Sunday, January 02, 2011

An Army Of Sodomites

The Greatest Conservative Betrayal

by Lawrence Auster

Guest Jewish columnist

(Yes, I know, Auster is a Jew. Consider this a "James Howard Kunstler moment"; this is simply so spot on I have to pinch it. - HAC]

The failures of conservatism have been a central thread in my thought during my twenty years as a conservative writer. I have frequently decried some conservative surrender to liberalism, when conservatives, having upheld a certain principle as central to their belief system and their view of what makes America what it is, simply gave up that principle as though it had never mattered.

First, there was neoconservatives' stand on the "culture war," in the '90s and early oughts, joining the left. Then there was the mainstream conservatives' silence following the catastrophic Grutter v. Bollinger decision on June 23, 2003. Opposing affirmative action had been their single greatest principle in domestic politics. Now, suddenly, they no longer cared about it.

I was shaken by this. Then there was the social conservatives' shocking celebration of out of wedlock pregnancy in September 2008, by which they showed that they no longer cared to oppose the single greatest cause of disorder in our society, or to uphold marriage as the fundament of civilized order. Apparently, all that civilized order required was that there be no abortions. And there have been many other such betrayals which I have written about.

But this conservative betrayal, in its sheer suddenness and its sweeping quality, dwarfs them all. Seventeen years ago conservatives stood like a stone wall against Clinton's attempt to open the military to homosexuals, and won. Today, they don't give a damn, and stand indifferent and detached in the face of this portentous victory for the homosexual rights movement, a victory which opens up incalculable new opportunities for the homosexualization of American life and institutions.

And the conservatives have done this, at the end of a year of dramatically rising conservative strength and confidence, when one was having real hopes of a conservative movement that was finally becoming serious about driving back the left.

All that is shattered now. How can one feel any trust, not to mention any respect or kinship, for "conservatives" who lightly give in to the left on such a mighty issue? If they could surrender on this, there is nothing they won't surrender on. Just give them enough time. Give them enough time for "public attitudes to change," for a "generational shift" to occur, for the American people to start to feel (according to polls) that it's immoral and un-American not to have nationalized health insurance, or not to have sharia law. Then the conservatives will fold on that too.


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