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Screw You, YouTube

Okay, the Jews on YouTube pulled down NVA Attack Video Version #2, and we were back up within 24 hours. Kudos to Comrade Herrenvolk; that was fast work.

Now, Google seems to be blocking this link for some reason. I'm going to diddle with it and see if I can get it to work, but if not, cut and paste the URL and check out NVA Attack Video #2.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Radio Free Northwest - December 30th, 2010

Radio Free Northwest #49, dated December 30th 2010, is now available for download from the Party web site at

This is a special end of the year, two-hour all-music special from Radio Free Northwest. WARNING: this is a very large file, and it will take a long time to download.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hard Facts About A Lying Chimp

What follows is the current situation with the records on the person who presently calls himself Barack Hussein Obama and who has in the past called himself Barry Soetoro. All of these records have disappeared and/or been sealed from public view:

(01) Original Hawaii vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth — Not available
(02) Certification of Live Birth — Released – Counterfeit
(03) Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not available
(04) Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not available
(05) Soetoro adoption records — Not available
(06) Fransiskus Assisi School — School application – Released, states his name as Barry Soetoro, his citizenship as Indonesia, his father as Lolo Soetoro. Authentic.
(07) Punahou School records — Not available
(08) Selective Service Registration — Released – Proven Counterfeit
(09) Occidental College records — Not available
(10) Passport (Pakistan) — Not available
(11) Columbia College records — Not available
(12) Columbia thesis — Not available
(13) Harvard College records — Not available
(14) Harvard Law Review articles — Maybe one (1), Not Signed
(15) Baptism certificate — None
(16) Medical records — Not available
(17) Illinois State Senate records — Not available
(18) Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost
(All other Illinois state senators' records are intact)
(19) Law practice client list — Not available
(20) University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

Interesting list of documents not available.

If Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Soetoro (or whoever the hell he is) is not a usurper to the Oval Office, is not illegally occupying the White House, why is he hiding all his records that would prove otherwise?


Part 1: http://www.newswith/ Stuter/stuter157 .htm
Part 2: http://www.newswith/ Stuter/stuter157 .htm

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's All Your Fault

Dedicated to the millions of comatose White Americans who simply refuse to see themselves.

by John Kaminski

You are the cause of the Iraq war, because you knew the newspapers were lying when they trumpeted that yellow cake uranium from the landlocked African nation of Niger was a reason to go to war, that Iraqi drones could bomb Long Island on an hour’s notice, and that the dictator Saddam was hiding “weapons of mass destruction” all over his oil-rich country. You are the cause of that war and its three million dead because you didn’t call them on their lies, you just turned away and said something like “That’s just the way the government works . . .” or “That’s just the way it is.” When U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell brought “intelligence” before the world — yes, this is the famous Downing Street memo that everyone ignored — intelligence that was later proved to be a plagiarized, ten-year-old anonymous graduate school student’s thesis, revealing the U.S. government once again to be exposed as a liar to the whole world, you just turned your head away and said, “I have to go to work now.”

So now you’re wondering why your reality is vaporizing faster than your bank account, and I’m here to tell you — Look no further! We have found the cause. And it’s definitely you. In the opinion of those who study what people know, chances are much better than average that you’re comatose intellectually and you don’t know it. When’s the last time you heard the words “honor” and “loyalty” on TV? The answer is never. When’s the last time you thought of this question? The answer is years ago.

All of this stuff going on in the world is your fault, because you haven’t said a word when you saw things that were wrong. You can make any defense you want, but the fact remains you didn’t do it. None of us did, until the proverbial obituary — it was too late to do anything about it. But even that excuse won’t wash.

And don’t say you weren’t in on it. Or go intellectual on us and say you protested this or that, and that was the best you could do. None of that stuff worked. It was a dog and pony show to vent the societal pressure so we could all go on ignoring the scam. Ignoring the mass murder for profit, which we, when we salute our flag, endorse . . . with tears in our eyes, even.

You are the cause of a young mother, Vicki Weaver, being shot in the head while holding her baby by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who later received a commendation for his work. If you have never heard of Ruby Ridge, you simply are not fit to vote.

