Monday, February 28, 2011

The BATFE Are Amoral Morons

This just speaks for itself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get it... one side of the US gov are arming the mudslide while the other side are getting killed by them? They may be getting full medical and dental, but I'd hate to work for those guys. Imagine working for anti-union Walmart where they are purposely paying Union agitators to come and beat the shit out of you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 (above) "I don't get side of the US gov are ariming the mudslide while the other side are getting killed by them?".
- Actually it is an old story that has been going on for decades. This is just the first time that its happened on our own soil. The US govt has armed both sides of a conflict in foreign lands many times in the past and even with our own soldiers fighting on one side or the other.
Trying to understand it is like trying to view a pyramid in its entirety from a vantage point close to the base of the structure- ain't gonna happen. Only they know all the details of what and why they are doing what they do and we know little to nothing. This much you can believe; somebody is profiting from the escapade somehow or other. Another consideration is that the ATF has no work unless it "makes its own" to justify its existence. In other words- prove that it is needed and not just another overfunded govt agency. They do this mostly by setting people up with sting operations. Sounds like the Mexican cartels have a "friend in high places" within the ATF, doesnt it? The secondary benefit of this? Why now they can prove that "assault weapons cause crime" in the US and can move to ban private ownership thereof. The possible motives in this fiasco are stunning, when you think about it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, David Codrea on has been following this story ever since ATF whistleblowers on alerted him to what was really going on, some months before the Border Patrol agent got killed. ATF is in big trouble, fundingwise, so they've been padding the statistics to make it look like they're a really valuable agency that needs more funding - when the word around Washington is that they might be folded into DHS. It's taken publicized threats from Senator Grassley to ATF just to get any attention from the media. Nobody wants to cover the REAL story. There's a coverup here that will probably bring down most of ATF top management, and lead right back to Holder and the "head monkey hisself".


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