopped into pieces by a pervert. A child has a chance to grow into a young man or a woman instead of a—well, what we were then, a kind of half-insane consumer zombie. People in the Republic are happy, mostly. Or at least you have a proper chance to be happy in the Republic, which we never had when I was young. Hell, when you don’t have to look at niggers every day and you don’t have to hear Spanish and Tagalog and Muklucky-Muck being gibbered everywhere, you’re halfway to bliss already. And for those who feel the ancient restlessness and who want the sight of strange new things and the feel of strange new places under their feet, as is natural with our Folk, there are the very planets above us, or the scientific laboratories where Aryans are unlocking the secrets of the universe even as we speak. Whatever a white man or woman wants to be, now they can be.

But how can I describe to you what it was like when nobody was happy at all?

It’s like that bit I mentioned yesterday about every other person you saw on the street being fat? You can’t really believe that, can you? When was the last time you actually saw a grossly overweight person in your time here in the Republic? Our national diet doesn’t include all that garbage people used to eat under ZOG. Junk food, junk politics, and a junk life. The Northwest American Republic doesn’t poison its own people to make money. That fact alone should give you a shrewd idea of one big difference between now and then.

We don’t do much of anything here solely for the purpose of making money, which is something completely unimaginable in the world into which I was born. That Jewess Ayn Rand got her books burned right alongside the Marxism and the pornography. In cases where people have bona fide thyroid conditions, we now have a simple enzyme therapy that soups up your metabolism and in a couple of months you’re running marathons. That’s just one example of a social problem that existed before the revolution, and which is now completely gone. There were about a hundred other little pissant things we had to put up with then that don’t exist any more, from traffic jams to air pollution to functional illiteracy to foul-mouthed children talking like niggers.

Nowadays only dirty old coots like me do that. I apologize for my language, young lady, and I know such words aren’t used in polite society any more, and so they shouldn’t be. But if you want me to go back to that time then you’re going to get all of it, and one truth about those times was that the American dialect of the English language had become negrified or ebonicized or whatever the hell you want to call it. We all talked like whiggers back then. We didn’t know any better. Hey, we heard blacks talking like that all the time on TV, and whatever was on TV must be right, eh? Polite or not, I’m sure you’ve heard it before from your older relatives. I once heard someone say we have the only society in the world where it’s the grandmothers who shock and embarrass their granddaughters at the dinner table.

Even now, I bet you half-disbelieve me or think I’m exaggerating, right? There never really was any such thing as fat people, and this old fool is making all this up, right? That’s okay, ma’am. Disbelief is human nature and in this case it’s a sign of healthy racial instincts. Christ, honey, do you have any idea how lucky you are not to have known any of this? How lucky you are that you don’t know? How lucky you are that you can disbelieve?

We did it all for you, you know.

The main thing I suppose that stands out in my mind about life in them United States was that everybody was miserable. Wretchedly, bitterly, soul-destroyingly unhappy. I think every white person alive in the year 2000 understood instinctively that something was terribly wrong with the world, even if they didn’t know what. My own childhood was pretty crappy, but it was by no means atypical, and in fact it was actually better than some. My parents were drunks but they didn’t divorce, they neglected me but they never burned my fingers on the stove or beat me black and blue when I was a child, and I always had enough innate good sense not to pick up their bottle and to stay away from drugs. I wasn’t born with HIV or addicted to crack cocaine because my mother was a junkie, and I wasn’t abducted and murdered and left in a ditch.

As horrifying as it sounds, in many respects my family was emotionally and socially quite typical. Everybody was dysfunctional. There was no “normal” left. From the richest kids on down to trailer trash like me, we lived our lives all doped up, dumbed down, zoned out, pregnant, half insane with rage all the time, confused, hostile, paranoid, dishonest, vicious and mean and looking out for nobody but Number One.

Everybody had problems, terrible problems that poisoned our very existence, and we were all being eaten alive inside like we’d swallowed acid. Life in the United States was a nightmare from which we were all desperately trying to awaken, but we never could. Nobody ever got a chance to stop and smell the roses. There weren’t any roses left any more to smell, anyway. There was a weird kind of reverse Midas touch in operation throughout the world: everything America touched turned to shit. We were all too busy scrambling and scrabbling and scrimping for small sums of money to pay a hundred little pissant bills. Drivers used to go insane and murder one another over minor traffic mishaps. It was called road rage. Happened all the time. You know what happens when you keep too many rats in too small a cage, ma’am? They start attacking and eating one another. That was America at the beginning of the 21st century.

The majority of white marriages ended in divorce. At least a third of all young white men and women of marriageable age lived alone, because they couldn’t stand one another. Feminism taught women to hate men, and the men returned the favor. How can you marry and love someone you’ve been taught all your life to view as an enemy and a competitor? A whole generation of white children grew up as latch-key kids, dumped in a day care center or a school every morning before Mommy and Daddy or the single parent of the household went to work. The kids came home to an empty house and the boob tube, sometimes with a TV dinner sitting in the oven. More than any nigger gun or knife, more than any needle of heroin or line of coke, more than any perversion of thought practiced by the Jews upon our minds, this so-called liberation of women destroyed two generations of us. When a race of people loses its women, it loses everything.

Oh, it wasn’t all bad. Nothing ever is. Sure, there was laughter, but it was a mechanical laugh track from TV. It was the shrill, forced laughter of people who were on the edge of the abyss and just barely coping, who knew they had to laugh at least a little to stay sane. There were good times in the old America I knew, but they all involved either deadening your brain with drink or drugs or television, or withdrawing into some fantasy world on the computer every night, or else doing stupid, dangerous, pointless things for an adrenalin rush, like bungee jumping or rock climbing or leaping out of airplanes and skateboarding down on a parachute. The good times had a kind of brittle, hysterical edge to them, a conscious effort to escape from a world that everyone knew in their hearts had turned to purest dog doo.

Right, getting back on track, how the hell do I explain to someone who never knew it what life was like under Zion?

The first thing you have to understand is that in those days the United States was a society driven by one thing and one thing only, money. Christians call it the worship of Mammon. I have my own thoughts about God, but I will tell you this much: the only god America worshipped in the days of my youth was Mammon, gold ringing in the till so to speak. It wasn’t real gold and silver like we use today, but numbers on a computer spread sheet. They called it the bottom line and the bottom line ruled every aspect of our existence.

Everything was completely and utterly material, and if you tried to suggest there might be something more in life than chasing the almighty dollar you were looked at like you were a lunatic. I remember seeing these little computer-printed signs on office walls about how “Life is a game, and the one who dies with the most toys wins.” There were people who actually believed that. I guess they thought that if they could only live long enough, science would find some way for them to take all their money and silly little toys with them.

Seriously, I think that’s what they were trying for. One of the big things you always heard about on the news in them days was various types of genetic and medical research into the possibility of immortality. By the time I hit my own teenaged years, the first wave of post-World War Two Baby Boomers were finally being carted off to the cemeteries and the fogey farms, and let me tell you, they did not go gentle into that good night. Those Baby Boomers fought and scratched and kicked and screamed every inch of the way, absolutely refusing to admit that their generation was finally getting old.

One of the biggest growth industries in them days was plastic surgery, botox injections, hormone treatments, every baldness cure you can think of, anything that might halt or reverse the Baby Boomers’ aging process. When I reached my own codgerdom I came to understand how they felt. Hell, no one wants to grow old, but dammit, you should at least try and be a man about it. There was always something desperate and pathetic about it in those days, all those hippy-dippy flower children from the 1960s scrambling and clawing to fight off the fact that their time was over now, and they’d pretty much all done what they come here to do. It lacked dignity, and sometimes dignity is all an old coot or old crone has left in life. And if you work it right, that’s enough. Well, you wanted stream of consciousness. Remembering all those hippy-dippy assholes trying to stay young or at least middle-aged was one of the first things to float to the surface in my particular stream.

