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White Boys Who Never Grow Up

[The following text is excerpted from Radio Free Northwest for July 29th, 2010]

The first e-mail this week comes from Frank in Indiana.

“Dear HAC: In your books and in your assorted internet writings you have on several occasions remarked on what you refer to as the extended adolescence that young White males often undergo in this society. I think you may have a very valid point there. It’s something I have noticed in the past few decades in dealing with people in my workplace and which I have observed in my friends and relatives. Could you elucidate, please?”

Sure, Frank.

Like many White people whose brains haven’t been completely turned to tapioca pudding by the Jews and their television, I’ve spent many years examining the world around me and trying to figure out how the hell we ever ended up in this mess. There is no one single answer; the degeneration of the White man from a race of creators and conquerors into a race of Homer Simpsons and Peter Griffins is the result of a lot of interrelated phenomena. It’s really tempting to blame it all on the Jews, but the fact is that when it comes right down to brass tacks, we are the ones who allowed the Jews to do this to us. You can’t really blame the Jews for acting according to their nature any more than you can blame a cobra for striking, but you damned sure can blame the idiot who allows his home to become overrun with cobras while he sits on his ass on his verandah and does nothing about it.

For the past 50 years or so, and especially since the 1970s and 1980s, one of the primary traits of modern White boys has been irresponsibility and a refusal to live in the real world. I think this is at least to some degree part of a deliberate policy on the part of the Jews who control our government and our cultural institutions and who write our society’s narrative, as the latest buzz word goes. Young White American males have been bombarded from a very early age with ideas and propaganda and above all with electronic images intended to condition them into certain kinds of passive and de-racinated behavior patterns, beginning with Sesame Street and the pervasive children’s cartoons when they’re toddlers, and then through years of television, movies, and other social engineering techniques.

I am just paranoid enough to suspect that that the Jews deliberately created an alternative Dungeons and Dragons type universe online and in fantasy TV and movies, for White boys to play in and where they can lose their both their personal and their racial identities, a whole alternate fantasy where it’s all pleasure and adventure and no hard work and responsibility, where White boys can become someone other than who they are and don’t have to worry about the real world and real problems. And that’s what many of them do. More than once I have heard White boys come up with some kind of variation on “Reality blows; I like my online life better.”

I can understand the incredible attractions of that world. If the internet and online gaming and role playing had been available when I was a teenager I might well have jumped into it with both feet as well, so eager was I for anything at all to escape the horrors of Chapel Hill High School. Instead, in those days I had to fall back on good old fashioned books, where I actually learned things, although not the crap the power structure wanted me to learn.

But I can totally relate to how it has happened with so many other young White male adolescents and young men. If the girl you’ve had a crush on since seventh grade is now a crack whore screwing niggers down on the corner, or she’s at some liberal arts university in the process of being turned into a bitter man-hating feminist, while you yourself couldn’t beat the race and gender quotas or get a scholarship like girls can, and so you’re stuck at home going to the local community college and delivering pizzas or working in a stock room for some temp agency, then I can understand why such a White boy goes on line when he gets home at night and becomes a warrior dwarf with magic powers who can kill ogres with balls of blue fire. For the Jew, that’s a hell if a lot preferable to having White boys trying to kill the real ogres.

The White boy or man who never makes it out of adolescence is now a generally recognized figure of fun in popular culture. He’s been around for a long while. There was a song back in the 70s that had a line, “You know, my heart keeps telling me... You’re not a kid at 33...”

Then there are famous examples like Homer and the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons. Remember the whole Star Trek and Star Wars fan phenomenon? Today the media poke fun at your typical Trekkie or Star Wars obsessive who still lives in his parents’ basement at age 40 with his Spock ears, his plastic toy light saber, and his computer. Okay, that’s a bit of an extreme example, but we all know that guys like that exist, and there is enough truth in that caricature to hurt.

And of course there are other forms of immaturity than online and video games addiction, other forms of White refusal to grow up, mostly White male refusal to grow up, although I know girls are susceptible to this too, just not, I think, to as great a degree. There’s drinking and drugs and the endless sense of drift that many young White people have. One of the scariest things I think a parent or anybody can here is when you ask some 16 or 17 year old high school kid what his or her major is going to be in college and they reply, “Oh, I dunno, whatever.” A 17 year-old young man or young woman with no purpose and no idea what they want to do with their lives is a sure sign that somebody has failed badly somewhere along the way.

I’m sure all of us are familiar with the phenomenon of White kids getting married way too young as the saying goes, and the marriage breaks up due to one or both spouse’s inability to grow up, stop drinking, stop partying, stop blowing dope, stop screwing around, start working and start getting serious about life? Usually it’s the husband, true, but sometimes the wife is just as sleazy and immature, and sometimes there’s a couple of kids involved, God help them. 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and since a lot fewer blacks bother to get married, Mexicans divorce very seldom and Asians almost never, those casualty statistics are mostly White.

