Friday, February 11, 2011

The Desecrators

Sometimes I talk a little about the disrespect these invading mestizos have for our way of life and our sacred homeland, but I think it's time I pulled out all the stops and told it like it is. There's just too much going on right now for me to remain silent any longer. I've already told you folks about what these bastards have been doing to our national monuments and believe me, they're doing it for more than just the metal, they're doing it out of hate, spite, jealousy and greed. They want our homeland, and they mean to have it by breeding us off it.

And I'm not joking. I have been told as much right to my face on a couple of occasions by these maggots. But monuments are only one thing out of many offenses these invading cockroaches are doing. How many of you knew that hordes of wetbacks are overrunning our national forests and game preserves and decimating the deer and elk populations? In one recent bust, game wardens found the racks of over two hundred buck deer buried on a mestizo's property. and he's just one out of tens of thousands that are out there every single night, spotlight hunting. And they're also killing the does and fawns as well.

Anything that moves. They don't care. And they're not going to stop until they've killed every last deer and elk in America. For the most part these animals are unguarded, and the wetbacks know it. Our game wardens are sorely undermanned due to severe budget constraints. An officer routinely has 50,000 acres to patrol all by himself. And if he does happen across a pack of these bastards, the odds are they'll start shooting at him. There have already been half a dozen wardens murdered by these invaders in the last couple of years, and the number is climbing as more and more wetbacks realize they can get away with this heinous crime.

A friend of mine is a game warden out in the San Bernardino National Forest. He told me that he's now busting wetbacks with pregnant does in the beds of their beat up trucks. They killed for the free meat.

They confiscate the deer, jail them and call ICE, who, after the wetback has appeared in court and had a huge fine imposed on him, deports his sorry ass back across the border. And he's back the very next week doing the same thing, only this time he's Pedro Gonzales instead of Jose Martinez. And he never pays the fine.

These walking dog turds need to be shot on site and buried where they die. If enough of them never returned from their poaching trips, the rest of them would eventually get the hint. They busted one wetback who was going around selling the meat to other wetbacks in the barrios from the trunk of his car. This is a common sight in California. A beat up old car will cruise slowly by, honking his horn over and over to let his fellow cockroaches know he's outside. Then the mamacita will waddle out with four wetlets in tow and go to the trunk and pick through the meat and buy a chunk, and the peddler will continue down the street. No food license, no license of any kind, including a driver's license. They're all over the place here. It enrages whites, but if you call the cops they won't come and the wetbacks know it.

Another outrage that's currently going on is what the bastards are doing to our precious shoreline animal refuges and bays. They're moving in by the hundreds of thousands, literally overrunning the small towns that line the east coast. They're going out onto these pristine beaches and having raucous wetback beer parties, where drunken mestizos destroy everything in sight and kill every endangered animal they can find. Nothing's sacred. Nothing.

And the next morning the beach they partied on looks like a wetback's back yard. Trash, beer cans, broken glass, shit, toilet paper, used pampers, plastic bottles and beer rings, and every other obscene thing you can think of. Most of the time they leave the animals where they shot them. They didn't want them for meat, they just wanted to kill something.

And they're doing the same thing to the towns. The residents who have lived there all their lives and had taken pride in their clean, safe and beautiful little towns are now living in a state of siege, as these invading hordes wreck havoc on everything around them. The crime rate has skyrocketed. They're robbing stores, stealing cars, spray painting walls, smashing windows, burgling homes, mugging whites, raping their women and molesting their children.

The small town Barney Fifes are not equipped to deal with them, and the feds flat refuse to help, thanks to Obama's pro-invader policy. Whole sections of these towns have been transformed into dangerous barrios, no man's lands where a white dare not even drive, lest he wants to end up dead. And the desecration continues unabated and unchallenged, as the mestizos laugh their evil asses off at the weak and cowardly gringos who are afraid of their corrupt government more than they are of losing everything. What has happened to America's guts? Why are we tolerating a government that not only allows these atrocities, but causes them? Where is the backbone that made this nation great? Has every man in America been castrated? It seems that nobody has a pair anymore.

