Friday, January 28, 2011

Liberal Dummies

Uh, hey, mes idiots--before you liberal fools start celebrating the street riots in Egypt as some kind of "Velvet Revolution," or another of your silly buzz words, you might try to find out what the real story is.

Egypt's Mubarak regime is not only a staunch "ally" of the United States (to the tune of a billion dollars a year or so), it is also to my knowledge only one of two Muslim nations officially to recognize Israel, the other being Turkey. (Jordan, I believe, is kind of off-again-on-again.)

You might also check out who's doing all the rioting--young, unemployed Arab men. That means
Islamic fundamentalism.

You fools both liberal and neocon need to hang up this bizarre illusion you both seem to entertain, that somehow or other some cataclysmic event is going to transmute Muslims into "us."


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