This idea that “Oh, they got married too young” is bullshit. They didn’t get married too young, they just weren’t old enough when they got married, if you get the subtle difference I’m referring to. White kids just plain don’t grow up and become men and women fast enough.

Why does this happen? What the hell has caused such a phenomenon? I know this is going to sound very cliché, but like most clichés it’s actually true. The fact is that the United States has just come out of possibly the longest period of unbroken peace and certainly prosperity in history. It used to be you had the army to worry about at 18, but since 1972 that’s no longer true, and much to my surprise it looks like it won’t be true for a while longer, at least. Apparently the mighty United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave, still doesn’t have sufficient trust in the loyalty of its citizens, so they don’t dare to conscript an army.

With some exceptions among the remaining White blue collar class, White boys are never forced by necessity to grow up. A lot of them spend the first one third of their lives going to school---12 years of public or private school up to high school graduation, then comes four years to get a bachelor’s degree, then another two to four years to get a master’s or some other specialist degree, and then maybe another four years to get a Ph.d in some cases. Allowing for a miscellaneous year or two spent dicking around, backpacking around Europe or snowboarding in Aspen or more likely just delivering pizzas by night and sitting in the basement playing online games by day, and the average White boy is 27 or 28 before the pressure to get a real job and get out of his parents’ house and actually become a man becomes really acute, and even then a lot of times these overgrown teenagers never really grow up. I mean, look at Bill Clinton.

I’ve already told you guys the story about the techie nerds in their late 20s and 30s bringing their childhood toys to work in their cubicles, so I won’t repeat that, but what is chilling is that every time I do tell that story, I get confirmations from a lot of you listeners who have seen the same thing at your own workplaces.

You know, this long drawn-out adolescence thing is a very recent development. Only in this luxurious world that Amurrica has created for the past century or so has it become the fashion to say that age 21 is adulthood. In the past, when the average life span was about 50 if you were lucky, our people have always had to grow up a lot quicker than that. In the pioneer days a boy was pretty much a man at 16 and a girl was a woman even younger.

In the Middle Ages boys were apprenticed to a trade around the age of seven, and they became adult journeymen at 16 or so depending on the trade. Girls were usually engaged by the age of 12 and married at age 13 or 14 in marriages arranged by their parents.

Among the upper classes, it was not at all uncommon for men like Edward, the Black Prince of Wales, and Sigismondo Malatesta, the lord of Rimini in Italy, to command armies at the age of 16—and win battles. In 1783 William Pitt the Younger became Prime Minister of Great Britain at the age of 24. Lucky for us, because Pitt was the Prime Minister who signed off on American independence. In our own Civil War, 19 and 20 year-old Colonels on both sides were by no means unknown. George Armstrong Custer made brigadier general in the Union Army at age 23, while William Paul Roberts of North Carolina also made general in the Confederate Army at the same age.

The point I’m trying to make here is that maturity and preparation for adult life are not something biological. They are one of those things that’s purely cultural and environmental, something that we can take control of and change if we create a new society in the Northwest Republic that understands the necessity to make responsibility a part of a young man and woman’s upbringing.

I think a very good way to start is with Section Five, Article I of the new Constitution: “All able-bodied male citizens and residents of the Northwest American Republic must serve a basic term of active duty in the armed forces and a set term in the reserves.” I went into the Army myself at age 17 and so I made damned sure that was in there. And ladies, you ain’t getting off the hook either. Section Five Article II mandates the same two years of alternative National Service for girls, although as far as I am concerned the NDF can have special female units for women who want to serve their race and their country in the military. None of this Politically Correct madness of mixing the sexes within units, though.

There is something to be said for a young man simply being thrown into the deep end at age 16 or 17 and made to sink or swim. Me, I had no choice. My father threw me out of the house when I graduated high school at age 17, and I had no option but to volunteer for the army.

In many ways I now believe that it’s the best thing he could have done for me, although that certainly wasn’t his intention. I have two brothers, both of whom toed the official line and applied the lips in the prescribed manner, both at home and in Politically Correct society, and who accordingly all their lives reaped all the benefits of wealth and the Amurrican lifestyle which I did not. Today, I have to admit, I’m jealous of their medical insurance, but other than that, they don’t have a damned thing I want and judging from how they turned out, I wouldn’t trade places with either of them.

Take my middle brother, for example, and no, I’m not just airing my family’s dirty laundry here. I’m choosing him because this guy is actually in some respects a pretty good and typical example of a 21st century White male whose life story demonstrates how we got into the mess we got into today.

My brother spent ten years in college, at God knows what kind of expense to the family. He may have gotten a few scholarships or he may not have; I don’t know, since we haven’t spoken for 21 years, and the last time we did he was screaming threats and abuse into the phone and we didn’t really have time to catch up on our respective backstories. So I admit there are some gaps here.