Money, money, money, it was all about money. Some asshole was always screaming at you demanding it, and no one ever had enough of it. Everybody except the very top echelon of truly wealthy people was always broke and up to their chins in bills and damned near insoluble financial problems. Mortgage, rent, credit card debt, car payments and repairs, sky-high utility bills, the astronomical cost of food and clothing if you were trying to raise a family. And God help you if you or a member of your family got sick. Today in the Northwest Republic, the very thought of the medical vocation charging money to save people’s lives and make sick little children well is held in revulsion. Free medical care is held to be a right in the Republic’s Constitution right on up there with freedom of speech and religion and the right to keep and bear arms. But in those days a sick child or a heart attack would wipe out a lifetime’s hard work in a few months and destroy the future of an entire family.

America had three rules back then: don’t be poor, don’t be sick, and for God’s sake, don’t get old. I don’t exactly cotton to being ninety-one years of age, but at least I’m ninety-one here in the Republic. The thought of being old in the United States chills my blood to this day. I wouldn’t have made it this far, actually, if we’d stayed with ZOG. The state would have dragged me away to the fogey farm under the Senior Citizens’ Quality of Life act, which basically gave the government the power to throw old people away once their insurance ran out, and some Third World quack would have given me the hot shot long ago, like that kike Friedman murdered my Dad. The average life span of old folks locked up in those fogey farms was less than six months, especially the ones that were “privatized” as they called it back then, farmed out to entrepeneurs wearing turbans or yarmulkes. If I wasn’t legally euthanized I would have died of neglect or been poisoned or beaten to death by my Filipino and Nigerian “caregivers.”

Elderly white people who had no money or whose insurance ran out, and that was most of ‘em, got the short end of the stick like you wouldn’t believe. Social Security finally went down the tubes when I was—twelve? Thirteen? Can’t remember—but even before Social Security went, there were old white people in America who lived on dog food, at least at the end of the month before their checks arrived. Once Social Security was gone, life for old people was a horror beyond comprehension. If you had no children who were able or willing to take care of you, then the only alternative was one of those fogey farms run by the state if you were lucky and run by a turban or a yarmulke if you weren’t. Then came the hot shot.

Oh, there were a few of those hellholes run by “faith-based initiatives,” which was part of a complex system wherein tax money was funneled to the religious right in exchange for pro-Zionist bloc voting to keep the neo-cons in power and keep the endless war in the Middle East going. I remember seeing busloads of old people being driven up to the polls in Dundee and marched in, with their preacher handing them their ballots at the door and a nice young deacon to escort each of them in and make sure they pulled the right levers.

What were neo-cons? It means neo-conservatives. They were Jews who pretended to be conservatives. We eventually managed to track them all down and kill them. Anyway, at those “faith-based” fogey farms they made you jump for Jeeee-zus twice a week, as opposed to Jesus, in exchange for your bed in some crowded dormitory of sick and dying and half-insane old people. But I’ll say this, they at least kept you alive so you could vote, and indeed you’d most likely vote a few times after you croaked, too.

No, not Jesus, Jeeee-zus. What’s the difference? Jesus is the son of God, Jeeee-zus was who the tub-thumping fools in some of the churches jumped for. Long story, don’t worry, I’ll ramble over in that direction eventually, when I talk about the Wingfields. They were into Jesus, not Jeeee-zus. But that’s really how you want to end your days, eh? In a warehouse for geezers.

Several years before the revolution an epidemic of suicide among the elderly broke out. Tens of thousands of old people every year killed themselves with gas or pills or hanging or any guns they’d managed to save from Schumer Act confiscation. A lot of times it would happen when the cops or the IRS came to drag some poor old man or woman or couple out of their foreclosed home and take them to the fogey farm. The police would break in and find ‘em dead. There’d be some horrible story like that on the evening news nearly every day, back when I was growing up. That’s one thing I remember from my childhood. You always heard about old white people killing themselves.

Of course, life wasn’t exactly a breeze for young people either, if you had a white skin. Leastways if you had a white skin and you liked girls. When I say that it was all about money, you understand I’m not referring to the consumer society of the late twentieth century. Three cars in the garage, split-level ranch home with a swimming pool in the back, two-hundred dollar tennis shoes named after some niggerball player, a closet full of clothes and a room full of computer toys, conspicuous consumption, the whole Brady Bunch scene—by the time I was coming along these things didn’t exist any more, except for a tiny minority of very rich people who lived in what were called gated communities, meaning fortified compounds with fences, armed guards and dog teams to keep the poor people of any race out.

The American kids I knew when I was growing up were all poor and wretched, because none of the rich kids went to public schools. They had their own private schools that cost more for a semester than my father made in a year. We all knew about the great American consumer lifestyle, of course, because we saw it every night on TV, but that was the only place it existed. On TV.

The fact was that during the first couple of decades of the twenty-first century, nobody had any money for all those fancy consumer goods and toys, except what you bought on your twenty-nine percent interest credit cards. In the latter part of the twentieth century you could actually do a Chapter Seven and get out of the cards, but then along came “bankruptcy reform” which was pushed by the banks and credit card companies, with a cute little sub-clause that allowed for “debt inheritance” so you couldn’t even really get out of that crushing debt by kicking the bucket. All of a sudden not only you but your children and your grandchildren were saddled with paying for that sport utility vehicle at twenty-nine per cent, for life.

The loansharks would load you up with credit cards by the time you were twenty-one, and then you spent the rest of your life in a kind of financial slavery paying the cards and their outrageous interest. If you were a guy, of course, there was the crushing alimony and child support from your first marriage. Everybody had a first or starter marriage in those days, and the way the courts were completely slanted against men, that was another form of financial slavery you could expect to last twenty or thirty years. Basically, a white male lived his entire life paying bills, and as the years went by and ZOG became more and more confused and incompetent and greedy, they became harder and harder to pay.

The economic power structure thought maybe ten minutes ahead, if that. It stands to reason that you can’t expect people to pay credit card bills on the one hand, while you’re shipping their jobs out to India and Malaysia and Guatemala by the millions on the other hand. You would have thought they would have figured that out and worked out some arrangement whereby at least the peons would have jobs to earn the money to pay their debts, but the system never did quite catch on to those little basics. Or maybe they knew it all along and just didn’t care. Maybe they were just evil.

I’ve never been able to figure that out. How much of what we went through back then was because the Jews and the rich white men in business suits who ruled over us were just stupid and uncaring, thinking of us as their livestock to shear and slaughter as they liked, and how much of what they did was because they were truly evil and meant to hurt and destroy in furtherance of some weird conspiracy. It was both, I know, but I never understood in what proportion. I think there was a strong element of plain sadism; some of the stuff they did to us back then was so petty and cruel that they had to know it and just got some kind of kick out of it. Anyway, they all deserved nothing but a bullet in their heads and by God, some of them got it.

Unemployment was a ghoul that was always present in our lives, there in the background, cold skeleton hands around our necks. It was something we lived with, like people in the Middle Ages lived with the Black Death, this terrible invisible demon that could descend at any moment and destroy everything we had. A few missed paychecks and it was welcome to the Salvation Army hostel.

It’s not that there was no work. There is always work to be done, anywhere, but for every unskilled and semi-skilled job there were hordes of Mexicans willing to work like cart horses for chicken feed. When the capitalists found it inconvenient to ship American jobs to the Third World, they brought the Third World here. When I was growing up you could still see a few white men doing manual labor, but by the time I was in high school every road crew, landscape crew, or roofing team was Mexican. Whole industries became closed to native-born white Americans, as all the local convenience stores and filling station franchises and motels were bought up by Sikhs, Koreans, or Arabs who hired no one but their own relatives just off the jumbo jet. White faces disappeared from behind the counters of stores and the kitchens of restaurants. One job after another, bottom rung employment was closed off to whites, and those of us who didn’t have the skills or usually the money and connections to jump a few rungs never got on the ladder at all.