This afternoon I heard some yuppie ask another one if he knew how to fire a rifle. His answer? "No, thank God!" "Thank God?" Are you shitting me??? I almost croaked. This asshole was not only a complete worthless pussy, but glad of it! Most of our people have become so brainwashed by liberalism that they've bought he anti-gun lie completely. In fact if it wasn't for the die-hard core of America, namely you and I, this evil regime would have already snagged every weapon we have. And they're still trying. Every single time there's a shooting, that's the first thing the liberals start screaming. In fact shortly after Gifford's shooting. Time magazine ran a huge spread on that very thing, crowing that we should get rid of them all. What we need to get rid of is Time magazine.

The reasons for armed rebellion just keep stacking up, higher and higher, to the point they're now at the ceiling folks. How much longer, oh America, before we whites start kicking ass? How many more outrages, atrocities and high crimes against our people and homeland must be committed before we say enough?

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Nadja S. said...

In the meantime the media, with ugly betty, Eva Longoria and J-Lo, tries to convince us that mestizos are glamorous, distuinguished people..

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuckin' A!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a story last week about a rancher in AZ ordered to pay $90000 to some spics who had invaded his land and who he detained at gun and dog point for the useless Border Patrol to haul off.

Since his ranch is next to the Messkun border he has for years received the brunt of the invasion. Dyke Incompetano has done nothing in the same fine trend of Bush's flunkies.

Seems this rancher got tired of so many beaners crapping on and destroying all they came across. Since the virtual fence did virtually nothing (as was intended) he took matters into his own hands.

The $90000 order is such a miscarriage of justice it's hard to understand that even hack judges would go along with it.

But, on the other hand, it's this group of ranchers and agribusiness (AKA subsidy farmers) who are largely responsible for the influx of spic slave labor. Maybe this particular AZ rancher isn't responsible but his group sure as hell is.

In Georgia the new Governor is trying to push though a stiff e-verify requirement for big construction and subsidy farmers. They are screaming like the stuck pigs they are. I look for the Gov to water down the bill to satisfy these greedy bastards.

Those of you in Blaine WA know what I'm talking about. The subsidized dairy farmers hire truck loads of spics to dig cow shit out of their barns. The Border Patrol has been prohibited by a thug in black robes from enforcing immigration law on these dairies.

I've thought for a long time that the judges involved in this ruling were bribed by dairy interests. Far fetched? Not really. Judges don't make a lot of money. The guy running the Post Office probably makes more.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. Agribusiness (and smaller-but-still-greedy farmers/ranchers) are at the heart of the brown tsunami. They draw in illegals like a sewer-cleaner sucks up sh!t. Worse, the problem gets worse *exponentially* (they breed like rats in the Playboy mansion) the longer the crony capitalists are allowed to get away with it. In a sane world they and the goons who exported American jobs to ChingLingDingistan would be charged with treason.

Now we'd about need to call the ENTIRE army home (not just from Asscrackistan but everywhere) make a solid line them up along Canadian border, and do a fixed-bayonet eviction march until their boots got wet or they hit the Mexican border. And after doing THAT, we'd have to take a page from the Reds and build our *own* version of the Berlin wall.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

"When" is a good question Mr.Covington.

Not even the mutterings about ~federal nationalization of 401(k) accounts~ has driven anyone to action.

Hate to say it but the gas pump will probably be the first clue most Amurricans get that something is amiss. Remember the gas lines of the Carter era?

Think that happening all over again. Worse - thanks to Obongo and his merry monsters THERE WILL BE NO RECOVERY.

I'm not even 25 and I clearly remember what happened the *last* time per-gallon prices flirted with $5. D@mn near blew the legs out from under our economy. When (not if) it happens again, barring an absolute Bible-class miracle...that's all, folks.

2:55 PM  

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