Anyway, my brother spent ten years in multiple universities in order to get a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in musical composition, of all the godawful useless things. According to his own online resume, he then failed to take his doctorate after two more years of “post-graduate studies,” for whatever reason. Who knows, maybe my father finally got tired of footing the bills for a 30 year-old man who by then was pretty clearly never ever going to make his way in the world? Although to be fair he had other issues as well, which pretty much insured that gainful employment was never on the cards for him. Those issues, by the way, were also largely attributable to his growing up in a politically correct liberal democracy. Like I said, I’m not here to run down my brother, I’m simply using him because he's an example I’m familiar with.

The simple fact is that so far as I can determine, he’s never worked a day in his life. By that I don’t mean tuning pianos or cutting firewood with a chain saw for his Franklin stove. I'm sure he occasionally works up a sweat.

I mean never in his life, again so far as I can determine, has my brother been forced to hear that alarm go off in the morning, drag his ass out of bed, wrap a piece of cloth around his neck, drive through horrible traffic to some place he really doesn’t want to be, and for the next eight hours do really stupid crap with stupid people, and then drive home through the traffic again and get up the next day and do it all over again, because if he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to pay the rent on the first of the month and he’d end up living in his car. I have done that, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m a better man for it.

My younger brother played it smarter; when he couldn’t cut it in the theater world in New York, he came back to North Carolina and went to work for the state, put it on cruise control, and now he is presumably cruising down the home stretch to his pension, unless of course the state of North Carolina goes bankrupt like so many other states do thanks to the Democrats’ sub-prime mortgage monkeyshines leading to the present Obama Depression.

To my knowledge, neither of my brothers has had any children of their own; I’ve produced five, maybe six. Apparently there is something about poverty that tends towards reproduction of the species and something about middle class affluence that reduces or stunts reproduction altogether, which is weird. You’d think the reverse would be the case, but apparently not, at least in this country.

My middle brother has produced some musical compositions, fair enough, so at least he’ll leave something behind. My younger brother, so far as I can discern, won’t leave Jack shit behind. I’ve produced sixteen books and probably millions of other written and spoken words, plus whatever you guys decide I’ll leave behind by way of a Homeland for our people. If it weren’t for my children, the entire Covington line would have died out. I attribute this frankly to the fact that I was cut loose at 17 and forced to fend for myself.

From what I gather from many of our Movement people, they have very similar family situations themselves. The post-war Baby Boom was probably the last big wave of White births in human history, unless of course we can screw our courage to the sticking point and win our Northwest Republic. The Baby Boom, my brothers’ generation and mine, simply hasn’t reproduced itself, because we were too corrupted with liberalism, capitalist luxury, buggery, feminism, and narcissism. We wallowed in luxury for almost 70 years, but that era is over now, and it’s time to pay the piper. If we don’t get our act together, the piper’s fee may well be our racial extinction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it all comes down to money.
jews and blue blood wasps control the money.
how is a non-advantaged white boy
supposed to support a family
in his early 20s anymore ?
the wife has a better chance at getting a decent job than he does.

i really don't think you can blame the young, they didn't create this mess.

8:38 AM  
Blogger FeminizedWesternMale said...

Hip hip hooray and damn straight.

I see it all of the time in my industry. If we get a call for a 30-something or below, that needs to be seen, we double book them since there is a 50% chance they won't show up (and not give us notice) for their "emergency." How do you not show up or make arrangements for an emergency - the very definition entails exerting some type of unusual action to secure a dangerous or unexpected event?

WWII generation (and I will mourn their loss) show up every frickin' time 15 minutes early. Most of them, if they so much as hint on the telephone that something is unusual, we give them a wide berth appointment (or just tell them to come now). They actually still maintain a sense of discernment - a word I imagine will go extinct in the next generation if things continue as they are.

I could give you a 1001 examples and go on, but you get my drift, Postsie?

In my job, I have a front row seat to the utter destruction of our race, and let me tell you, it is a painful experience for all of those involved.

So what are you going to do about it comrade? Drown the passing of the late great white race in a bottle of numbness, or are you going to get your ass out of the Barcalounger, turn off the Mudvision with Negroes tossing pigskins, and pitch in?


9:42 AM  
Blogger Undead Skinhead said...

I like to pretend I'm a Vampire or Necromancer in games. :)

I believe you've also complained about another similar phenomenon within our "movement"- Us guys pushing 40, who are still playing at being a "Skinhead". And/or those who spend a lot of time reading fantasy novels about race wars. They may even have a collection of weaponry and survival gear neatly stashed in a closet in the basement. They have never fired a single shot in anger at a mud or zogite, and they never will.... Lulz.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with the "Skinhead" segment of pro-White youth and those "fortysomething" Racialists who have yet to progress beyond the "Skinhead" stage of Racial Consciousness is the amount of time and energy they typically waste on an especially-violent variant of the same petty infighting that has plagued White Nationalism for decades. "Skinheads" who spend more time listening to imitations of Jewish punk-rock (which ultimately differs from the Jew shit from which it was derived only in that the songs happen to have Racialist lyrics) and beating the living snot out of members of rival snotnose-brat Skinhead groups accomplish nothing in the long run other than aiding and abetting the Jews in defaming Racialism and in futher-postponing our ultimate Victory.

-- WhitePride65

12:22 AM  

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