You are the cause of federal officials blowing up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, an explosion supposedly happening OUTSIDE that blew the building OUTWARD, or toward the exact direction of the blast. But hey, physics never gets in the way of a good false flag op.

You are the cause of the barbecuing of women and children at Waco, when the government demonstrated that it could make up any story, avalanche it on the public, and get away with mass murder entirely on its own provocation.

You are the cause of the millions of American dead and billions of other categories of corpses because you supported a government without really knowing what it was doing — and you still do, in your own distinctive, seemingly critical and ultimately slavish way.

And all because, as you refused to turn away your gaze from the TV while you sipped on your beer, you refused to do the right thing, and instead chose to be the obnoxious animal, concerned with only your own titillation, that the forces of commerce and education had shaped you into being.

Hardly anybody ever noticed that that’s what happened to us, and they still don’t. They’re too busy absent-mindedly munching popcorn and wondering how they’re going to pay their dental bills.

But the beast goes on, as they say, and each day it creeps closer to your house, inch by inch, paragraph by paragraph, chemtrail by chemtrail, and pill by pill.

You have failed to tell the truth when it mattered most.

This is the correct answer that you have failed, in your cowardice, to vocalize anywhere except in that dark secret place of your own fear.

The government’s explanation of what happened on 9/11 would get a failing grade in a high school theater class, simply for all its clumsy non-answers. The question then poses itself: Who exactly are all those people who believed that story? What kind of people are they really? Do they believe what they say they believe, or are they just saying it? And more importantly, who were the people who didn’t believe that now-discredited official story, but kept their mouths shut, for one reason or another?

Answer? It was all of us. In those rocky days when Dubya in his bomber jacket stood in the rubble of the Twin Towers and said, “We gonna git them tirrirists,” the entire world stood in awe of Americans all lining up behind the flag like the melon people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But the entire world soon averted its eyes when the U.S., with absolutely no evidence at all except the lame documentation assembled by its spinmasters, started bombing everything in sight, or, at least the places that had something the U.S. wanted to steal.

Those other terrorist “incidents” — London, Bali, Madrid, Yemen etc. — we’re all engineered by the new worldwide vigilante network, which is

1. Jewish bankers;

2. Jewish mobsters.

3. Jewish politicians.

4. Jewish media icons.

5. Jewish movie stars.

6. Jewish appointees, such as judges.

7. Jewish musicians.

8. Jewish counterculture leaders (now on the Supreme Court).

9. Jewish “educators.” and

10. Jewish sayanim, who have infiltrated every group on the planet and are flawlessly connected to the satanic succubus known as the worldwide Jewish crime network, a.k.a. B’nai B’rith and all the other demonic acronyms.

Because you have not been a patriotic American and seen this creeping encroachment on the American reality throughout the 20th century, this inexorable slide into filth, disease and betrayal on the part of the people whom we ourselves have chosen to lead us reveals a deep flaw in the beliefs we hold.

This is all your fault for not standing up for what you knew was right, at all times.

In my book, you’re a punk, not to be relied upon by anyone who seeks the higher truths, and you richly deserve the fate of the cannon fodder they’re about to turn you into.

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New Northwest Novel Download Site

Hi, guys:

I can't recall if I posted the new site for free Northwest novel downloads:


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Some Seasonal Good Cheer

[From Christmas 1996. I repost this every year.]

There are times when it seems beyond doubt that we are living in the age of the triumph of evil. Believe it or not, there is still some good in the world. Not much, and on the rare occasions when it shows itself, goodness must peep up from its hiding place like a cautious groundhog and generally pop back underground very quickly to avoid the swooping predators---but every now and then, we get a glimpse.


On October 31st Herbert Perry, a retired businessman in Durham, North Carolina suffered a stroke. He recovered in hospital and early in November was sent to Hillcrest Convalescent Home. He had a roommate, an 88 year-oldman named Helmut Bartsch, who had been on a visit from Germany to his married daughter in Durham and who had also suffered a stroke on October 25th.

