Wednesday, February 09, 2011

RFN #55 Erratum and Correction

In Radio Free Northwest #55, dated February 10th, I stated that the German National Socialist financier Hjalmar Schact was executed by the Nuremberg Talmudic tribunal in 1946. This is incorrect. Schact actually died of old age in 1970. For some reason presumably having to do with ongoing senility, I seem to have confused Hjalmar Schact with Hans Frank in my mind.

This demonstrates how necessary it is for a writer always to confirm everything he thinks he knows. I apologize for the error.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schat's middle name was Horace Greely, yes, after the American, he had American roots and personally negotiated with the kike FDR for German Reparations reductions. Baldaur Scharich, the Youth Leader was half American, his Grand mother was a U.S. Steel heiress and left him a inheritance for when he was released from prison by the Allied kangaroo court.

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