Tuesday, December 07, 2010

America: Kill It Before It Kills Us

[On the lefty-libs' plans for mandatory vegetarianism.]

You know HAC, I've thought about that very thing. If you wanted a slave race that was cheap to feed and maintain, you'd first have to wean them from all their extravagant consumptions. Alcohol, tobacco, meat, etc. Sort of smacks of Soylent Green, eh?

If the world stands, and I doubt that very much, I'm positive the Jews will introduce some race-specific killer virus into the general population, giving the antigen to only those that will pledge servitude. It would be an excellent way to rid the earth of all its mindless breeding billions in a single stroke. Of course they will only "discover" this antiviral drug at the last minute, after billions have been wiped out and the remnants are desperate to bargain. And of course there'll only be enough for a few million "chosen" ones...a nice, neat plan.

And you and I will definitely not be on their survivor's list...LOL. I firmly believe what the Stricklin brothers told me about the AIDS virus being genetically engineered by our government, and that there are other, far nastier bugs waiting in the wings. They said that AIDS was released as a "test run" for one of their viruses to see how easy it would spread and how long it would take to kill millions.

The brothers warned that the next bug would be an airborne agent, passing from one host to the next through simple contact or breathing the same air, and that it would kill in days, not years. A few months ago the CDC reported several cases of a new strain of AIDS in New York that kills in days and is totally immune to all known treatments. They cremated the bodies and are watching for this boogey man to show his face again. Perhaps another test run? Who knows?

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ding! Ding! Looneyland Central, Everyone off!

No seriously, HAC, it does NOTHING for the movement posting this Haranguer guy's insane pseudo-science crap. Who's going to follow a movement of cool-aid drinking, catch-the-comet, tin hat wearing loonies? NO ONE!

So, keep the Haranguer in the back room or the attic where no one can hear him, k?

11:54 AM  
Anonymous George said...

Most movements like to keep this type of individual safely out of view and in the closet. I have to second "anonymous" above.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll third that. The origin of AIDS is very simple: Niggers in the African bush, fuck wild monkeys and then roast them and eat their meat. They also do it to goats, chickens, and each other. THAT is where blood-born diseases come from. Stop giving the Jew so much credit. They simply aren't intelligent.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, The Lone Haranguer makes some excellent points. The only "crackpot conspiracy theories" are the ones ZOG and the Jewsmedia concocted for 9/11 and all the other Jew crimes; the ones ZOG would love to declare it a crime worthy of the death penalty to contradict.

I've read documents from the early 1970's about ZOG trying to create a virus capable of destroying the immune system and subsequent documents from later in the decade describing AIDS as the finished product. One of the first doctors to "discover" it had even made an inconvenient slip during a circa-1980 news broadcast that GRIDS, as it was called then, appeared to be "a nearly perfect bioweapon" due to its effect of destroying the immune system.

I agree that Jews are not intelligent. Jews are evil and destructive. To do what they do requires very little intelligence.

Yes, niggers in Africa and everywhere else are depraved and dangerous monkey-molesting beasts, but the mere fact that ZOG and the Corporate Jewsmedia endorse the crackpot coincidence theory of monkey-molesting niggers causing AIDS makes that explanation worthy of suspicion of being another crackpot coincidence theory concocted by ZOG to conceal its crimes.


4:44 PM  
Blogger Undead Skinhead said...

Damn HAC, your current contenders for the "1st 100" sure are a bunch of doofuses. lulz. The niggers came into contact with primate blood during the butchering of primates killed for their meat. No one says AIDS resulted from bestiality with primates. Primates are proven to carry a virus called SIV (simian immunosuppressive virus), which is genetically very closely related to HIV. SIV mutated into a strain capable of infecting humans, which are just another species of primate anyway. Viruses are well known to frequently mutate and "jump" to new species. Making the jump from one species to another closely related one is especially easy. Although it is true that jewry is responsible for much that is wrong with human society, making everything bad in the world into some deliberate evil conspiracy perpetrated by jewry is why you are all justly seen as kooks.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as with the Holohoax, Jewish whining of "blood libel" when confronted with their centuries-long history of Ritual Murders, and their crying about "persecution" when reminded that Whites caught the Jew bastards dumping rat carcasses into wells circa 1348 and know that the first act of biological warfare in recorded History was that genocidal Jewish decimation of the White population across Europe known as the Black Death.

To have manufactured AIDS / GRIDS in a laboratory, the Jew would not have needed much intelligence. Merely the same old Jewish tactics of obtaining access to the inventions which we Whites conceived for purposes of Good (gene-splicing, invented by Whites to cure diseases), and Jewish intenional misuse of Whites' inventions for the Jews' evil purposes.

Simple Jewish incompetence can crash computers, short-circuit vital infrastructure, and unleash microscopic homicidal monster organisms; and the Jews always have a lie concocted for covering their tracks.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By defaming LH as a "crackpot" repeatedly, "Undead" and the first two "Anonymous" above are unwittingly helping Cass Sunstein's "Cognitive Dissonance" agenda to shout down Truth and discourage honest application of Logic and Critical Thinking. Whenever Science exposes inconsistencies in the Jews' false claims of innocence, a flood of Jewish lies backed up by pseudo-scientific "natural exlanations" is unleashed from every tentacle of the Jewish media beast. Unfortunately, the flood of Jewish lies and cunningly-constructed half-truths leads, too often, to the pre-programmed knee-jerk response of dismissing the voices of the few which contradict the media-savvy presentations of the many. I genuinely pity fellow Aryans who fall for that tactic.

We Aryans are a people of immense intellectual curiosity, and I have spent a lifetime studying the mysteries of Science and Technology. As such, I am well aware that the first step of any investigative research is a careful Review of Literature regarding the subject of that research.

Niggers have been butchering and eating monkeys (and, often, doing the same to their own fellow niggers) for centuries. "Bushmeat" and cannibalism are nothing new in the diet of the niggers of Africa, that much is true and very well documented.

I have also read of SIV before, but I have enough knowledge of Biology to know the Truth that mutation of pathogens is typically a slow process unless some catalyst is introduced to accelerate the process. Aided by access to Aryan inventions originally developed to cure disease, the cunning predator calling itself the Jew must only use the cunning and cleverness of its demonic nature to intentionally misure that Aryan invention for evil purposes. Witness those two inept kikes, Einstein and Oppenheimer, in their misuse of the power source discovered and harnessed by Aryans known as Nuclear energy, intentionally devising a means for unleashing that energy spontaneously as the Nuclear equivalent of a fuel tank explosion.

Circa 1974, ZOG documents confirm a search for some means of mutating the SIV animal pathogen into a bioweapon to attack the human immune system. Shortly thereafter, the Jews of Hollywood cast Travolta the Teen Idol as the poor, sick kid in a 1976 made-for-TV tearjerker designed to arouse pity for the first carriers of the Jews' next killer virus. More leaked ZOG documents dated 1978 reveal that the killer virus which had been the subject of the 1974 documents had been synthesized. The virus was then disguised as an experimental "hepatitis vaccine" and injected into African niggers and some junkies in Jew York and San Fagcisco known to be desperate enough to get money for their daily fix to prostitute themselves to the local bugger-boys. The rest of the story is History, clouded as usual by Jewish misrepresentations of the actual events.

No one is saying that the Jew is intelligent. Sharks certainly don't need to be intelligent to kill swimmers. Just like the shark, the Jew is a cunning and clever predator whose evil nature is not to be underestimated.

-- WhitePride65

1:30 PM  

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