Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Edgar Steele Moved To Bonner County Jail

Wanted you all to know that Edgar Steele has been moved to the Bonner County Jail in Sandpoint, Idaho. The U.S. Marshals moved him after his hearing before Magistrate Candy Dale on February 16th.

Under consideration was a motion to have him released on bond. Mrs. Steele offered to put their house and all their property up for the bond. And a local friend offered for Edgar Steele to stay at a house of his if he couldn't be released to his home to work on his defense.

You can read the latest updates from the local rags and Bob's astute comments from the hearing at

Keep in mind that his trial is still set for March 7, 2011. Your prayers of support are always appreciated.

If you have 15-30 minutes to hand-write a positive, supportive message to Edgar, here's your chance. As of this entry's date, sending LETTERS (not just postcards) includes these guidelines:

Photos must be no larger than standard 4” by 6”
Newspapers/magazines must come from publisher
Letters are allowed, including newspaper articles/clippings and magazine articles as well as internet articles, etc.
Money Orders are allowed to be added to his commissary account
Additional questions about mail can be directed to 208-263-8417

Edgar Steele
Bonner County Detention Center
4001 N. Boyer Road
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Thanks for continuing to keep the Steele family in prayer!

Love, Ingri


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