Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Race Apart

Ever since the first mud laid eyes on a white man, there was jealousy. It's the binding force all the dark races have together.

They all despise us. I don't care what kind of glib excuse or denial they come up with, or what they try to blame their behavior on, it all boils down to the same thing. Jealousy. There's not a nigger or mestizo or Asian alive that hasn't looked in the mirror and wished he or she had been born white. Not one, I don't care what they say.

If there were nothing but Aryans on this planet (What a dream!), and angels walked among us, you can't tell me that every one of us wouldn't wish that he too, had huge white wings and could fly like a bird. It's the nature of all creatures to want things they don't have. The difference is that we wouldn't want to destroy them just because they were superior to us. That in itself is a mark of our superiority.

But a mud would hate them just as much as they hate us. I've had people, even some of our own whites, ask me why I denigrate minorities by calling them muds. The answer is simple really. I hate them. I hate anyone or anything that causes pain and misery for my people.

They have no excuse because jealousy is an indefensible emotion. It's based on envy and greed. I'm a mystic of sorts, and I believe that the Creator of all things places souls in bodies that match the character of those souls. If you have a base, evil natured soul, the Creator is going to place you in a body that best matches your temperament. I believe our bodies and faces are reflections of the soul that resides inside. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part I've found this to be true.

Of course the aged don't apply here because when we get old, we all look like the south end of a north bound moose. That can't be helped. But even the old radiate a grace and beauty that emanates from within.

But one look in the eyes of a nigger and you know you're staring into the eyes of a predator. There's a crucial piece missing in their makeup, which I believe is the human factor. You're known by your fruits. And for the majority of blacks and all other dark races, their hearts are dark.

Years ago I had a talk with an old nigger mammie. We were sitting on a dock at the Okefenokee river, fishing for catfish. She happened to be sitting near my favorite spot when I arrived, so I set up next to her. She struck up a conversation to pass the time, and we chatted for hours. She was a pleasant, wise old crow, and she had gleaned a lot of wisdom in all her years of life. We naturally got around to black bucks and their endless lowlife antics.

She sensed I had a deep hatred for their kind and said, "I don'tblame you for feelin' that way young man. You gotta right to hate em'. They be bad seed."

I was really shocked at her words to put it mildly. "I have raised a passle of kids and grandkids", she continued, "an' I can tell you that every one o' them turned out bad." she sad sadly. "I did everythin' I could to make em' good boys an' girls. I took am' ta church, I read them de' bible, and I beat the tar outta them when they did wrong. But it didn't make no never mind because as soon as they was able to get out in the world, they started doing drugs and screwin' and stealin' everything that wasn't nailed to the floor." She shook her head slowly. "One of them even put me in the hospital." She showed me a scar behind her ear. "My grandson pistol whipped me because I didn't want him stealin' my food money fo' crack." she sighed. "He's doin' life without parole now for murder."

There was a deep sadness in the old woman's eyes. She leaned over close to me and said in a low, a sincere voice, "We don't belong here. We supposed to be where God put us, back in Africa, away from all this temptation. The black man wasn't made to live like you white folks. He supposed to live a simple life and work for his food. It keeps him outta trouble. In this world he gonna fail every time. He be jealous of you white folks. He want your money, your houses and your women, but he aint' smart enough to git them like you, so he tries to take them. Dat's why he always in trouble. Dey's an evil inside my people."

I was floored. This old black woman was probably the last person on earth I ever expected to hear words like this coming from. I nodded my agreement soberly. I liked this old mammie. She had earned my respect. She had hit it squarely on the head. As long as black men and white men mixed, there would be trouble. And though at this late date there's no longer a place to ship them off to, we still have the power to separate ourselves from them entirely, them and all the other lower races that continually steal from us and clamor for our destruction.

We are a race apart in every single way but geographic. And unless we restore the physical separation we used to have from these people, our race is doomed.

I always laugh grimly any time I hear some liberal talking head call mestizos or Asians or blacks "minorities." What a ludicrous statement! Yet it's a term that has been swallowed hook, line and sinker by a naive white public. There's nothing minority about them, except for their numbers here in America.

And that too, is changing very rapidly now with the deliberate destruction of our culture by massive immigration against our will. Aryans comprise only 7.3% of the entire global population. The rest is mud. All of it, and their numbers are growing like a mushroom cloud.