At first the two elderly gentlemen didn't talk much, but then Perry's son-in-law brought him some of his effects from home, including a bedside clock with a B-17 bomber on top. It turned out the two roomies had something in common. "Ah, I remember that silhouette," spoke up Bartsch when he saw it. "I remember the sound, too. It was like a hammer of smiths, crack, crack, crack."

Over 50 years ago, Herbert Perry was a corporal in the Army Air Corps in England, an air traffic controller. Helmut Bartsch was across the Channel in Normandy, commanding an anti-aircraft battery in the Wehrmacht. "I put 'em up, he shot 'em down," commented Perry to a local news reporter. "We're very similar even though we're enemies," continued Perry. "He had a stroke on the right side, I had a stroke on the left side. Now we talk about our days in the army. Every time he gets a little blue we sing a German hymn."

"The newspapers were always reporting air attacks on small towns,"said Bartsch, explaining why he volunteered for anti-aircraft. "It was only my duty to serve in the army."

Herbert Perry lost a lot of friends among the air crews he sent up into the sky, heading for Germany, many of them never to return, but he never let himself become bitter and he has always maintained a deep respect for the German people and their culture and intellect. "I even said it back during the war. The German people were smart and if the Americans hadn't come to England Hitler would have conquered them." The two families are now friends and the old vets will be staying in touch after Bartsch returns to Stuttgart.

Better Late Than Never

Crawford J. Ferguson of Charlotte, North Carolina is 72 years old. Half a century ago Crawford T. Ferguson was part of a B-17 crew that flew 35 missions over Germany in 1944, raids which slaughtered untold hundreds of thousands of people. For fifty years it has haunted his sleep. "I keep seeing the plumes of fire down below as the cities fall apart, and at the same time it's like I'm down in the city, burning, running through the flames looking for a child or a wife or a sister," Ferguson told a reporter."I have known for years that there was something I had to do before I die."

What Ferguson had to do was apologize, and this year he did so. He wrote out a total of 13 letters, about 100 words each, and addressed them to the city hall in every German town his plane had ever bombed: Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Kassel, Hamburg, Munich, and others not revealed in the news article. In each letter he put a simple, heartfelt apology forwhat he had done in 1944. "Our target was strategic, but innocent lives were lost, citizens maimed and civilian property destroyed. I beg forgiveness for the agony I helped inflict upon you..."

The first few letters got some publicity in Germany; the mayor of Kassel sent Ferguson a thank-you note and the local newspaper printed the apology. A weekly TV news program called Hessenschau picked up the storya nd ran a feature on it. Ferguson also received a letter from the Munich city council, requesting permission to make his letter public, which he granted. The mayor of Munich, Christian Ude, wrote a personal letter of thanks.

Then something odd happened. About half of Ferguson's letters got through, but six of them appear to have been intercepted and returned by the German Federal postal authorities without explanation, possibly because they were deemed to contain "Nazi propaganda." Ferguson says with wry humor, "I wrote to our beloved President Bill Clinton. I sent the letters to him and I told him they had been returned. I invited him to read them and if he thought they merited being forwarded I was going to rely on him to take care of the situation. I've still not heard back from him."

"He Is One Of Us Now"

I read this in a British newspaper over ten years ago and I cannot remember all the details; I will quote from memory as best I can.

In a small village in the Norfolk fen country is a war memorial cemetery for the local dead in both wars. In one corner stands a small white obelisk bearing a Luftwaffe eagle and Swastika. In the early 1980s some of the anti-fascist scum came up from London to squawk and deface and attempt to destroy the headstone. The police and a number of local men came to the cemetery and "saw them off," apparently none too gently. The antifas scurried back to London screaming about police brutality and right-wing vigilantes. In the course of reporting this, the press also retold how the stone came to be there.

In 1944 and 1945 a lot of British and American air groups were operating out of fairly small airfields all across East Anglia. One such was this place in Norfolk. One day there was a massive daylight raid against what was left of Hamburg, using planes from all over these various fields. They dropped their load of death and were headed home when they ran into a number of German fighters.