Not just bottom rung, either. Mexicans replaced whites at the lower end while Asians and Indians replaced whites at the high end. My dad had a masters degree in structural design and a solid resumé despite his drinking. When he was sober he was damned good at what he did. But as time went on he couldn’t even get temp work because some Hindu or Chinese with a degree from Ching Hoo U. would work for half his rate. To complain or protest about this sitch invited an arrest for hatecrime under the Dees Act, so whites ended up competing desperately and brutally with each other for the few jobs that were open to gringos.

Since pretty much all the jobs that were available paid nothing but a crappy minimum wage that no white man could live on, never mind support a family on, it followed that no one could make it on just one job. Most people had two or three. It was by no means unusual to know a married couple who had five jobs between them, and that didn’t leave much for the young guys like me coming up on the bottom rung with a couple of strikes against them already.

Discrimination against whites, especially white males, was everywhere. It was just one of the things we all accepted and tried to work around. College admission was by quota unless the parents were rich enough to just plain buy a white boy in. I never even got onto the college track, because the guidance counselors knew my family had no money and I had no chance at a scholarship. It wasn’t even discussed.

But I remember from the few kids at Dundee High who were being considered for college track that the first thing their higher education counselors asked was if they could claim membership in any minority group,some obscure Indian tribe no one ever heard of, a non-white great-grandparent, anything. Often they had to claim to be a faggot or a dyke to get into university, until the authorities caught on to that and started asking for affidavits from—no, ma’am, I am not making that up!

The discrimination against white Americans took a dozen forms. It started with the growing demand down through the years that in order to get a job you had to speak Spanish. If you spoke only English then you just didn’t get any job that required dealing with the increasingly foreign and non-white public, anything from a grocery checkout clerk to a telemarketer. Things got so bad that there were white parents who voluntarily gave up their own children to It Takes A Village in order to have them placed with wealthy liberals and faggots who could afford the adoption bond, because they knew it was the only way their kids would ever be able to go to college and have any kind of future.

By the time I hit high school, the safety net was pretty much all gone and you either knew somebody who already had a job who could get you in, or else you ended up on Workfare, which was state-paid slave labor for less than minimum wage. When that wasn’t available, and it usually wasn’t, you didn’t work, period, and more often than not it was off to the homeless shelter or the hobo jungle under the old underpass outside of town.

Not like our National Labor Service today where every citizen of the Republic is guaranteed some kind of gainful employment. The ZOG power structure had never really been comfortable with anything that involved white people taking money out of the kitty instead of putting it in. White males were like the peasants of the Middle Ages; our role in society was always to work so that all might eat. But capitalism decided we were too pricey, and so they brought in millions of Third World immigrants to replace us and more or less tried to breed us out of existence. Gradually, over a period of about fifty years, all the entitlements were chipped away and replaced with things like those big grants to the so-called “faith-based initiatives” I mentioned.

In other words, it was still possible for white people of the right politically correct stripe to get their hooks into Federal tax money, all right, but not as something you were entitled to because you’d worked like a dog all your life and paid in. Instead there appeared all kinds of political quid pro quo. The money was doled out in the form of “community grants,” etc. In other words, as bribes for votes and political favors. Politically, America became Chicago writ large. Racially, America became Brazil.

Materialism was total. The only spiritual aspect to American life, if you want to call it that, was among a fairly significant number of quasi-fundamentalist Christians in what was known as the religious right, but that wasn’t really a religion, it was just a theological smokescreen for Zionism, which is a political and racial ideology. The ones like old Walter who were always jumping for Jeeee-zus on TV or running around in public handing out those silly little comic books or hollering through bullhorns about how Israel was the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and God wanted us to slaughter every Muslim in the world who wouldn’t bow down and convert.

When I was growing up, everything we used or bought or saw around us was shoddy and half-assed. The stuff we bought at Mighty Mart was all cheap plastic made in Taiwan or some South American shithole under NAFTA. Cars and computers and appliances were constantly breaking down because of substandard Third World workmanship and planned obsolescence. Nobody could spell correctly any more; even computer spell check programs had errors in them. The roads and highways were full of potholes. There were constant power outages and brownouts because the electrical grid was so archaic and overloaded.

There were constant cases of ptomaine poisoning and botulism arising out of the fact that America wasn’t even producing much of our own food any more; we were either importing bacterial mad-cow beef for our hamburgers or sending our own food overseas to be processed and canned up with whatever exotic Asian or African plague the workers in the latest capitalist paradise suffered from. The public schools were falling apart, and so were a lot of the private schools since no one had any money to support them any more, and they had all succumbed to forced diversity and political correctness. Our textbooks were twenty years old and nothing but politically correct, dumbed-down drivel anyway. Our teachers were pig-ignorant and sometimes just barely spoke English.

Health care, when you could get it, was substandard and mostly carried out by Third World immigrants whose medical degrees came from Roachistan U. There were regular scandals at the Veterans’ Administration hospitals involving death by neglect and murder of patients for sport by the staff, although once euthanasia for the elderly became law that was only a misdemeanor.

A hundred times a day we were reminded that white people were a minority in our own land, and a despised one at that. You turned on the TV and it was nothing but black and brown and yellow faces. You went to the post office and tried to buy stamps from some hadji who’d just walked off the jumbo jet and into a government job because back in Iraq or Saudi he’d been a traitor who collaborated with the invaders of his country and been rewarded with a green card, but who didn’t even speak English. In some cases our glorious Crusaders bribed whole Muslim armies to surrender without a fight that might produce embarrassing casualties by offering them all green cards, a practice that began with the First Gulf War in 1991.

All around us, we heard a dozen languages, but above all the eternal gabble of that half-assed, almost illiterate bastard Spanish that Central American Latinos speak. Everywhere we went it seemed there were brown-skinned immigrants of some kind ahead of us in line, always holding us up with their inability to speak our language. Always you wanted to scream out “What the hell are you doing in my country?” But if you ever did, if you ever so much as whispered a word of complaint or criticism, you were finished. Hatecrime

Anything non-white was officially cool and admirable and anything white or European was by definition lame and contemptible. For white people, especially white males, there was a constant atmosphere of insult. On TV and everywhere else, white men were portrayed as buffoons. We were all Homer Simpsons or Hank Hills. Those are old cartoon characters. I don’t know if they are teaching kids in our Republic’s schools today about Homer Simpson. If not, they should be, because that’s how white men were portrayed, as bumbling, drunken, stupid fools instead of the head of a family who deserved respect and trust.

One of the ways I think ZOG might have avoided the revolution is if they’d just not insulted us all the time. If they’d let us retain some kind of sense of dignity, pride, and self-worth. But they just had to rub our noses in it.

We all lived with a constant sense of fear, especially fear of the informer. For years it was never official, it was just understood that there were certain things a white person, especially a white male, did not say and certain opinions one did not voice or else bad things would happen, anything from loss of employment to a malicious lawsuit to unpunished assault and murder by left-wing or non-white thugs.

A couple of years before 10/22 ZOG got so nervous about the growing rumblings of discontent from the pale peasantry that they made it official. They passed the Dees Act, allegedly to “promote diversity and protect minority rights in the workplace, including transit to and from the workplace, and in public institutions of learning,” i.e. all public schools, universities and colleges, and any private school getting so much as a dime of Federal money.

The Dees Act slapped a mandatory five-year prison sentence on anything and everything politically incorrect, from “causing mental anguish on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation” to “creating a hostile workplace environment,” “inappropriately directed laughter,” and “deliberate exclusion from conversation and social interaction in the workplace.”

In other words, white people gathering in corners and talking to one another was in itself an act of insurrection, and every lunch table and extracurricular activity had to have an affirmative action quota of blacks, browns, and bugger boys to monitor what the pale peasants were saying. We were constantly bombarded with all this blather about how great Amurrica was and how we supposedly had all this liberty and freedom and that was why we had to “fight for our country” by going to the Middle East and slaughtering the natives. (Needless to say, any mention of Israel got airbrushed out of the picture real quick.)

