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Denying The Supernatural

All my life I've hear people scoff at the supernatural, telling me there's no such thing, and that there's no such thing as a higher being. They tell me with firm conviction that we are all just talking chunks of meat, and when we die, we die. That's it. Game over.

Most of these people are totally unreachable, no matter how much hard logic you hit them with. I've come to the firm conviction that they're afraid to believe in anything beyond this world. Fear always generates hostility, and that's an almost universal response to my attempts to get any of these people to examine the evidence I present to the contrary.

The reasons for this fear are pretty universal as well. Some are terrified of the thought of an actual afterlife where they'll be judged for their evil in this life (like liberals). Others are simply afraid of the unknown. Then there are others that have a deep psychological grudge against whoever God is, regardless of the religion, because of some misfortune or calamity that befell them. And finally, there are those that have attempted..and failed to quantify and prove the existence of God through physical, scientific or historical means. Another huge mistake.
I've traveled the world and been to a ton of countries. Some are hostile to the US and Americans, and others indifferent. I've seen and done things in those countries that I would never attempt to relate here, because it would be a complete waste of time. Almost none of you would believe me. That's because here in the West, we've been conditioned to scoff at anything supernatural, claiming that we're "too sophisticated." I get a big kick out of hearing people say that because in truth we're the most backwards of all the cultures.

When I started studying under some of the people in these foreign countries, I had to completely dismantle my Western belief system. I had to develop an open mind, or I would have never been able to simply sit down and listen. I found that a lot of the things we here in the States view as weird and unusual are quite commonplace over there.

I learned the most from the peoples of Chinese, Tibetan, and Peruvian origins, although another large part came from using this new-found knowledge to decipher ancient writings and ruins scattered all over the globe, that come from the last civilization that fell. It too, was Aryan, and it fell for the exact-same reason ours is collapsing; a form of "liberal" pushed for "equality" of the dark races, which then ultimately destroyed them and their civilization. It seems we never learn our lesson.
One universal truth I discovered is that those pure of spirit can literally perform miracles. There is a cosmic equation that demands purity before certain laws of physics can be manipulated. Call it holiness, purity, or innocence, but it's a real factor.

Example: Bernadette Soubirous of 19th century France was a nun that was famous for being the sweetest, purest girl in France. She also discovered the famous healing grotto that is still used today by thousands of the hopelessly ill, in hopes that they will be cured (and some actually are).

Bernadette testified that the Virgin Mary told her where to dig to find the spring that eventually became the Lourdes grotto. When it was first discovered, thousands were healed of the most horrendous maladies. But the little nun herself was denied the spring's healing powers, and suffered from bone cancer in her leg to the day she died from it, suffering horribly without complaining once.

When she finally died, she was laid to rest in her home town and there she remained until she was exhumed 80 years later, so her remains could be moved to a more honored place. She had been honored by the Pope for all her good deeds in life, and there was a drive on the make her a saint, to what they call "beatify" her. This was when the people of France were in for the shock of their lives. For when her coffin was opened, Bernadette had not decayed one iota. She was in the exact-same condition she was the day she was buried. No decay, no dehydration; nothing. She looked absolutely perfect.

Once removed from her holy burial site, her body began to decay slightly, but it still astounds the doctors of today. She is displayed in a glass casket for all the people of France to see, to remind them that the supernatural does indeed exist. She defied all the laws of decomposition and dehydration. Yes, it's a miracle, one that the liberal scientific community is careful to bury deep.
Then there's the case of the dead buck in the Congo twenty years ago. I saw this myself. He was quite dead, believe me. They had stuffed cotton in his nostrils and ears, and stitched his mouth shut as a deterrent to flies, so they couldn't lay their eggs in the corpse and cause a maggoty mess in two days. In Africa, all the nations are so stinking nasty that vermin are the most common form of life there, and all types of safeguards have to be taken to preserve the dead.

He had been dead for several days, lying in a cheap, homemade casket, when the missionaries arrived to pray over him. One man in particular was famous for periodically raising the dead, though he too has now passed on. He never took the credit, but said that it was God working through him that did the healing. He and several of his most devoted followers prayed over the corpse for several hours. There was a lot of shouting and praying. And yes, the preacher was a white man.

Suddenly the dead man gave a violent jerk, sat up, opened his eyes and pulled the plugs from his nose. He began to look around wildly. He tried to talk, but his mouth had been sewn shut. So one of the locals ran to him and cut the threads with a knife, and which point the resurrected man began to praise God loudly. Within the space of three minutes the color and life returned to his face and body, and he asked for some water. They helped him from the coffin and took him to a separate room, where they fed him and allowed him to rest. He was still very weak..but alive.