"We broke up and flew our separate ways back to base, but there was this one German who stuck with us and wouldn't give up," recalled an American pilot. "He shot down at least two planes in our group and probably some more when the dogfight first began, but we just couldn't shake him. Our radio operator spoke some German and he could hear this guy's flight commander ordering him to come back, he would run out of fuel if he didn't, but the German pilot told him something like, 'You saw what they did today. They left nothing. I have nothing to go back to.' Evidently we'd bombed this guy's house, probably killed his family.

"We dodged into a cloud formation and for a while we thought we'd lost him, but over the coast of Holland we had to drop down and get our bearings, and there he was, still on our tail, still shooting at us, shredding us up pretty bad and wounding two of our crew. Our gunners shot back but could never hit him. Damn if the SOB didn't chase us all the way back to England! Our flak opened up on him as we came over the English coast, but they missed. By the time we got back to our field he had two British Spitfires on his tail, but they couldn't seem to tag him either. The guy seemed bulletproof. I got her down and we all jumped out of the aircraft and ran like hell, dragging our wounded with us, and he crashed his Messerschmitt right into our B-17. He finally got us, even though it was at the cost of his own life. His plane didn't catch fire because his fuel tanks were bone dry; he must have been flying on fumes. When they pulled him out of the wreckage dead, it was this blond kid, couldn't have been more than 19 or 20. He didn't have any papers on him, and we never learned his name."

The incident had been witnessed by the local villagers, who were so impressed by the boy's courage that the vicar offered him a burial plot inthe church's war cemetery, where he lies to this day, unknown.

All of the above is quoted from memory, but one thing I do remember with absolute accuracy, because I wrote them down, and that is the words on that young hero's grave in an enemy land. They were composed by an RAF colonel who also witnessed his death:

"Call them misguided, call them even wicked if you must; but no nation or cause ever brought forth defenders of greater courage and worth.They fought like the Northland gods of their ancient and warlike race, and few indeed are those among us who can say that ever we saw their backs."

When the British media asked the local people why they defended the grave of a Nazi, one of them answered, "We don't care what he was. We just know that he was a brave lad who one morning flew all the way from Germany to our village to die here, because he thought it was right that he do so. He is one of us now, and when those yobs came up here from London and insulted his memory they insulted us and all our own dead as well. They weren't even alive during the war, they don't know what it was like back then. Why don't they just bloody well belt up?"

These are the true words of the men who were there, who fought the Jews' war for them and who are far more entitled to speak of that time and those other men than any Deborah Lipstadt or Ken McVay or howling, slobbering Rich Graves.

I have met many men down through the years who were veterans of that war, and I never pass up a chance to see if I can get them to speak of their experiences. While I have to concede that there is a great deal of hatred remaining among those who fought against the Japanese, I have never met a single genuine combat veteran of any Allied Army, American, Canadian, British or South African, who fought against the Germans and who did not speak with respect and admiration of their courage, their skill and devotion as soldiers, and their human qualities of fortitude, humor and compassion in victory and in defeat.

If there are those who can't handle this view of Nazis, then I recommend you start with some of the accounts left by Allied veterans of the first war. (Robert Graves' Goodbye To All That springs to mind, but there are many other good examples.)

As for these hate-filled reptiles at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL and the AFA and Nizkor, I can only quote again the little old English lady: "Why don't they just bloody well belt up?"

Why indeed?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Update and Cyndi Steele Letter

Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s December 23rd, 2010, I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

As always we begin with Edgar Steele news. I mentioned last week that there was a rumor going around that the second assassin, the man who took the road trip from Idaho to Oregon with Larry Fairfax to make sure the bomb was still on Cyndi Steele’s car, has been identified. I said last week that I wanted to hold off on making any comment until I can get this name confirmed. I’m sorry to say that I have not been able to get this name verified to my satisfaction, and so I am still not going to comment on it.