Liberty, my ass! Ordinary white people were always afraid. Any time a white person was about to make any kind of racial or other remark that might have seemed even faintly politically incorrect, they looked over their shoulder first to see who was listening. That is the mark of a true police state. Any time you have to look over your shoulder for fear of who might be listening, you’re not free.

Then there was the almost obligatory race-mixing and perversion. In school and on the tube we were always having our noses rubbed in interracial couples, gay couples, man-sheep couples, you name it. We all somehow understood that of all the taboos, speaking out against seeing some white girl with a nigger or a mud was the strongest and that it would bring the most severe retaliation. We were all made aware in a hundred sub rosa ways that it was the intention of our lords and masters that all babies should eventually be brown, and that this was supposed to be a good thing.

Yet to me, and I know to most of my contemporaries, it never felt right. In Dundee itself, I am sorry to say race-mixing was, if not common, at least there. We only had a couple of blacks in town, but there were always illegal Mexicans looking for their La Gordas, white women who were so hugely fat that having a spic marry her to get his green card was the only way she would ever get a man.

The foulest thing of all was the sex education courses. Fortunately by the time it got really bad I was in high school and the system assumed I already knew the whole kama sutra, so all I had to do was collect my weekly condom ration in homeroom, which I then traded to convenience stores for a chili dog or a microwave burrito. But young children in elementary school were being given illustrated courses in various unnatural acts and told to pair off in class with someone of the same sex and kiss them. One outraged father in Dundee went to jail for hatecrime under the Dees Act when he pulled his son out of such a class and then lost it with the teacher and called him a faggot. Got the full nickel, too, but he was murdered by Mexicans in prison so he never completed his sentence.

* * *

But there was one problem, one issue that loomed over everything that America did in those days. The war. The Crusade, as it came to be called. If you want to get historically accurate about it, the Ninth Crusade. America’s attempt to conquer the Middle East, steal all the oil in the world, civilize the native chappies at the point of a gun and make them love Israel or else. Some witty late-night talk show hosts even made cracks about taking up the white man’s burden, until one of them was prosecuted under the Dees Act for inciting to hatred and the rest of them toed the line fast. That put a damper on humor as a weapon of criticism against the Oil Empire. I always noticed that about ZOG. They could never stand being mocked; ridicule was the one weapon they feared most.

The constant fighting on half a dozen fronts in the Islamic world drained America like some mammoth blood-sucking leech. One reason that Social Security and Medicare went bust during the early part of the century was the fact that more and more of America’s gross national product was being pissed down the rathole of our oil empire in the Middle East. Soldiers, equipment, money to hire and arm the local thugs as mercenaries like we did in Afghanistan and Lebanon, money for American mercenaries in the guise of “private security contractors,” rations, cluster bombs for dropping on babies, medical care for wounded, body armor, prosthetic limbs by the freight car load, millions for media propaganda, bribes to puppet governments, it just sucked everything America had down into a big whirlpool in the sand.

It was actually a series of little wars, so many that most of us lost count, but we just called it “the war.” Us against the entire Muslim world except the few we could buy, like Turkey, and those never stayed bought. It had been going on as long as I could remember. When I was growing up there was never a time when American soldiers weren’t coming back from some Middle East rat’s nest in body bags, at least a couple every week. It just went on and on and on, as president after president who got elected out of the Jews’ pockets promised to bring the troops home and then reneged once they got into office, and we went on trying to make the world safe for Israel and grab all the oil while we were at it.

The war hung over everything, and when the United States brought back the draft then all of a sudden it wasn’t just blacks and Puerto Ricans and white trailer trash from Alabama who were coming back in those bags. It was real mass conscription and very hard to evade, because the empire was desperate for cannon fodder.

I was ten years old when ZOG finally brought back the draft. I remember my dad saying, “Well, Shane, at least you’ll have a job waiting when you get out of school.” Actually, though, I didn’t. Getting a bit ahead of myself, by the time I would have graduated high school I was made 4-F because I had a record of “racism,” and a lot of white boys very quickly picked up on the fact that as rough as it made life, one way to get out of being drafted was to get tagged as politically incorrect.

The Party got a lot of recruits that way, guys who came in for the draft deferment and stayed once they learned what it was all really about and grasped the significance of the forbidden J word. I was always kind of amused that I spent many years of my youth fighting and defeating a government that had rejected me for “lack of moral fiber.”

I had six or seven guys in my graduating class at Dundee High who were drafted and came back from some desert wearing toe tags. To be sure, the United States was never outright defeated—the Arabs never could stand up to the American military machine one on one in a set-piece battle and everybody knew it—but the Muslims turned out to be natural-born guerrilla fighters. Plus it’s kind of hard to defeat a man whose existence you have made so utterly miserable that he no longer minds strapping on an explosive belt and giving up his own life just to splatter your limbs all over the landscape as well.

We learned a lot from the Arab guerrillas in the NVA, especially since we had a lot of veterans who had fought against them. If you know your history, you know the U.S. eventually had to throw in the towel over there, because even this huge continent’s financial and natural resources were not inexhaustible. Not to mention the fact that us homegrown evildoers finally opened a “second front” for our Arab allies in the Northwest and distracted the U.S. long enough for them to finally take out Israel.

I know that to this day there remain people in the Party and a lot of my old comrades who still aren’t comfortable with the de facto alliance we worked out with the Arabs against our common enemy, but hey, Hitler found the Japanese to be suitable allies. In any case, as I’m sure you know, by a special act of Parliament, the diplomatic delegation at the Palestinian Embassy in Olympia are the only non-Whites allowed to reside in the Northwest Republic, even temporarily. Them and a specially imported harem of dusky houris so they stay away from white women. They earned that privilege with their blood, just like we earned our country with our blood, and I don’t begrudge it to them.

What the neo-cons did in the Middle East was to wound the tiger, and then they didn’t finish the job. Israel simply had too many enemies. Even the mighty United States, the only remaining superpower, couldn’t destroy them all. They invaded Afghanistan in ‘01 and Iraq in ‘03 and from there it just went on and on and on, Iran and Syria and Lebanon and Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and eventually Pakistan and Libya and Malaysia, and when the Turks finally had enough of shilling for ZOG the Americans invaded Turkey as well, but it was always very half-assed and confused.

The United States simply didn’t have the numerical manpower to occupy and crush the population of every Muslim country on earth. The result was constant guerrilla warfare in a dozen hotspots. Admitting American defeat at the hands of a people whom we officially held in contempt as “ragheads” was a long, slow and sullen process and there was terrible and unnecessary death and pain involved.

That’s another way that the Jews could have stayed in power here in the Northwest, if they’d just had sense enough not to try to conquer the world. The Greeks called it hubris. Overweening pride that insults the gods. Yep, that was Yehudi all right.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Stealing Blogs Again

[The following is shamelessly stolen from the blog of the Jew James Howard Kunstler

Yes, I know, Kunstler is a kike, and an anarchist, and an arrogant jackass who can barely restrain his sneering hatred for gentiles, but to be fair, he seems to hate his own kind equally, as you will see below. Maybe that's why I groove on Kunstler so much--we're both total misanthropes. We both love our own race in the abstract, it's just that in the real world we both despise, they're such shit-for-brains, oxygen-wasting jackanapes ... Maybe James and I can come to an arrangement: he can be my Jewish evil twin and I can be his Nazi evil twin ...

Anyway, plagiarist though this may be, I'm sorry, this was just so good I had to share it. - HAC]

Taking in Charles Ferguson's excellent documentary, Inside Job, about the dark doings of Wall Street in our time, I confess I was awestruck all over again at the complete surrender of Obama to the very characters who embodied the corruption that rotted our system from the heart outward. Summers, Rubin, Geithner, and a host of other revolving door grifters who did everything possible to set up the implosion of banking, defeat the rule of law in money matters, and ruin millions who wanted nothing more than something useful to do in this society for a living wage.

