Friday, December 24, 2010

Update and Cyndi Steele Letter

Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s December 23rd, 2010, I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

As always we begin with Edgar Steele news. I mentioned last week that there was a rumor going around that the second assassin, the man who took the road trip from Idaho to Oregon with Larry Fairfax to make sure the bomb was still on Cyndi Steele’s car, has been identified. I said last week that I wanted to hold off on making any comment until I can get this name confirmed. I’m sorry to say that I have not been able to get this name verified to my satisfaction, and so I am still not going to comment on it.

Yeah, I know, this may sound ridiculous when the name is now all over the alternative internet and various blogs, but I’m sorry, I’m going to err on the side of caution here, and I’m not going to say anything until I see that name in a so-called “reputable source” like CNN. This may take a while, because so far the only news organ that is covering the Edgar Steele story at all seems to be the local newspaper in Idaho, the Bonner County Bee.

People may ask why I’m twitchy about saying something that everyone else in the alternate White internet is saying. Well, there’s several reasons. First off, let’s be flat out honest here. Quote-unquote “our” alternative media has a tendency to—oh, how can I put this kindly? Some of them tend to tell it like it should be, rather than necessarily tell it like it is. Every now and then, sure, the alternative media gets a real live scoop. Remember, it was Matt Drudge and the National Inquirer who first blew the whistle on Billyboy and Monica Lewinsky back in the 90s.

I very much hope that we do have a real live scoop in this case, because if this tentative identification of this person who is allegedly involved in the murder plot is correct, it’s a game-changer. Also, if it’s true, I don’t think the system will be able to protect this man from exposure by anything short of dropping all charges against both Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax in exchange for their silence, and I rather doubt that’s going to happen.

But precisely because this name would be so recognizable and would initiate a major media feeding frenzy, I would like to wait until that happens. I want to see if this man’s name leaks out into the Establishment news media, in which case we will definitely see some coverage of the Edgar Steele case from someone besides the Bonner Daily Bee. Those who want to know who I’m talking about, Google around and I am sure you will eventually find one of the alternative sites that’s naming this man.

We tend to have some incorrect notions about the news media. They know that their credibility is really all they have to do their mischief with, and they understand what it takes to protect their credibility, and one of those things is that they never, or almost never, just plain outright lie, as in stating something that isn’t true. They will distort the facts, they will quote selectively, they will publish the worst photos they can find of people they don’t like, they will so arrange the wording in their articles and their reporting so that they imply things that are not true, but they will almost never flat out lie, because in this day and age of information technology and the internet, it’s simply too easy to catch them out if they lie.

I think this is one of the reasons that the Establishment is so dead set on finding some way to control the internet, in fact the FCC is taking another run at it this week. If this tyranny is to survive, then they have to find some way to control the flow of information and make sure everything comes from the top down and not from all over. Anyway, I am waiting until I see this guy’s name in one of the System media, and if that makes me last off the mark then so be it. I have a feeling that if it is true, once this name does get out then the dam on this whole Edgar Steele fiasco will be broken.

Speaking of media, I mentioned that about the only media organ covering the Steele case at all is the Bonner Daily Bee. This is a letter that Edgar Steele’s wife Cyndi wrote to that newspaper on December 17th..

To the Editor of the Bonner County Daily Bee:

I am Cyndi Steele, the wife of Edgar Steele and I am responding to and commenting on the article regarding to the December 17, 2010 article which mentions that the sentencing hearing for Mr. Fairfax has been moved to February 2011. This article does not mention that my mother and I, the supposed victims believe in my husband’s innocence, which is highly unusual in that the supposed victims are on the side of the accused.

The article mentions that Fairfax came forward to authorities, but says nothing about the fact that he lied to the FBI by promising that he would disclose all of his criminal activities, and then kept secret the most important part, that there was a bomb on my car that if exploded could have hurt a lot of people. The article does not mention the fact that I believe Larry Fairfax is not a hitman, because I know my husband did not mastermind the killing of any person.

Let me be absolutely clear, my husband, Edgar Steele is innocent and did not hire Larry Fairfax or anyone to kill me or anyone else. As anyone who is acquainted with Larry Fairfax knows from his business dealings for the past 20 years in our community, he is a thief and a liar. Now he is an attempted murderer, as he tried to murder me and my mom by placing a bomb on my car and let me drive a 1000 plus miles, for 3 almost weeks without saying anything to the authorities before I discovered it.

The article did not mention the fact that in May and early June, 2010, as my husband and I began discovering the theft of our property by Fairfax, who worked for us as a handyman. The article also failed to mention the fact that Fairfax began framing my husband and attempted to murder me to cover up his own criminal activities. Instead of coming forth with information that there was a bomb on my car on June 8th, neither Fairfax nor his accomplices nor Judge James Michaud, his attorney, came forward to make disclosure of the bomb, even though they had pledged to disclose all criminal activity to the authorities.

In fact, the FBI has done nothing to protect me from Fairfax and his accomplices; but, ironically, the government has carefully protected Fairfax; whose lies now are protecting the government from its misconduct. The government made sure Fairfax did not have to face a grand jury simply by filing charges against him that did not deal with his crimes of violence against me. The government has now given Fairfax a soft plea deal that will ensure he will not spend more than a year in prison, while they have charged my husband with other offenses that could mean a sentence upwards of 70 years.

The record shows that FBI even attempted to tamper with my testimony by trying to make me believe false information about my husband. There is strong evidence that the FBI knew a bomb was involved at least 5 days before I and an oil change mechanic discovered it attached to the undercarriage of my car on June 15th. It appears that the FBI deliberately didn’t investigate the existence of a bomb, because apparently they wanted the bomb to stay on my car, for reasons yet to be explained. On that same day, my son and I went to court to support my husband and we were told that the government would not offer us any protection; and that was just after I discovered the bomb and I was so scared I was shaking.

If Larry Fairfax truly had turned away from his criminal enterprise and was honestly cooperating with authorities on June 8th, then he would have told the FBI about the “lethal” bomb he attached to my car, which would have saved me and lots of people in Oregon, Washington and Idaho from the risk of a bomb explosion.

Since the government has made this case very complicated, there is too much about this case to write here, but if you visit, you will learn some of the details about how Larry Fairfax and his accomplices, who are the criminals in this case, are being allowed to get away with their crimes while and my husband, Edgar Steele, who is innocent, is being punished even before he goes to trial. It is as if the government has completely forgotten about the Presumption of Innocence and in solitary confinement since June 11th.

Let’s see if you truly believe in freedom of speech by publishing this response to your article which obviously was written as a press release by the government.

Signed, Cyndi Steele

I think that pretty much speaks for itself.


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