Yeah, I know, this may sound ridiculous when the name is now all over the alternative internet and various blogs, but I’m sorry, I’m going to err on the side of caution here, and I’m not going to say anything until I see that name in a so-called “reputable source” like CNN. This may take a while, because so far the only news organ that is covering the Edgar Steele story at all seems to be the local newspaper in Idaho, the Bonner County Bee.

People may ask why I’m twitchy about saying something that everyone else in the alternate White internet is saying. Well, there’s several reasons. First off, let’s be flat out honest here. Quote-unquote “our” alternative media has a tendency to—oh, how can I put this kindly? Some of them tend to tell it like it should be, rather than necessarily tell it like it is. Every now and then, sure, the alternative media gets a real live scoop. Remember, it was Matt Drudge and the National Inquirer who first blew the whistle on Billyboy and Monica Lewinsky back in the 90s.

I very much hope that we do have a real live scoop in this case, because if this tentative identification of this person who is allegedly involved in the murder plot is correct, it’s a game-changer. Also, if it’s true, I don’t think the system will be able to protect this man from exposure by anything short of dropping all charges against both Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax in exchange for their silence, and I rather doubt that’s going to happen.

But precisely because this name would be so recognizable and would initiate a major media feeding frenzy, I would like to wait until that happens. I want to see if this man’s name leaks out into the Establishment news media, in which case we will definitely see some coverage of the Edgar Steele case from someone besides the Bonner Daily Bee. Those who want to know who I’m talking about, Google around and I am sure you will eventually find one of the alternative sites that’s naming this man.

We tend to have some incorrect notions about the news media. They know that their credibility is really all they have to do their mischief with, and they understand what it takes to protect their credibility, and one of those things is that they never, or almost never, just plain outright lie, as in stating something that isn’t true. They will distort the facts, they will quote selectively, they will publish the worst photos they can find of people they don’t like, they will so arrange the wording in their articles and their reporting so that they imply things that are not true, but they will almost never flat out lie, because in this day and age of information technology and the internet, it’s simply too easy to catch them out if they lie.

I think this is one of the reasons that the Establishment is so dead set on finding some way to control the internet, in fact the FCC is taking another run at it this week. If this tyranny is to survive, then they have to find some way to control the flow of information and make sure everything comes from the top down and not from all over. Anyway, I am waiting until I see this guy’s name in one of the System media, and if that makes me last off the mark then so be it. I have a feeling that if it is true, once this name does get out then the dam on this whole Edgar Steele fiasco will be broken.

Speaking of media, I mentioned that about the only media organ covering the Steele case at all is the Bonner Daily Bee. This is a letter that Edgar Steele’s wife Cyndi wrote to that newspaper on December 17th..

To the Editor of the Bonner County Daily Bee:

I am Cyndi Steele, the wife of Edgar Steele and I am responding to and commenting on the article regarding to the December 17, 2010 article which mentions that the sentencing hearing for Mr. Fairfax has been moved to February 2011. This article does not mention that my mother and I, the supposed victims believe in my husband’s innocence, which is highly unusual in that the supposed victims are on the side of the accused.

The article mentions that Fairfax came forward to authorities, but says nothing about the fact that he lied to the FBI by promising that he would disclose all of his criminal activities, and then kept secret the most important part, that there was a bomb on my car that if exploded could have hurt a lot of people. The article does not mention the fact that I believe Larry Fairfax is not a hitman, because I know my husband did not mastermind the killing of any person.

Let me be absolutely clear, my husband, Edgar Steele is innocent and did not hire Larry Fairfax or anyone to kill me or anyone else. As anyone who is acquainted with Larry Fairfax knows from his business dealings for the past 20 years in our community, he is a thief and a liar. Now he is an attempted murderer, as he tried to murder me and my mom by placing a bomb on my car and let me drive a 1000 plus miles, for 3 almost weeks without saying anything to the authorities before I discovered it.

The article did not mention the fact that in May and early June, 2010, as my husband and I began discovering the theft of our property by Fairfax, who worked for us as a handyman. The article also failed to mention the fact that Fairfax began framing my husband and attempted to murder me to cover up his own criminal activities. Instead of coming forth with information that there was a bomb on my car on June 8th, neither Fairfax nor his accomplices nor Judge James Michaud, his attorney, came forward to make disclosure of the bomb, even though they had pledged to disclose all criminal activity to the authorities.