This completely changed my view of the supernatural forever. You would have had to have been there to know for certain that it was a genuine event, and it was. It was. I would have given anything to know what the dead man had seen while he was gone, but he refused to talk about it, and to the best of my knowledge still does.
Then there's the case of the "bleeders" as I call them. They suffer stigmata of all types. Some people bleed from the eyes, others from wounds corresponding the Christ's wounds, while others still, bleed to form words and weird patterns on their bodies. Science has no explanation for these weirdities, yet they exist. As we get closer, day by day to the Apocalypse, strange manifestations like these are becoming rampant. We now have at least a dozen various statues of saints and holy figures that are currently bleeding human blood as well, with no explanation. Apparitions of various demons, devils, and mythical creatures are also being sited on an almost epidemic scale.

Even the old Jersey Devil has been seen by a rash of people in the last few months, with its tracks photographed in the snow, on top of houses, and in yards. The weird part is that all the descriptions are identical. One person was even grabbed and bodily lifted into the air by this flying horror. Bloody claw marks were in her flesh after the attack. A pretty vivid imagination, eh?
Then there's the Shroud of Turin. Liberals tried their damnedest to debunk it, claiming the Carbon-14 test they ran on it proved it was a fraud, and that it had been made in the 12th century. A re-examination of their so-called "proof" showed that they had deliberately taken their sample for testing from the one known site on the shroud that had been replaced after fire damage in the 12th century. They never tested the shroud itself, afraid of the truth coming out.

Once again liberals proved they'll stoop to any low to further their evil agenda. Radiological tests on the shroud prove that some powerful light source had emanated from the body it laid upon, literally burning the impression of a man into the fibers of the shroud. A computer 3D image of the burn marks displays the entire face and body of an Aryan man in his thirties. What made many claim it was a fraud, was the fact that it showed the nail holes to be placed in the wrists, not the palms of the body. Later archeological study proved that this was indeed the way people were crucified,
not through the hands, because the weight of the body would have torn the nails through the hands. All of the popular paintings of the crucifixion displaying the traditional way are dead wrong. The shroud was correct all along..long before scientists knew the truth.
Miracles and weird sightings of strange creatures and even demons are increasing at a frightening pace as we draw closer to the date 2012. According to all the ancient records (and I'm not just referring to the ones mainstream science knows about), warn that just before this cyclical apocalyptic event, the walls between our dimension and others wears thin, allowing strange creatures to sometimes slip through, and for the laws of physics to be suspended and even broken.

The existence we live in isn't nearly as stable and safe as people would like to-need to believe. In fact we've been living in a fairly rare zone of inactivity where the weird and the supernatural are considered anomalies. The truth is that the exact-opposite is true, and people are about to discover this the hard way. The closer we get to that fateful date, the weirder things are going to get. Events will also take a turn for the outrageous, and things that would have been considered impossible will suddenly become commonplace; such as invasions, nuclear war, mass deaths, and revolution. In other words, we aint' seen nothin' yet.
There are forces at work on this planet, and the stakes are extremely high. This old world has been used like a farmer uses a field. Crops have been sewn and harvested over and over through the vast eons behind us, and now it's harvest time once again. But this time it's the last harvest. The field is worn out, and all the crops are in.

Civilizations and races of sentient beings..not always human..have been sewn here, only to be destroyed later, and room made for the next great experiment. And like a farmer tilling under his field, after each great apocalypse the earth goes through a violent geological upheaval, which completely buries all traces of the civilizations before it. Only now are we unearthing the remains of fantastic palaces, artwork, jewelry, and even ancient libraries of cultures older than our continent, and these ruins are miles under the surface of the planet. one form or another, has been on this planet for a very, very long time. But this time is the last. There will be no more after us. This tired old world will finally be able to rest. And whatever happens to us is still a mystery, even to Christians, Buddhists, and other religions, because in truth nobody knows how the Final Days will end for each of us as individuals. All I can promise you is this; We're in for one hell of a ride.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to me: You don't have to convince me. I am a dedicated racialist and I KNOW the supernatural exists. When I was three the house next to mine caught on fire and three people burned to death. A mother and her 8 and 10 year old son. A few weeks after that things of a paranormal nature began to happen in my house, and escalated until it became quite terrifying! That is one reason why my hobby is Paranormal Investigations, I ghost hunt in other words, and have been to haunted places the state over and experienced much, but nothing compared to what I saw as a child!
I am not in the business of convincing skeptics. F em! I know what I (and my family I might add) saw and experienced!

To those who believe no explanation is necessary.
To those who do not, no explanation will suffice!

7:44 PM  

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