I have readers from all over the world, from Scandinavia to Australia. And in every remaining Anglo nation out there, I'm getting reports of massive immigration both legal and illegal, both promoted by the Jew controlled communist liberals that have taken control of their governments. Our race's destruction is a global Jewish effort, one that we are finding almost impossible to awaken the white masses to. And this is the real tragedy of it all, because unless they wake up soon, their fate will mimic that of South

Africa and Zimbabwe. Those two nations were former jewels of white culture and progress..before the Jews blackmailed their leaders into surrendering power to the native bush niggers living there. The rest is history...sadly predictable history.

If we don't act soon, I honestly don't believe that history will remember our race in an accurate or even positive light...if there is any history recorded after we're gone. Because the dark races are not known for their fairness, or their love of knowledge, and I see a day coming when libraries will be looted for their books to use as firewood for there cook stoves and camp fires.

Civilization will revert back to the Dark Ages and remain there forever. That's because our race has always been the keeper of the flame of knowledge. And without us to bar the doors from these wolves, all that hard won knowledge will once again be lost, as it has been many times before when our race fell in the ancient past. It seems we never learn from our mistakes, but are doomed to repeat them over and over again.

We must separate ourselves from these lower races at all costs. We must use every tool and weapon at our disposal, and not be afraid to use them. Because trust me, our enemies have no compunction about using them on us. Our race is just beginning to blossom and see glimmers of its full potential. We must not let this future slip away. We owe it to our children and all those children after them. It's up to us to secure their futures. US. Nobody else.

We must remain a race apart..or die.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Ingela said...

It´s absolutely true, I live in Sweden,once the whitest country on earth, and now it´s getting full of mud of all stripes, and they kill, rape, loot and steal. But what confirms their envy and their desire to be like us is that every mud here in Sweden once he/she gets money, will spend it in plastic surgeries, whitening creams, hair bleach and all those things that,they imagine, could make them look more human. And it´s the same in Southamerica I recently travelled to Uruguay and Argentina and I was shocked by the GARGANTUAN number of fake blonds in those places, it seemed that hydrogen peroxide had rained and no woman had an umbrella, needles to say that practically all those women were clearly mestizas dreaming of white blonde women. It´s an unquestionable truth: muds want to be us.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The old mammy sounds like a modern-day example of the Canaanite woman of Chapter 15 of the Book of Matthew, whose daughter was healed by Christ as His reward to her for knowing and acknowledging her place as being subordinate to the White race who are the true Israelites. Someone give that chimp a lifetime supply of bananas and a free one-way plane ticket back to Africa.

-- WhitePride65

1:48 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

For the non-white females the dream is to look like a white woman; for the non-white males the dream is to possess a white woman, the fairer the better. The problem though, remains with what is wrong with us and why we can't remove the jewish vampire from our collective throat. Without our own geographical area the decline will continue.
With reference to the Swedish comrade I have been following the Assange/Wikileaks case. I don't know whether Assange is an agent for the jews or not and don't especially care. What is interesting is the law under which he is to be extradited to Sweden for supposed rape. Assange apparently had sex with two Swedish women while visiting the country. One of them is a typical feminist leftist, Anna Ardin I believe, who later decided that what had happened was rape, or at least molestation. What most people in Europe don't realise is that Sweden has a number of definitions of rape: severe, regular and less severe. Effectively, if a man in Sweden even looks at a woman in the wrong way and she doesn't like it she can have him arrested. The really interesting part is that it doesn't matter where the man is from. The Swedish courts can issue a European Arrest Warrant and the local courts in, say, Ireland or the UK, have no say in the matter. That man has to be extradited to Sweden because those coutries have signed up to this Euro law. So, I could take a trip to Stockholm, meet a girl in a bar and have sex with her. If she decided later that she regretted it she could claim rape. I might not even know about it and might be sitting at home in Ireland when the police come to my door with and arrest warrant. Nothing could stop me from being sent to Sweden where I would soon be experiencing the joys of prison there with all the Muslim and nigger scum who make up the majority of the convicted criminals. No doubt Assange's case has far more to do with Wikileaks than rape but the laws are now in place and can be applied at any time to any white man anywhere in Europe. It won't take long before they will extend to everywhere in the world. Assange is Australian but it doesn't help him much. Not too far down the line white nationalists from anywhere will start to find themselves winging their way to Tel Aviv to stand trial for 'holohoax' denial or 'anti-semitism'. It bears watching and thinking about.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Africa is still there, why does the author say there is no place to put the blacks?

Yes, there are obstacles, but we are the Nordish/Northmen, we can do anything we want,


3:28 PM  

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