Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spokane Bomb

I suppose I should say something about the bomb allegedly found by "sharp-eyed city workers" along the route of the Martin Lucifer Koon parade in Spokane on Monday.

Frankly, I think it's an FBI hoax.

I think that having failed to use the Arizona Jew and Judge shootings to discredit Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and silence criticism of the Obama regime, they're trying for a more cut-rate version in Spokane now to gin up a big "domestic terrorism" scare and keep those budget dollars flowing, in a time when even the federal government is soon going to have to begin some serious spending cuts.

People don't seem to realize just how much the FBI, the DHS and BATFE and all the other alphabet soup of the federal "security" empire depends on all these heightened terror alerts and bomb scares and all this paranoia about any dissent or criticism of Barry in order to keep those billions of tax dollars flowing into their coffers every year. "Counter-terrorism" in this country become an industry, the purpose of which is to milk money and power and health insurance and big fat pensions out of the federal teat.

That doesn't mean they're not going to frame some poor dumb bastard out in Spokane or northern Idaho for a "bomb" that was planted by the FBI itelf, kind of like those psycho firefighters or security guards who start fires so they can put the same fire out and then bask in the glow of heroic admiration. They probably will, the sons of bitches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TJB!!! Absolutely TJB!!! The kikes invented Terrorism in the first place, as a publicity stunt to turn their multiple land grabs in Occupied Palestine into a flood of pity-motivated support for recognition of that refuge for kike criminals known as Shitsrael. How many of their False Flag operations have to be exposed as self-inflicted before the world "gets it" and demands that We The People stand up to demand pulling the plug on both support of Itsalie and on continued consent to allow a paranoid Police State to usurp our rightful Authority to govern on this continent and in White homelands throughout the world? When the formerly-willing victims of this tyranny ultimately call Endgame in our favor due to multiple Fouls on the part of these would-be oppressors, the would-be tyrants will stand convicted and genuinely Guilty of the very crimes falsely charged against German officials and for which all of Germany has been persecuted ever since Nuremberg, although the Evidence on which the Rothschild Dynasty will be convicted will not need to be fabricated. Hanging them is far more humane than they deserve! Let them all, instead, rot in dungeons far worse than Abu Ghraib until the day when God Himself sentences them to their deserved Eternity in Hell! They deserve to be gnawed by rats as they lie in their own filth until the day they die of old age.


6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the guy who had his T-shirts stolen from the laundromat. Probably some guy who wouldn't flip for the Fan Belt Inspectors.

Dave 01212011 / 0806

8:05 AM  

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