In fact, the FBI has done nothing to protect me from Fairfax and his accomplices; but, ironically, the government has carefully protected Fairfax; whose lies now are protecting the government from its misconduct. The government made sure Fairfax did not have to face a grand jury simply by filing charges against him that did not deal with his crimes of violence against me. The government has now given Fairfax a soft plea deal that will ensure he will not spend more than a year in prison, while they have charged my husband with other offenses that could mean a sentence upwards of 70 years.

The record shows that FBI even attempted to tamper with my testimony by trying to make me believe false information about my husband. There is strong evidence that the FBI knew a bomb was involved at least 5 days before I and an oil change mechanic discovered it attached to the undercarriage of my car on June 15th. It appears that the FBI deliberately didn’t investigate the existence of a bomb, because apparently they wanted the bomb to stay on my car, for reasons yet to be explained. On that same day, my son and I went to court to support my husband and we were told that the government would not offer us any protection; and that was just after I discovered the bomb and I was so scared I was shaking.

If Larry Fairfax truly had turned away from his criminal enterprise and was honestly cooperating with authorities on June 8th, then he would have told the FBI about the “lethal” bomb he attached to my car, which would have saved me and lots of people in Oregon, Washington and Idaho from the risk of a bomb explosion.

Since the government has made this case very complicated, there is too much about this case to write here, but if you visit, you will learn some of the details about how Larry Fairfax and his accomplices, who are the criminals in this case, are being allowed to get away with their crimes while and my husband, Edgar Steele, who is innocent, is being punished even before he goes to trial. It is as if the government has completely forgotten about the Presumption of Innocence and in solitary confinement since June 11th.

Let’s see if you truly believe in freedom of speech by publishing this response to your article which obviously was written as a press release by the government.

Signed, Cyndi Steele

I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Second Version of "That Video"

A second version of "that video" is now up on YouTube, the work of one of our comrades in Oregon. A third is in the works; I've seen a preliminary version. It's great to see Aryan creativity starting to flow here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Radio Free Northwest - December 23rd, 2010

Radio Free Northwest #48, dated December 23, 2010, is now available for download from the Party website at

In this podcast I discuss the Christmas 1914 truce in the trenches of World War One, I talk about my old Movement mentor Pastor Robert Miles, and I tell some idiot on the internet what it’s all about.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Californias

Abandoned farms, Third World living conditions, pervasive public assistance -- welcome to the once-thriving Central Valley.

by Victor Davis Hanson

The last three weeks I have traveled about, taking the pulse of the more forgotten areas of central California. I wanted to witness, even if superficially, what is happening to a state that has the highest sales and income taxes, the most lavish entitlements, the near-worst public schools (based on federal test scores), and the largest number of illegal aliens in the nation, along with an overregulated private sector, a stagnant and shrinking manufacturing base, and an elite environmental ethos that restricts commerce and productivity without curbing consumption.

During this unscientific experiment, three times a week I rode a bike on a 20-mile trip over various rural roads in southwestern Fresno County. I also drove my car over to the coast to work, on various routes through towns like San Joaquin, Mendota, and Firebaugh. And near my home I have been driving, shopping, and touring by intent the rather segregated and impoverished areas of Caruthers, Fowler, Laton, Orange Cove, Parlier, and Selma. My own farmhouse is now in an area of abject poverty and almost no ethnic diversity; the closest elementary school (my alma mater, two miles away) is 94 percent Hispanic and 1 percent white, and well below federal testing norms in math and English.

Here are some general observations about what I saw (other than that the rural roads of California are fast turning into rubble, poorly maintained and reverting to what I remember seeing long ago in the rural South).

First, remember that these areas are the ground zero, so to speak, of 20 years of illegal immigration. There has been a general depression in farming — to such an extent that the 20- to-100-acre tree and vine farmer, the erstwhile backbone of the old rural California, for all practical purposes has ceased to exist.

