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The Frameup of Edgar Steele

Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. December the 2nd, 2010, I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

Interesting Edgar Steele update this week. Some major holes are starting to appear in the prosecution’s case, such as it was. I’d like to thank Mr. James Buchanan for putting this out on the internet, and this comes from his report.

According to Larry Fairfax, Edgar Steele was going to have Fairfax murder Cyndi Steele and then Edgar was going to pay Fairfax with money from an insurance policy on Cyndi’s life. In a recent interview of Cyndi Steele by Jamie Kelso, Cyndi has revealed that the Steeles had canceled their insurance policies. This pretty much demolishes the government case against Edgar Steele. If anyone other than Edgar Steele were being accused, he would be released from prison by now.

A little over a year ago, Edgar Steele suffered a ruptured heart aorta. He was rushed to the hospital and escaped death by the narrowest of margins. After weeks in the hospital, Steele was able to return home in a greatly weakened condition. Cyndi Steele hired a handyman, Larry Fairfax to fix some pipes that been damaged by freezing water. The Steeles retained Fairfax to do work around their ranch while Edgar Steele was convalescing. Unknown to the Steeles, Larry Fairfax had previously worked as an informant for the FBI. Over the next six months, Larry Fairfax spied on the Steeles as a government informant.

Years earlier, Edgar Steele had defended the Aryan Nations from a civil lawsuit which ultimately took away the Aryan Nations compound from its owner, Richard Butler. Since that trial, Steele has defended a number of pro-White activists (often at no charge). Edgar Steele has also written a series of articles on his “” website exposing various government conspiracies and criticizing the state of Israel and its undue influence on our government.

Clearly Edgar Steele was not popular with Zionists or the many pro-Zionist Congressmen in our federal government. In an earlier case in Idaho, the federal government sent an informant to spy on Randy Weaver. After a year of spying, the federal informant eventually talked Randy Weaver into cutting off a shotgun barrel a quarter inch too short. After entrapping Mr. Weaver for a technical firearms violation, the Feds then tried to pressure him to become a government informant against the Aryan Nations. The federal government reportedly spent a million dollars and a year’s effort trying to turn Randy Weaver into a government informant. Weaver refused to go along with the government and the Feds responded by executing a raid and siege of Randy Weaver’s home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho in which federal agents murdered Randy Weaver’s son and wife.

If the federal government was willing to go to that kind of extreme measure against someone, whom they wanted to turn against the Aryan Nations, how would the federal government feel about a lawyer who actually defended the Aryans Nations? The federal government was willing to break the law and even murder people in the past over the Aryan Nations. This means that the federal government is capable of ANYTHING based on their past behavior.

The government informant, Larry Fairfax was employed as a handyman at Steele’s ranch for six months. Apparently Fairfax was unable to discover ANY illegal behavior by Edgar Steele during this time. In April of 2010, Larry Fairfax declared bankruptcy as his main business failed with $600,000 in debt. Fairfax was behind on his mortgage payments and in danger of having his home foreclosed. It was at this time that Fairfax is believed to have stolen $45,000 in silver from secret hiding places on the Steele estate, some of which Fairfax had built as a handyman.

To cover up the theft of $45,000, Larry Fairfax hatched a plan to murder Edgar and Cyndi Steele with a massive car bomb. When the bomb failed to go off, Fairfax fell back on a second plan to claim that Edgar Steele was plotting to murder his wife. Someone, presumably the apparently helped Fairfax fabricate fake tapes that used a simulation of Edgar Steele’s voice. Cyndi Steele listened to these alleged tapes of her husband (which were played to her by the Feds) and noted that whenever the conversation turned from what chores Fairfax was supposed to do to the alleged murder plot, the inflection in Edgar’s voice would disappear and the background noise would change, strongly suggesting that the tapes were fabricated.

In a series of interviews with Jamie Kelso of the WhiteNewsNow web site, Cyndi Steele revealed that the Feds tried to bully her into confessing that she was cheating on her husband. They claimed to have pictures of her with another man (which they didn’t). When Cyndi insisted that there was absolutely no truth to that, the Feds tried to claim that a Ukrainian client of Edgar Steele was an illicit girlfriend of his (even though Edgar was still recovering and required additional surgeries in spring of 2010). It was glaringly obvious that there was no reason for Edgar Steele to kill his wife and the Feds were trying to fish around to find a reason that would make a murder plot more believable.

Cyndi also revealed that they caught Larry Fairfax snooping around underneath their house one day, and after that they kept a very close eye on him. In May of 2010, Larry Fairfax borrowed the Steele’s pick up truck and swapped the relatively new tires off it for his truck.

Edgar Steele was arrested on June 11th for plotting to murder his wife. The bomb on Cyndi Steele’s car however was not found until June 15th when Cyndi took her vehicle to a Quick Lube for an oil change. Larry Fairfax was arrested June 15th for possession of an explosive device. Fairfax was questioned and admitted to putting that bomb on Cyndi’s car. A judge at Larry Fairfax’s preliminary hearing asked why he hadn’t filled up the pipe bomb with sand instead of gun powder. That of course assumes that Fairfax was acting as a police informant and not trying to murder Cyndi Steele to cover up his theft of a large quantity of silver.

According to the government, Steele was going to pay Fairfax for the murder of his wife with the money from an insurance policy. The policy reportedly covered accidental death, but no one has ever explained how an enormous pipe bomb exploding could possibly be considered an accidental death. An attorney such as Edgar Steele would know that a homicide does not count as an accidental death.

Even more important is the fact that the Steeles had canceled their insurance policies. Apparently Larry Fairfax was ignorant of this critically important piece of information. Clearly it’s time for the government to release Edgar Steele from prison and to charge Larry Fairfax with grand theft of $45,000 in silver and the attempted murder of both Edgar and Cyndi Steele.

Oh, while I’m thinking about it, you folks might want to go to the Edgar Steele website at and download as many of Edgar’s articles and podcasts as you can. There is no telling how long this site is going to remain up and we don’t want Ed’s internet work to be lost to the rest of us.


Blogger Luek said...

I didn't know that it was Cyndi who hired that maggot and not Edgar whom I assume was bedridden. Also, using gunpowder to make a bomb, unless you can manage to obtain a lot, is rather low grade as an explosive and a pound or two would not do that much damage to a vehicle. Sounds like a setup more and more. A rather stupid and inept setup too! Bad handling by his handlers like the inept way Hal Turner was handled. Famous But Incompetent.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Edgar Steele and his family personally and have been a guest at their house. This whole thing is the biggest bunch of BS that I have ever heard. If it wasn't for the fact that Edgar Steele is rotting in a jail cell, it
would be laughable. And really, if this is the best scam these twits can come up with, we really don't have anything to fear from these idiots. It's time we raise
Hell and demand the release of Mr Steele.

Charles Ellis

9:16 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Unfortunately, most American sheep will not even be aware of the Steele case, just as they are still unaware of the Weaver case. If Wolf Blitzer doesn't tell them what's going on they won't know. Still, because of the internet, there is far more awareness of what the Feds are doing than would have been the case twenty years ago. If Steele gets out of this in one piece he will be a lucky man. The Feds are just as evil and merciless as the Soviets ever were.
On a more cheerful note, there are reports that forty yid firemen in occupied Palestine were roasted in a forest fire. The kike government has been shrieking for help from the Americans, Greeks, Russians and others. These 'super efficient' Israelis are anything but and might well get their asses kicked if they start another war.

5:09 AM  

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