Most impressive of all in this brave film were the shameless academic mandarins caught on camera trying to weasel out of their greed-driven misdeeds - Glenn Hubbard, chair of the Columbia University Econ department, a perfectly programmed polished WASP (like out of a "Ken" doll box) on the outside, slithering corruption inside, who played a major role in removing all restraints on Wall Street, then served as a director on the boards of several predatory financial giants, including the biggest, Black Rock, and pretended not to remember if he got paid for it; Martin Feldstein of the Harvard Econ department, in-and-out of government like a rat in a cheese-box, who sat on the board of AIG in the months before it blew itself up on credit default swaps, and who saw nothing about the company's operations that gave off a bad odor after it entered the most massive government receivership the world has ever seen; and most memorably Fred Mishkin, former Federal Reserve governor, now an academic rover, who wrote a cheerleading report for the Icelandic banking system about five minutes before it collapsed, then changed the report's title from Financial Stability in Iceland to Financial Instability in Iceland, then denied it on camera in the face of obvious evidence, then forgot whether he got paid six-figures to write the glowing report, then dissolved on camera into a maundering puddle of indignity and humiliation.

How do these rogues survive the disclosure of their turpitudes? Is there no one at places like Harvard and Columbia who has any sense of shame or even an inkling of disappointment that they employ such odious hustlers? Apparently not. This is a system with no mechanism of self-regulation left. And there's Obama at the tippy-top of it serving like a department store mannequin with a Department of Justice that someone has hung a "gone fishin'" sign on. I voted for him in 2008, and I want to start a movement in whatever's left of the Progressive core to get rid of him. Being a decent, presentable fellow with a nice family is just not enough. Even his vaunted speech-making abilities have gotten on my nerves. If I hear him say "make no mistake" one more time, someone will have to restrain me from kicking in the flat screen TV. Obama, it turns out, is the mistake.


I just got around to going over the spam file on this blog for the first time in a long time, and I noticed that certain legitimate comments on the posts seem to have been re-routed into the spam folder, for reasons I'm not tech-savvy enough to get.

I am going over the folder and approving what appear to be legitimate comments, many of them from months ago. If you posted a comment here and it did not appear, most likely I didn't approve it because you're an idiot. However, in a few cases, non-idiot comments were never seen by me because they were treated as spam by Google and tossed in the dumpster without my getting a chance to moderate them. If this is the case, I apologize for conveying the impression that I was disregarding your opinions. I never saw them to disregard.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Fall of the American Empire

[I'm pinching stuff from other web sites again. This is from - HAC]

Syria – Syria is a key player in the Middle East. They share a border with Israel and are a close ally of Iran. They are facing a possible revolt there as in the other Middle East nations with Arab populations. The military is needed to suppress such a revolution and the military is about 74% Sunni. Those seeking the revolt are Sunni. If the military sides with the Sunni protestors, it's over for Assad. Assad and his people in power are part of the Allawite sect of Muslims. Syrian troops have been gunning down protestors with veracity. Assad is now weak and may take the Bahrain option and ask Saudi Arabia for military help. The Saudis are Sunnis, so this could have implications for them. Iran could also assist Syria since they enjoy them as an ally. Expect oil prices to rise even more. Israeli and Saudi leaders are going to meet in Moscow to talk.

Note that Obama is out of all this. He really is viewed as irrelevant. All three countries are uncomfortable with Obama meddling in the Middle East.

Israel – Netanyahu said that Israel is ready to act with full force to stop missile attacks launched from the Gaza strip.

Gold and Silver Racing Up, the Dollar Falling – Well with Obama what can you expect. This week Gold hit a new record high of $1447.40 and silver hit $38.13. This was silvers highest price in 31 years.

General Electric Profits of $14.2 Billion and No Taxes - $5.1 billion of this came from USA operations as well. GE is expert at lobbying for tax breaks. Over the last decade, G.E. has spent tens of millions of dollars to push for changes in tax law, from more generous depreciation schedules on jet engines to “green energy” credits for its wind turbines. But the most lucrative of these measures allows G.E. to operate a vast leasing and lending business abroad with profits that face little foreign taxes and no American taxes as long as the money remains overseas. While the financial crisis led G.E. to post a loss in the United States in 2009, regulatory filings show that in the last five years, G.E. has accumulated $26 billion in American profits, and received a net tax benefit from the I.R.S. of $4.1 billion. No taxes.

Experts Warn Gasoline Will Hit $5.00 gallon by Summer – Gas prices usually spike in the summer. They wait for people to book vacations and then sock it to them. A trend that has a history for many years. People are paying an average of $3.99 per gallon in California, Hawaii $4.18 and Alaska is at $4.036. Five dollar gas is on the way. This will cause more unemployment, more inflation and a lower standard of living.

250,000 In London Streets Protest – Sadly they are protesting spending cuts. This shows their enlightenment level is fairly low. They are striving for social benefits versus sound money and freedom. They did break into a bank, hurl paint bombs and toss ammonia filled light bulbs. Looks like they are serious.

Former Dallas FBI Veteran Get Two Years – He tried to acquire weapons to kill his former boss. He was making $140,000 a year an an FBI agent about one year ago.

Connecticut State Trooper Threatens To Arrest a Judge – The beef was over the judge failing to sign an arrest warrant.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Arrested for Drugs and Stealing Money – The guy stole money from traffic stop victims and had drug paraphernalia on him.

I guess the USA has already become a third world countr. We just havenh't realized it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reason #112 the GOP Shouldn't Run Sarah Palin in 2012

Dear God, that voice! That hideous voice!

Shrill, high, and squeaky. It grates on the ears like the sound of fingernails scraping a blackboard. It sounds like a nasty, bossy little 12 year-old, and combines with her room-temperature IQ in order to make her a living caricature of herself. She brings the United States into even more disrepute (if that's possible) any time she opens her mouth. Can you imagine her attempting a State of the Union address?

I mean, I think the whole U.S.A. thing needs to come to an end, and I look forward to it happening, but my God--not like this!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Now, This Is Just Silly

From Colonel House:

I have been receiving YouTube "friend requests" from Islamic Jihadists with very short-lived accounts for the past month or so. I've been blocking their views and comments after rudimentary research into their Google accounts. My instinct is that these are Feds or Jews trying to tie the NF into some kind of conspiracy dreamed up by a not-so-bright agent or station chief.


They do this periodically. A couple of years ago, some FBI and DHS droids were going the rounds of some of our guys in prison, trying to get them to admit to some kind of general connection between White Nationalism and Islam in exchange for time off their sentences. Since there is no such connection and never has been, and by the racial nature of things could not be such a connection, this will require some really bizarre stretches which so far have been even beyond the threshold of silliness of our beloved government.

The mysteriously appearing links the Colonel describes sound more like Jews trying to create such an alleged link, which the secret police and their subcontracting NGOs like the SPLC can then miraculously "discover," like they "discovered" Kevin William Harpham's 1,000 e-mails on VNN.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Radio Free Northwest - March 24th, 2011

Racial Comrades:

The latest episode of Radio Free Northwest is now available for download from the Party website at

In this broadcast I talk about the American attack on Libya, run a belated birthday greeting to Commander Rockwell, and talk about the coming fifth Northwest independence novel with regards to religion and the Demon Weed.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adobe Walls (1874)


The Battle of Adobe Walls (1874)
by Monty Rainey

In the pre-dawn hours of June 27, 1874, twenty-nine people (some accounts say twenty-eight) were in the town of Adobe Walls, a tiny settlement in the Texas Panhandle. This was little more than an abandoned outpost, where enterprising businessmen had attempted to re-kindle what had once been a small town and make a dollar off the buffalo hunters which were then a major industry. The settlement consisted of two stores, a blacksmith and a saloon.

