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The Truth About Abraham Lincoln

Almost everyone looks upon Lincoln as the emancipator of the blacks. Even the blacks themselves revere the man, as if he were their version of Moses. Little do they know.

The truth about Lincoln is as shocking as it is heartening for us whites, though to the blacks it will come as a devastating blow to their campaign of lies concerning their nonexistent equality with whites. Lincoln was a white man that had dealt with blacks all his life. Being from Illinois, he was no stranger to blacks, who were living all over the country, although slavery was legal only in the southern states.

But there were a great many businessmen, traders and freight haulers that used black slaves, and even hired black labor to work for them as they traveled the free states as well. And that's not counting the free blacks that lived in various "shantytowns" all over the Union. Nigger towns have alwaysbeen with us as long as we've had free blacks roaming America. Because they were not accept d in white society..and with good reason..they lived and survived together in groups, forming little communities of run down hovels.

These towns were the source of most of the crime and thefts in the nearby white towns that were the primary supply source for blacks. The old insult of "chicken stealer" originated from blacks, who were a plague on local farmers because they'd continually raid their coops for the laying hens so they could have fried chicken that night. They couldn't raise chickens themselves, because their fellow blacks would steal and eat them before they were even grown, and even steal the eggs before they hatched. No bit of food was safe.

The same went for truck gardens. No sooner would a black's watermelon crop start turning ripe then it would be raided and cleaned out in one night by his fellow niggers. This left them with no choice but to steal from whitey to survive. Nothing much has changed. They still steal and survive off of whitey, they're just more hostile and less grateful for it.

The wisest thing that could have been done after the Civil War was the repatriation of blacks to Africa. And this is where the progressives have worked their magic on our history books. According to the now accepted view, Lincoln was rabidly pro-nigger. This was a bald faced lie. The real reason Lincoln wanted to free the blacks had very little to do with the blacks themselves. I didn't learn this fact until just recently, after doing a great deal of digging into America's past. What I found astounded me, and explained to me why liberals have been lying about Lincoln all this time. Let me fill you in:

First let's look at the 14th amendment, the one that freed the blacks. This amendment was and is an illegal document. It's own history proves this:

The 14th Amendment is invalid for the following reasons: It was never ratified by three-fourths of all the States in the Union according to Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution. Out of 37 States, 16 had rejected it. Many of the States who were counted as ratifying it, were compelled to do so under duress of military occupation. Any legal act entered into under duress, and coercion is automatically null and void. The fact that 23 Senators had been unlawfully excluded from the U.S. Senate, shows that the Joint Resolution proposing the Amendment was not submitted to or adopted by a constitutional Congress. The intent of the 14th Amendment is repugnant to the original U.S. Constitution and the Organic Law of the land. It did not, and could not, repeal any- thing that was part of the Organic Law. Therefore the principles of precedent render it void. In Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of Sept.1862 he said:

"I have urged the colonization of the negroes (back to Africa), and shall continue. My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with this plan. There is no room for two distinct races of Whites and blacks in America. I can think of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the negro into our social and political life as our equal. Within twenty years we can peacefully colonize the negro..under conditions in which he can rise to the full measure of manhood. This he can never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed with millions of an alien, inferior race living among us, whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable."

Most of the senate fought emancipation because they didn't know what Lincoln had up his sleeve. And he didn't dare tell them because the Jews would have then known his plan and put a stop to it before he ever got it off the ground. So he rammed the bill into law against their will, and didn't explain to them why. This naturally made him many enemies among nigger haters everywhere. Little did they know he was on their side.

Lincoln actually proposed an amendment to the constitution that would've authorized congress to re-colonize all freed blacks back to Africa. On Aug.15, l962, Congress did appropriate over half a million dollars for that purpose. Thousands of Negroes had been shipped back when Lincoln was shot. And I bet you've already figured out who was really behind his murder. As you can see, Lincoln had absolutely no plans for integrating blacks into white society and indeed considered it social suicide to do so.

But there was another force, a much more powerful force hiding behind the curtains of power, that wanted the blacks to do exactly that. And his name was Jew.

The Jews saw the end of all their careful long range planning to destroy the hated goyim nation with niggers. Lincoln not only freed them, which broke the Jewish stranglehold on slave labor, but also destroyed in one stroke the Jew slaver trade in America. This left the blacks free toleave the United States, and most were quite willing to leave behind a life of slavery in this white man's land and return home to the bush. You must keep in mind that many blacks at that early period still had deep roots in Africa, and many were first generation immigrants. They would have re-assimilated quite easily back into their original cultures.

Lincoln instituted his repatriation program almost immediately after emancipation, which had been his ultimate game plan all along. He recognized the dire threat blacks represented to this nation, and he wanted them gone just as much as we do today. And the plan worked. Tens of thousands of blacks were shipped back to Africa thanks to the huge amount of money Lincoln had earmarked for the project. But with his sudden, brutal assassination, everything changed.

Normally, a dead president's agenda moves forward as a sign of respect for the dead leader. Repealing a program upon a president's death is unheard of in American history..except for this one time.

The senate in power at that time instantly went into a massive turmoil because a half dozen Jew bought politicians broke ranks with the rest of the senate and demanded an end to the program. They didn't have any solid grounds for this demand, but politics back then were even more corrupt than it is now (if you can believe that), and these senators used black- mail, bribery, and political back scratching to get the program killed. Back scratching is when one politician promises to use all his influence to push through a pet pork project or bill that another politician desperately wants. But to do this favor, one must be rendered first.

This is how politics as usual is done in Washington, and always has been, and Jews have always been on the inside, working from the shadows to bend American politics to their will. And of course the stupid hick senators didn't have a clue as to the real reason the Jews wanted the program killed, and they didn't care..just as long as their own pet projects got pushed through. So the program was killed, the niggers remained to breed and breed and breed, and eventually become the poisonous influence they are today.

And the Jews? Why, they celebrated in the safety and privacy of their homes, drinking and laughing, and toasting the destruction of the hated goyim.

So over the next 150 years niggers have slowly evolved from the stupid, thieving, lazy parasites they were, into the stupid, thieving, lazy predators they are today. Our culture, our language, our morals, and even our music have all been corrupted beyond repair by these bestial apes. And now they're working on our very gene pool, thanks to a massive propaganda campaign financed by evil Jews like George Soros.

The Jews are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to eradicate our race from the face of the earth. We are their superiors in every way, and this fact drives them insane because it goes against everything they believe. Their jealousy and hatred of all whites has evolved to maniacal proportions. We serve as a living reminder to them of everything they are not. And as long as even one of us draws breath, the Jews cannot say they are the master race. We are, and they know it.

Now you know the rest of the story. You now know the truth about Lincoln and the black problem. Lincoln was a national hero alright, but not for the reasons the Jews would have you believe. In fact if the blacks of today knew the truth about Lincoln, I doubt seriously they'd revere him like they do. Lincoln was a very wise man, and saw through to the truth about the Jewish conspiracy and tried to put a stop to it. And he almost succeeded. But like so many of our past Aryan heroes, he failed because he underestimated the deviousness and capacity for evil our enemies possess.

We should never treat the Jewish threat lightly, anymore than we should ignore smallpox or polio. Jews are a plague that is every bit as deadly as all the other scourges we've faced down through the ages. Lincoln saw this too late. Let's not make the same mistake...

-The Lone Haranguer


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Lincoln did not underestimate the people against the greenback, a sensible reconstruction policy, recolonizing niggers, etc. He experienced many assasination attempts, and new it was coming eventually.

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