On the western side of the Central Valley, the effects of arbitrary cutoffs in federal irrigation water have idled tens of thousands of acres of prime agricultural land, leaving thousands unemployed. Manufacturing plants in the towns in these areas — which used to make harvesters, hydraulic lifts, trailers, food-processing equipment — have largely shut down; their production has been shipped off overseas or south of the border. Agriculture itself — from almonds to raisins — has increasingly become corporatized and mechanized, cutting by half the number of farm workers needed. So unemployment runs somewhere between 15 and 20 percent.

Many of the rural trailer-house compounds I saw appear to the naked eye no different from what I have seen in the Third World. There is a Caribbean look to the junked cars, electric wires crisscrossing between various outbuildings, plastic tarps substituting for replacement shingles, lean-tos cobbled together as auxiliary housing, pit bulls unleashed, and geese, goats, and chickens roaming around the yards. The public hears about all sorts of tough California regulations that stymie business — rigid zoning laws, strict building codes, constant inspections — but apparently none of that applies out here.

It is almost as if the more California regulates, the more it does not regulate. Its public employees prefer to go after misdemeanors in the upscale areas to justify our expensive oversight industry, while ignoring the felonies in the downtrodden areas, which are becoming feral and beyond the ability of any inspector to do anything but feel irrelevant. But in the regulators’ defense, where would one get the money to redo an ad hoc trailer park with a spider web of illegal bare wires?

Many of the rented-out rural shacks and stationary Winnebagos are on former small farms — the vineyards overgrown with weeds, or torn out with the ground lying fallow. I pass on the cultural consequences to communities from the loss of thousands of small farming families. I don’t think I can remember another time when so many acres in the eastern part of the valley have gone out of production, even though farm prices have recently rebounded. Apparently it is simply not worth the gamble of investing $7,000 to $10,000 an acre in a new orchard or vineyard.

What an anomaly — with suddenly soaring farm prices, still we have thousands of acres in the world’s richest agricultural belt, with available water on the east side of the valley and plentiful labor, gone idle or in disuse. Is credit frozen? Are there simply no more farmers? Are the schools so bad as to scare away potential agricultural entrepreneurs? Or are we all terrified by the national debt and uncertain future?

California coastal elites may worry about the oxygen content of water available to a three-inch smelt in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, but they seem to have no interest in the epidemic dumping of trash, furniture, and often toxic substances throughout California’s rural hinterland.

Yesterday, for example, I rode my bike by a stopped van just as the occupants tossed seven plastic bags of raw refuse onto the side of the road. I rode up near their bumper and said in my broken Spanish not to throw garbage onto the public road. But there were three of them, and one of me. So I was lucky to be sworn at only. I note in passing that I would not drive into Mexico and, as a guest, dare to pull over and throw seven bags of trash into the environment of my host.

In fact, trash piles are commonplace out here — composed of everything from half-empty paint cans and children’s plastic toys to diapers and moldy food. I have never seen a rural sheriff cite a litterer, or witnessed state EPA workers cleaning up these unauthorized wastelands. So I would suggest to Bay Area scientists that the environment is taking a much harder beating down here in central California than it is in the Delta. Perhaps before we cut off more irrigation water to the west side of the valley, we might invest some green dollars into cleaning up the unsightly and sometimes dangerous garbage that now litters the outskirts of our rural communities.

We hear about the tough small-business regulations that have driven residents out of the state, at the rate of 2,000 to 3,000 a week. But from my unscientific observations these past weeks, it seems rather easy to open a small business in California without any oversight at all, or at least what I might call a “counter business.” I counted eleven mobile hot-kitchen trucks that simply park by the side of the road, spread about some plastic chairs, pull down a tarp canopy, and, presto, become mini-restaurants. There are no “facilities” such as toilets or washrooms. But I do frequently see lard trails on the isolated roads I bike on, where trucks apparently have simply opened their draining tanks and sped on, leaving a slick of cooking fats and oils. Crows and ground squirrels love them; they can be seen from a distance mysteriously occupied in the middle of the road.