Those present at Adobe Walls that night included James Hanrahan (the saloon owner), a twenty year-old drifter by the name of Bat Masterson, and a buffalo hunter named Billy Dixon. The only woman present was the wife of cook William Olds.

Around 2 a.m., the lodge pole, holding up the sod roof of the saloon gave way with a loud crack. The men in the saloon as well as the other inhabitants immediately set about repairing the damage. It was this act of Providence that caused the inhabitants of Adobe Walls to be wide awake when the dawn attack by Indians began.

Just a few days before, Billy Dixon had ridden into the tiny settlement and told of the death of his two friends, Dudley and Williams. He recounted to the saloon patrons how the Comanches had propped their heads up so they could see what was happening to them. He told of how their tongues and ears and been cut off, then their testicles removed and stuffed into their mouths, before finally being sliced into ribbons and dying a slow, torturous death.

Now, as the men worked to repair the damaged roof, some 700 Plains Indians, mostly Cheyenne, Comanche and Kiowa, gathered nearby. The Indians were led by the Comanche war chief, Quanah Parker, the son of a captured white woman, Cynthia Ann Parker.

Since they were already awake, Billy Dixon and Jim Hanrahan decided to get an early start on the days buffalo hunting. Hanrahan sent Billy Ogg to retrieve the horses that were picketed at nearby Adobe Walls creek. Ogg saw the Indians emerge from the tree lined creek bank and ran back to the settlement to alert the others. About the time he arrived, Dixon spotted the Indians as well and fired a shot into the air.

At first, Dixon believed the Indians to be after the horses, but then realized the Indians were coming straight towards the settlement. Dixon and Ogg managed to join the several others who had sought refuge inside the walls of the saloon. Thus the surprise attack had failed. There were only two deaths in the initial attack, those of the Sadler brothers who were sleeping in their wagon. They were killed and scalped along with their dog who was killed and a patch of hide cut from the animal's side.

The initial attack very nearly carried the day. The buffalo hunters found themselves in a close quarter combat, where their buffalo long guns were all but useless. Miraculously, the inhabitants of Adobe Walls were able to stave off the onslaught of Indians with their pistols. Once the Indians had killed all of the animals, leaving their victims helpless to escape, they withdrew. The mornings battle had resulted in 4 dead settlers and an unknown number of Indians. The bodies of fifteen warriors were found that were too close to the buildings for the Indians to have retrieved their bodies.

The next few hours saw the battle waged with rifle fire, which was to the buffalo hunters advantage. The Indians had moved far enough away from the settlement to allow the nine men at Hanrahans saloon to send two men to Raths store to resupply their depleted ammo.

Quanah Parkers medicine man, Esa-Tai, (literal name, coyote dung) was largely responsible for the attack. The crazed medicine man has convinced Parker of their invincibility for the attack. The attacks were sporadic thereafter and on what is believed to have been the fourth day of siege, a small group of Indians had ventured to the edge of distant ridge to plan their next attack. Billy Dixon caught sight of them and asked Bat Masterson to hand him his Sharps 50 caliber. The inhabitants laughed at Dixon, exclaiming, “They’re a mile away!” Dixon drew down his aim, squeezed the trigger and watched Esa-Tai, the medicine man, fall from his mount. It was this act that caused the Indians to determine they could not compete with such weapons and they withdrew from the fray.

Two weeks later, a team of US Army surveyors would determine the distance of Dixon’s famed shot to be 1,538 yards, or nine-tenths of a mile. Billy Dixon later gave up buffalo hunting and became a scout for the US Army. As a scout at the Buffalo Wallow Fight Dixon would earn the Congressional Medal of Honor. In 1893, he retired and built a home on the Adobe Walls site. He died there on March 9, 1913 at the age of 63.

On the fifth day, more than 100 men arrived at Adobe Walls. The Indians never returned. The main significance of this fight is that it led to the Red River War of 1874-75, which resulted in the final relocation of the Southern Plains Indians into reservation in what is now Oklahoma.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Am A Racist

Far too many whites are afraid of being called racist by the very people trying to destroy us. This, to me is nothing but raw cowardice. You are nothing if you refuse to stand up for your beliefs.

What good is it to spout you agree, to other racists? There's no challenge in that.
There's no impact in doing that. It's a nice, safe way for cowards to vent, where if attacked publicly they can easily deny it and back down.

A true hero of the race makes a public
commitment for his beliefs. He says to hell with his detractors and shouts his views from the housetops proudly. He takes on the consequences of his actions like a badge of honor. This always puts fear into the hearts of the craven and hypocrites alike. For a man that has no fear of their words is a man to fear. He has the power to change things. And this is the last thing our enemies want, especially at this stage of the game.

Right now the Jews are
smug in their successful bid to outlaw all forms of racism. Liberals decry it as if it were on a par with molestation or child abuse, when in fact the practice is as old as humanity itself. In fact it is still openly and shamelessly practiced all over the world by many cultures, yet you don't hear our enemies rallying against any of them, now do you?

That's because it's not part of their agenda. The liberals act as if racism is a moral issue, and
treat white practitioners as if they are immoral lowlifes. The real immorality is their hypocrisy. Our Jew controlled government and media have outlawed racism because they want to outlaw any and all resistance to their agenda to flood America with third world trash. If we are browbeaten into not responding, they can continue their evil plot unchallenged.

That is the real
agenda behind the anti-racism campaign in not only this country, but every Anglo nation on earth. These same Jews and power brokers say and do nothing about it in the other countries they control. That's because they're dark races. And if they want to be racist toward whites it's fine with them. Lately however, they've started going after Japan.

Why? Because Japan
has become a staunch ally of the white nations. Its entire livelihood comes from them. Japan has a national and racial cohesiveness very similar to the one we used to have here before the Jew inspired invasion of our nation. And the key to this strength is their refusal to allow other races to immigrate. And the Jews are starting to really turn the screws on them, just like they did to South Africa and Rhodesia, and we all know how those nations fared under
liberal control.

If they can get Japan to knuckle under and start immigrating blacks, Moslems and other lowlifes,
it won't be long before their nation becomes the same kind of boiling cesspool of racial strife that ours has become. Integration and diversity are two sides of the same cancerous sore. It will destroy America and any other nation that follows that suicidal philosophy.

The Japanese know this. They're not stupid. Their leaders are well aware of the global Jewish cabal and its evil goals. They can see quite clearly what this monstrous lie is doing to us here, and they want no part of it. This nation of ours was created by white Anglo-Saxons for Anglo-Saxons. Not for Asians or mestizos or Moslems, or Jews, or blacks. And that perpetual propaganda line they pump out about this being a "land of immigrants" is pure, unadulterated horse shit. We allowed Anglo-Saxon immigrants. That's what our immigration policy stood for, and what our Founders intended from the very beginning.

But having a deliberately dumbed-down public that knows so little about America's history that it's an open shame, the public is easy prey for the lies and twisted facts the enemy is teaching them. By their standards, all of our greatest national heroes...including our Founders, are guilty of hate crimes and that evil old racism. Racism is a race's cultural and genetic survival weapon. Remove it and that race dies. The Jews know this very well. This is why they practice it themselves with a ruthlessness. But once again the American public remains completely ignorant of this fact. All according to plan.

Every single time a nation has allowed mass immigration it has died. Every time. There has never been a single nation that survived. Ever. Mass immigration is what destroyed ancient Rome, Greece, Babylon, and a host of other nations and cultures. But so few of our people know anything about history that they know nothing of this, or that all that "joys of diversity" crap and "diversity makes us stronger" tripe is a bold faced lie.

Japan is not the only nation that openly practices racism. So does Red China, the Koreas, and
most of South America. And again the Jews say nothing. Not part of their agenda. The Jews have an agenda that's on a par with the worst schemes of the Devil himself. Let me give you an example of just how far these bastards have taken their plans. Below is a list of all the nations the Jews have forced to implement anti-Semitism and anti-racism laws. And most of these carry really nasty penalties as well, all thanks to the Jews that have insinuated their way into their various halls of power:


Czech Republic
New Zealand

Notice anything about these nations? That's right. They're all White.

