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Alternate Migrations and Secessions

Greetings, Comrades:

For your general information, there are five main alternative secessions, migrations, whatever you want to call them:

1) The Alaska Independence Movement, which is completely mainsteam, and last I heard was run by some quasi-libertarians who from what I can recall, would befoul their flannel long johns at the slightest mention of race. Any mention of the Jews would probably give them a coronary.

I remember seeing on Unsolved Mysteries once how their founder was some faggot in a cowboy hat who lived out in a cabin in the woods playing Grizzly Adams, but it wasn't bears he liked to grizzle. Back in the late 80s or so this character was attacked and beaten to death and buried in the forest by some bugger boy he'd picked up in an Anchorage gay bar, who then robbed the cabin took off for the lower 48, but this was many years ago and my details on that may be sketchy. Anyway, they're not "us." If there are any radical, racial variants on Alaskan nationalism, by all means let me know.

2) Vermont Secession. These people are completely leftist and liberal, and contain a lot of Jew and Ivy League academic types, beaucoup hippy-dippy 60s retreads, etc. They have media-hyped meetings in town halls and hoity-toity liberal college banquet rooms in Vermont, where they sip Chablis and herbal tea and chew on granola and birkenstocks as hors d'oeuvres and talk a lot of Mother Jones and recycled 60s-type drivel. They seem to be motivated mostly by an almost deranged hatred of George W. Bush (hell, who isn't?) and will probably simply melt away now that BO has sunk his caramel-colored cheeks into the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office. They don't strike me as really serious, just a lot of Jew and faggot eggheads striking a pose.

3) Cascadia. Lefty hippy-dippy tree-hugging Northwest independence group. They have a Cascadia flag with our own Northwest national colors (blue, white, and green) plus a Douglas fir on it. I live here, and I've never seen any sign of them actually doing anything. Not sure they even exist outside the internet. They seem to be centered in Portland and around that weirded-out neo-Marxist university clique down at Eugene, and somebody told me they have some kind of small throwaway tabloid that comes out irregularly, but I've never seen a copy. No one outside of Seattle or Portland seems to know they're around at all. Maybe they aren't any more. There are a few web sites but none of them seem to have been updated in several years.

4) New Hampshire Free State Project. Okay, here we're getting a bit closer to the bone. The idea is that all the libertarians pack up and move to New Hampshire. Their web site at claims they've gotten a number of people to move so far and their candidates did well in the midterm elections. Probably completely intertwined with the Tea Party now

5) South Carolina New Jerusalem Project. Not sure if this is the actual name. The idea is to get all the real tub-thumping Christian fundamentalists to move to South Carolina, vote themselves into power, and create some kind of 21st century version of Puritan New England, probably complete with Scarlet Letters and witch burnings. Women may be forced to wear flying wing collars and men may be compelled to wear steeple-crown hats and everyone has to use "thee" and "thou." No kidding, it's almost that bad--no laws without a Scriptural cite, which would be difficult in the case of traffic laws and sanitation regs.

This is being run by a bunch of these little hoot and holler churches acting in concert (supposedly) and may be just a scam for the preachers to try and increase their congregations and their collections plates at the same time. I can't find any solid info on how many Jumpers for Jesus have actually moved to South Carolina. Nor do I have any idea how these people intend to handle the fact that South Carolina is full of hundreds of thousands of some of the most primitive niggers on the continent; down there around the Sea Islands where I used to live, we're talking Haiti and Zimbabwe level.

There are enough tub-thumpers in South Carolina already, including the looney-tune Brother Stair, so that this might actually become almost feasible, but repeated government raids down in Texas and elsewhere on dissident religious properties and people show us what happens when anyone tries to separate from the Establishment on religious grounds.

And of course, historically there's the fact that our own Northwest Migration has already been done once, after a fashion, by the Mormons who founded Deseret. So it's not as if we're alone in this. It's just that 21st century Americans can't seem to get their act together, on anything. Surprise, surprise.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is another, HAC, one that I have knowledge of because I used to belong. That is The League of the South. They can be found at:

Lots of brains, Dr. Michael Hill, Dr. Clyde Wilson & others mostly historians, but no street action. They seem to want to think themselves free.

Terry Phillips

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the rundown on such movements, Mr.Covington. Very useful resource.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's at least one more. The League of the South advocates eventual secession of the southern, and perhaps other states. They advocate a constitutional republic and traditional values. From their website,, they want to "protect the Anglo-Celtic core population and culture of the historic South."
"Q: What is the LS position regarding blacks in the South?
A: The LS disavows a spirit of malice and extends an offer of good will and cooperation to Southern blacks in areas where we can work together as Christians to make life better for all people in the South. We affirm that, while historically the interests of Southern blacks and whites have been in part antagonistic, true Constitutional government would provide protection to all law-abiding citizens — not just to government-sponsored victim groups." Their view of niggers is thus reminiscent of that of Robert E. Lee, good will and hope that they can improve, tempered by a knowledge that they are not the same as us: “I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving."

One can't expect many niggers to be happy to see the Masonic dishrag replaced by the Bonnie Blue Flag or the Stars and Bars, and many would surely self-deport, or perhaps congregate in cities like Atlanta. Still there would be a lot more of them to deal with than you have in the Northwest.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Undead Skinhead said...

I see you've approved a couple mentions of You yourself tried the neo-Confederate route for a while, did you not HAC? So I'm sure you're aware that there's a whole shmorgishborg of neo-Confederate grouplets and interweb sites out there. The average billybob can't be bothered to get involved with them any more than he can the pro-White "movement".

6:17 PM  
Anonymous JiB said...

Doesn't Atzlan count de facto as an independence movement? This is most probably the most important one outside of the Northwest Migration. It is also the one that may well be leading the way towards the initial breakup on the US.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Doesn't Atzlan count de facto as an independence movement?" I have seen the Atzlan site and I must say I don't consider it an "independance" movement per-se. More of a "lets make our invasion overt and official!" It is mearly the invading mudslide planning for the eventual overthrow of the preexisting government.

6:24 PM  

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