Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night Of The Goons

About a week ago I was minding my own business, trying to find a discount tire shop I had heard of in a neighboring township not far from my home. It was a little before 9pm, and according to the ad, they were open until 10pm. I wasn't quite sure of their location because I'd only seen the place once about ten years ago, and was having to cruise the area to find it.

Finally I stopped at a local grab and puke and got a cup of coffee while I thought over my options. Suddenly the passenger door opened, and in plopped an old girlfriend of mine from years ago that I hadn't seen in at least a decade. We started yacking and she said that she had recognized me as she was heading into the store.

We were laughing and talking for about three minutes when suddenly there was a bright spotlight beam shining in my eyes from outside! Some hotdog county sheriff had snuck up on where I was parked and started harassing me for no reason whatsoever! He demanded rudely that I roll down the window, then he demanded we get out of the truck.

I then demanded to know why he had jumped me, and what his probable cause was to harass me. The prick had the gall to say, "You guys looked like you were fighting, so I came to break it up."

"Fighting?" I said incredulously, "You know better than that. You're lying through your teeth. You just wanted to hassle us because we were here so why don't you just admit it?" He got irate at those words because like most tyrants, we didn't take kindly to someone not quivering in terror at his very presence. Not me fella...

Then I recognized the bastard. This particular pig had a reputation across the entire county for being a hotdog and a royal pain in the ass to everyone in the county. Most people despised his guts and would throw a frigging party if he ever got fragged. In fact he pulled my sister over so many times that she packed up and moved out of the county! And she's a teacher and interpreter for the deaf, with no record and no tickets, and no reason on earth for this maggot to be harassing her all the time.

And here I was, with the bad luck to be in this fanatic's clutches. Well, he ran a make on me and it came back clean of course, with no record, no warrants and flagged as ex law enforcement. But this only pissed him off because he wanted to BUST somebody tonight. So then he confiscated my keys, my license, and gave me the drunk test. Then he searched me and my friend as well, harassing her with the same gusto. Then he decided he was going to search my truck for contraband. And this asshole didn't just search it, but tore my truck apart! He pulled everything out and threw it on the pavement.

He even took all my cancer medications out and put them on the roof of my truck, as if he'd found drugs. I shit you not. I also had a jar of mountain water in the back, and he opens it, gruffly asks, "And just what is this?" I said,"What the fuck does it look like? Taste it!" Instead he gives me a smart ass look and tosses the jar on top of my books and important papers. without bothering to re-tighten the lid. Yes, the water spilled all over my books and some of my meds, ruining everything. Bastard...

Next he goes to my toolbox in the back of the truck and dumps them all out on the ground, leaving them for me to pick up. He dug in all the cracks, crevasses, under, over, and between the seats and everyplace else he could think of, desperately trying to find something..anything to bust me on. But I was as clean as a hound's tooth, which almost drove him nuts. I was preparing for the sonofabitch to plant something on me next, just to get his bust, but just then another cop rolled up and he cooled it. The second cop was just as bad as the first, and together they grilled me like the frigging Gestapo!

Finally I'd had enough and said, "Either arrest me you assholes, or cut me loose. You had no PC but you pulled me out of my truck anyway, you did a search, a drunk test, a body search and a grilling not to mention ran a make on me, and you didn't even have the legal right. We're done!" The young punk almost exploded in egomaniacal anger at my words, but the older, wiser cop made him gag it. He then handed me my papers, but I had to go find my license. The bastard had thrown it on the pavement!

I then backed out and drove off, madder than hell. My friend did likewise, after chewing both of them tot he red. The next day I called his supervisor and read him the riot act over the buffoon, but his sergeant had the gall to tell me that this cop was "one of their best producers", and that he actually encourages this prick to behave that way! That's when I told that creep to expect a call from the state's attorney general, because I was going to call him. And I am going to call him tomorrow, now that all the bureaucrats are back from vacation...

This folks, is just a sample of what we can all expect more and more frequently as things continue to degrade in this country. The lowest of the low are being given authority over us and they're abusing the hell out of it. That bastard cop wanted to wreck my life! He was trying as hard as he could.

These assholes look at it like a game. It's the joy of the hunt to them, and every person out there is nothing more than a criminal they haven't busted yet. When the rebellion hits we must make doubly sure that we eliminate every one of these bastards. We must toss them in the same tank with all the other low-lifes that have made living in America the nightmare it's now become. I'm still boiling over the incident, and if it had been anyone else, I'd have killed the bastard where he stood.

No one has the right to treat people that way. No one. And like I said, it's only going to get worse. So when this government of ours ..and I use the term loosely..demands we hand over all our guns, the only thing we should give them is the lead. Just wait until this happens to you..and it will, and soon. You'll start to understand what I'm talking about. War is upon us whether we want it or not.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Steve the Elder said...

Rafael Sabatini's novel Scaramouche would be appropriate reading material in this case. It's "human" nature that power corrupts, and as Thomas Jefferson said the Tree of Liberty must be occasionally watered by the blood of Patriots and Tyrants

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just say 'NO'. It does require a warrent to search your car or truck. Same holds true of your home.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Holthoff said...

As parts of America become majority Mexican we can expect the legal status to reach third world status. After all an influx of third world people means a third world nation. This will mean even the most minor business transaction will require a bribe(Ever been to Mexico?) and it will be difficult to tell the cops from the equally armed rival drug gangs.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

The power given to police should always be strictly curtailed. Police always want more power and always abuse it. More people have been killed by policemen than died in wars. The type of person who becomes a policeman nowadays is often an anti-social bully with a chip on his shoulder. Lone Haranguer's experience is becoming much more common. That scumbag pig would happily kill you if the system ordered him to. The rare honest cop eventually resigns from the force because of the poisonous atmosphere leaving only the thugs and psychopaths to prey on the public they are supposed to protect. It's just as the jew likes it. The jew, of course, is the ultimate secret policeman, as was demonstrated in Russia and eastern Europe.

5:22 AM  

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