The more we dig into the truth of things, the more we uncover those stinking Jews, and the fact that everything they do is geared to destroy us. When some Jew, or politician, fool liberal or black gets onto you for your views, give them the finger and tell them to sit on it and rotate! Racism is not only our right, it's a necessity for survival! And I'll be deep fried in hog fat before I ever change my views.

How about you? Remember who you are and where you come from. Remember your roots and the sacrifices our forefathers have made down through the ages to see that our race survived the assaults of these bastards. We will never surrender. Ever.

-The Lone Haranguer

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ruskin on Northwest Migration

"What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence, The only consequence is what we do."

--John Ruskin

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Helen Thomas Rips The Jews--Again

Helen Thomas to Playboy: Jews 'own the White House'

Helen Thomas is not sorry, nor were the comments that ended her career accidental.

“I knew exactly what I was doing – I was going for broke,” she told Playboy in the magazine’s April interview. “I had reached the point of no return. You finally get fed up … I finally wanted to speak the truth.”

Thomas, of course, left her perch as the dean of the White House press corps last year after telling a rabbi and blogger that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to “Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else.” Her family is Lebanese and she grew up in the Detroit area, home to one of the country’s densest populations of Arab Americans.

She spoke to Playboy at length about the situation in Palestine, her feelings on American support of Israel, and her take on Jews.

But her most controversial comments echoed ones she’s made before about the influence of Jews in American life, which have contributed to her name being stripped from journalism awards.

"[The Jews are] using their power, and they have power in every direction,” she told Playboy. “Power over the White House, power over Congress … Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There's total control … It isn't the 2 percent. It's real power when you own the White House, when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion. Of course they have power. [To the interviewer] You don't deny that. You're Jewish, aren't you?"

She also had some controversial views about memorializing the Holocaust.

"There's nothing wrong with remembering it, but why do we have to constantly remember?" she said. "We're not at fault. I mean, if they're going to put a Holocaust museum in every city in Germany, that's fine with me. But we didn't do this to the Jews. Why do we have to keep paying the price and why do they keep oppressing the Palestinians? Do the Jews ever look at themselves? Why are they always right? Because they have been oppressed throughout history, I know. And they have this persecution. That's true, but they shouldn't use that to dominate."

Friday, March 18, 2011

JooTube Censorship Cycle Begins

From Colonel House:

From: Colonel House [mailto: ]
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 10:18 AM
To: GenSec
Subject: JooTube Censorship Cycle Begins

Northwest Front - The NVA has now been rated X-18 by the "YouTube Community" (read a couple jews in the Internet Defense Force).

In previous incarnations of this site, total banning is always preceded by a huge spike in filthy, disgusting hate mail (check), downgrade to X-18 (check), suspension for 2 weeks (next), then the inevitable letter from a rabbi demanding a lifelong ban.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Idiot Child

To the idiot child who posted the heckle saying "Prepare to be irradiated"...okay, but what if the radiation from Japan gives all us wicked Northwest racists super-powers like Spiderman? You may hear me clumping down the street coming for you, like Doc Oc.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Radio Free Northwest - March 17th, 2011

Radio Free Northwest #60, dated March 17th, 2011, is now available for download from the Party website at

I discuss the arrest of Kevin William Harpham in Spokane's bizarre Bionic Backpack incident, talk about why America is going to lose, and conclude with a homily on why Francis Fukuyama is full of horse hockey.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Classic HAC: Politically Correct Sexuality

[From 1992. Almost 20 years ago. Damn, time flies when you're having fun! - HAC]

Sometimes in this job, helpless to intervene or stop it, able only to offer an occasional few words of advice or comfort, I witness things that this system does which can only be called pure evil.

One of these events occurred in 1990-92, when a once strong and proud man named Phil H. was humiliated, destroyed, bankrupted, and his very soul violated and contaminated and desecrated by a woman whom, pathetically, he has to my knowledge never ceased to love to this very day.

Her disgraceful and vicious behavior in this matter cuts to the very heart of this whole dichotomy between White men and White women, not because it is excessive, but because it is typical. I could cite dozens of similar stories I’ve run across personally down the years, including several of my own, but Phil’s case I know a bit better than most because we got to be pretty regular pen and phone comrades and I got a play by play description as a White woman and lawyers and a court system run by Jews destroyed his life piece by shredded piece, in one of the most contemptible and egregious acts of betrayal I have ever observed on the part of any woman of any race.

Phil’s mistake was to acquire certain racial and religious beliefs along the line of Christian Identity. Since he lived in Idaho, one weekend he attended one of the gatherings at the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake - a legal political and religious assembly wherein constitutionally protected freedoms were exercised. (Take the bitter and ironic laughter as read.)

Security at Hayden Lake is completely non-existent, as anyone who has ever attended such a pow-wow can confirm, and every knees-up on Butler’s property is so heavily infiltrated with Federal agents, ADL spies, and undercover news media that there has been more than one documented case of them spying on one another, trying to entrap one another into illegal acts or gun deals, etc. One of the undercover reporters was snapping pictures and Phil’s face ended up on his local front page. I repeat - his photo at a completely legal gathering on private property, exercising freedoms clearly protected by the First Amendment.

In a pig’s eye. That photo turned his life into a blasted wasteland.

Phil’s wife of 12 years had been perfectly well aware of his racial views from the time they first met and it had never been a problem so long as the shekels flowed into her greedy little manicured hands at a prodigious rate, which for a time Phil was able to provide. However, about this time Phil’s business hit a slump and there were some other financial problems and the flow of goodies was sharply curtailed. About the same time wifey got involved in a fling with a local glitterati type, of which there are many in the Idaho Panhandle, some kind of ski bum I think this guy was. So she decided it’s time to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. She filed for divorce and, of course, Phil’s smiling mug at the AN gathering was the centerpiece of the festivities.

Phil sent me the actual legal papers on all this, and I think from this point on we can all fill in the blanks. Between his attorney and hers, his financial carcass was picked clean as a whistle. Over $100,000 ended up going to lawyers and assorted legal parasites alone. She forced him to liquidate his business and give her the entire proceeds. She ended up with (as I recall) something like $2,500 a month child support, an insane sum which the judge admitted she (of course) was awarding “to make sure that money goes to your wife and child and not to racist causes.” (Phil was never a member of AN and used to donate maybe the odd $5 or $10 to AN and to me every three months or so.)

But the worst of all was Phil’s child visitation rights, if such they may be called; this ruling is in fact a kind of ritual humiliation of the White and Christian fundamentalist male which is becoming all too common in the liberal court system today. Phil was allowed to see his 12 year-old son for something like two hours every two weeks, only at the county courthouse or police station in an interview room, only in the presence of the wife, and only in the presence of a police or county sheriff “community relations officer” to make sure that Phil did not (I’m quoting direct here) “attempt in any way or manner to instruct, indoctrinate, or propagate in the mind of [boy’s name] any doctrine or belief system of a racial, White supremist [sic] or Christian Identity nature.” Phil ran out of money about that time and has not been able to hire another lawyer to appeal, nor would it do any good if he did; his son is almost 18 now anyway.

Phil has spent the intervening years fighting back with a dignity and stubborn strength which excites my admiration and makes me wonder how many guys like him are out there. He understands and accepts that he cannot stop her and that he is helpless unless he wants to pick up a gun and “go postal,” the last tangible remedy left to him. He told me he considered it but decided he will not complete the destruction of his own life and his son’s by killing the bitch.

What he has done is the White male equivalent of passive resistance: he has simply done like Nancy Reagan advised and said “no.” He refuses to pay for his ex to disport herself with the ski bum and a subsequent string of lovers, apparently of both sexes and mixed races as she enjoys her “liberation” from Phil’s racist patriarchal shackles. He refuses to get a job and spends his days intermittently homeless and living in his car, when he has one, or in a boarding house when he is able to scrape up a little money collecting aluminum cans or doing odd jobs. This can get pretty dodgy in those terrible Idaho winters, but he manages, although sometimes he has to go as far as Boise to get admitted to a shelter when it’s really bad - but when the weather breaks he shoots right up to Coeur d’Alene again. He’s managed to sneak onto welfare a couple of times until they found out and tried to garnishee his benefits, so he canceled them.

Phil has been arrested at least twice that I know of and once did 30 days for contempt when he refused to get a job and pay his obscene child support. This was in the winter and when the judge hauled him back in front of her to berate and browbeat him he asked for another 30 days because the jail was heated and he got fed better there than he could feed himself homeless on the outside. She was so enraged she kicked him loose. The second time she tried to order the sheriff to put him on bread and water in an unheated cell, but the sheriff explained to her, gently and patiently, that torture is illegal in this country, even for White males, and refused, so she threw Phil out into the snow again. He was also busted a couple of times for “stalking” when he got caught near wifey’s home, but nothing ever came of it because the “stalking” consisted of wifey and the boy observing him panhandling or sleeping in a doorway on a public street.

His credo is now simple, and he has told it to the judge and anyone else who cares to listen. “She did this. She can live with the consequences. She gets nothing from me, not ever again. End of story.” To the question, “What about your son?” he answers, “I can’t give him money and material things, but I can give him a visible example of how a true man lives his life and stands up for what’s right no matter what it costs him. I think that will be more valuable to him than whatever benefit he might get from my money once she gets through spending most of it on herself and her latest toy boy or girl.”

I sure as hell hope that kid has the smarts to learn that lesson and not just be resentful because he can’t buy the latest Nintendo or Air Nigger athletic shoes.

Phil did one more thing. In 1992 he wrote a leaflet for me called “Politically Correct Sexuality.” This comes from the heart and soul of a really big man in every sense of the word. Sieg Heil, brother!

Politically Correct Sexuality

Guidelines to Acceptable Gender Attitudes and Relations under the Bill and Hillary Clinton Co-Presidency

by Phil H.

Rule 1. Men and women are equal. Period. End of story. If anything, women are superior. No contradiction of this basic premise is allowed. None. Period. End of story. Any biological, physical, or practical facts, which contradict this basic premise, simply do not exist. Period. End of story. Any person, man or woman, who attempts to disagree or argue that there are innate biological, physical, or emotional differences between men and women must be shouted down and silenced by any means available.

Rule 2. For White heterosexual males, marriage is the only socially acceptable institution for the relief of innate biological sexual instincts. Sexual activity outside marriage for White males is sexist and shows disrespect for women. Sexual activity for White females outside marriage is liberating and shows independence and strength of character. Blacks of either gender may engage in any sexual behavior of any kind on an unlimited basis, without restraint or social reproof. (NB: Blacks are immune to criticism of any kind.)

Rule 3. For the duration of any sexual relationship before, during, and after marriage, the provision of relief for the man’s biological sex drive is entirely at the discretion of the woman. She says when, where, how, and is in full control. In most states nowadays, if she is displeased with her mate’s sexual, financial, or social performance, she may accuse him of marital rape and have him sent to prison for many years.

Rule 4. IMPORTANT: Women always tell the truth. Men always lie. No woman is ever guilty of anything. All men are always guilty of everything. Any accusation of physical or sexual abuse made by the woman against the man is to be believed, completely and without question, regardless of how improbable or bizarre the allegation. Any denial by the man, any attempt on his part to point out facts which do not conform to the woman’s version of events, any attempt to bring out any past falsehood or neurotic behavior on her part, is inadmissible and shall be disregarded, scorned, and shouted down.

Rule 5. The only White males who are entitled to credibility, responsible position in the community, or any rights at all are homosexuals. The duty of the heterosexual White male is to work hard, obey his woman, and to pay for everything. At all times he shall remain humble and maintain a respectful silence unless spoken to.

Rule 6. Women will receive the advantage in any dealings with the courts and the legal system. The theory behind this is that women have been traditionally disadvantaged and must therefore now receive preferential treatment, i.e. two wrongs make a right.

Rule 7. When children are involved, custody will almost always be granted to the mother, unless the mother shows up for court reeking of liquor, obviously stoned on drugs, or else raving mad and confined in a straitjacket. Sometimes she’ll even get custody under those conditions. If the mother is in a mental institution or serving a prison sentence for a felony conviction, the children will almost always be given to the mother’s relatives. Granting custody to the father is to be avoided at all costs in order to avoid preserving White Male Hegemony, whatever that is.

Rule 8. Any accusation of physical or sexual child abuse leveled by the woman against the man is to be believed without question. Great strides in jurisprudence have already been made in the legal disposition of child abuse and rape cases. Such tedious formalities as the Constitutional right to be confronted with one’s accuser, the right to cross-examine witnesses, the legal prohibition against hearsay evidence, the right to a speedy trial, the right not to be denied bail and not to have excessive bail imposed, and in some cases the right to trial by jury have already been done away with in many states. In the state of Washington the progressive legal concept of preventive detention without even a criminal charge is being implemented against White males who may offend against politically correct sexuality, while in Idaho a new hate crimes law defines ALL WOMEN as a politically protected minority, thus covering everyone except heterosexual White males against discrimination and “crimes of bias”.

It is to be hoped that under the enlightened rule of Presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton, the whole time-consuming business of a trial for accused White male child abusers and rapists may be done away with altogether, and the process streamlined so that the accused man is arrested, immediately taken before a judge for sentencing, and then directly to prison. The victim of White male aggression has already suffered enough, and it is unjust that she be put through the ordeal of having to relive her nightmare in a courtroom. Besides, the savings to taxpayers alone argue strongly for such a progressive approach. The money saved can be used to feed the millions of starving people in Africa, or better yet, to bring them here to a new home and new life in America.

Rule 9. When the woman tires of the marriage and ends it, the man will be legally compelled to pay one third to one half of his NET income to support a wife and family who are no longer his and whom he may never see again, sometimes for as long as twenty-five or thirty years. If the man objects to this perpetual debt bondage, he is liable to be imprisoned for any length of time without trial, for contempt of court. Should the man revolt in despair against this life of perpetual impoverishment and financial slavery which becomes utterly unbearable, and take flight in a desperate attempt to find someplace where he can start over and possibly build another life and another family before he is too old to do so, then he is a dog, a cur, and he will be hunted down like the vile beast he is and punished with all the majestic wrath of American justice.

Rule 10. Women are born with an inalienable right to HAVE IT ALL: love, money, respect, subservience, obedience, children, career, adventure, romance, political power. Man exists on this earth solely to provide her with this wonderful, stress-free, disappointment-free life which is rightfully hers. She is Woman, hear her roar! All men are morally required to look like Robert Redford, earn a minimum of $300,000 per year, perform like a bull in bed when his woman is in the mood and never, ever make the slightest demand otherwise, and generally to fulfill every whim, every fantasy, every materialistic desire she may have. Men must treat her like a princess while respecting her as an equal - indeed, as a SUPERIOR being - and above all, they must LIKE it. Any White male who does not meet the above standard is a failure as a man and a wretch who almost certainly harbors secret right-wing, racist, sexist, homophobic, neo-Nazi criminal thoughts. Society must be protected from men like this.

A Final Solution to White Male Domination. Anyone who voices even the mildest protest or dissent against any of the above is a right-winger, a sexist and a neo-Nazi. These people must be shouted down, intimidated, and silenced by any means available. As a long term solution, appropriate Federal legislation against this kind of hate crime must be enacted by the Co-Presidents and the new, progressive Democratic People’s Congress. Anti-social elements who persistently refuse to love all of the diverse peoples in America’s gorgeous mosaic must be removed from society and put into camps.