At crossroads, peddlers in a counter-California economy sell almost anything. Here is what I noticed at an intersection on the west side last week: shovels, rakes, hoes, gas pumps, lawnmowers, edgers, blowers, jackets, gloves, and caps. The merchandise was all new. I doubt whether in high-tax California sales taxes or income taxes were paid on any of these stop-and-go transactions.

In two supermarkets 50 miles apart, I was the only one in line who did not pay with a social-service plastic card (gone are the days when “food stamps” were embarrassing bulky coupons). But I did not see any relationship between the use of the card and poverty as we once knew it: The electrical appurtenances owned by the user and the car into which the groceries were loaded were indistinguishable from those of the upper middle class.

By that I mean that most consumers drove late-model Camrys, Accords, or Tauruses, had iPhones, Bluetooths, or BlackBerries, and bought everything in the store with public-assistance credit. This seemed a world apart from the trailers I had just ridden by the day before. I don’t editorialize here on the logic or morality of any of this, but I note only that there are vast numbers of people who apparently are not working, are on public food assistance, and enjoy the technological veneer of the middle class. California has a consumer market surely, but often no apparent source of income. Does the $40 million a day supplement to unemployment benefits from Washington explain some of this?

Do diversity concerns, as in lack of diversity, work both ways? Over a hundred-mile stretch, when I stopped in San Joaquin for a bottled water, or drove through Orange Cove, or got gas in Parlier, or went to a corner market in southwestern Selma, my home town, I was the only non-Hispanic — there were no Asians, no blacks, no other whites. We may speak of the richness of “diversity,” but those who cherish that ideal simply have no idea that there are now countless inland communities that have become near-apartheid societies, where Spanish is the first language, the schools are not at all diverse, and the federal and state governments are either the main employers or at least the chief sources of income — whether through emergency rooms, rural health clinics, public schools, or social-service offices. An observer from Mars might conclude that our elites and masses have given up on the ideal of integration and assimilation, perhaps in the wake of the arrival of 20 to 25 million illegal aliens.

Again, I do not editorialize, but I note these vast transformations over the last 20 years that are the paradoxical wages of unchecked illegal immigration from Mexico, a vast expansion of California’s entitlements and taxes, the flight of the upper middle class out of state, the deliberate effort not to tap natural resources, the downsizing in manufacturing and agriculture, and the departure of whites, blacks, and Asians from many of these small towns to more racially diverse and upscale areas of California.

Fresno’s California State University campus is embroiled in controversy over the student body president’s announcing that he is an illegal alien, with all the requisite protests in favor of the DREAM Act. I won’t comment on the legislation per se, but again only note the anomaly.

I taught at CSUF for 21 years. I think it fair to say that the predominant theme of the Chicano and Latin American Studies program’s sizable curriculum was a fuzzy American culpability. By that I mean that students in those classes heard of the sins of America more often than its attractions. In my home town, Mexican flag decals on car windows are far more common than their American counterparts.

I note this because hundreds of students here illegally are now terrified of being deported to Mexico. I can understand that, given the chaos in Mexico and their own long residency in the United States. But here is what still confuses me: If one were to consider the classes that deal with Mexico at the university, or the visible displays of national chauvinism, then one might conclude that Mexico is a far more attractive and moral place than the United States.

So there is a surreal nature to these protests: something like, “Please do not send me back to the culture I nostalgically praise; please let me stay in the culture that I ignore or deprecate.” I think the DREAM Act protestors might have been far more successful in winning public opinion had they stopped blaming the U.S. for suggesting that they might have to leave at some point, and instead explained why, in fact, they want to stay. What it is about America that makes a youth of 21 go on a hunger strike or demonstrate to be allowed to remain in this country rather than return to the place of his birth?

I think I know the answer to this paradox. Missing entirely in the above description is the attitude of the host, which by any historical standard can only be termed “indifferent.”

California does not care whether one broke the law to arrive here or continues to break it by staying. It asks nothing of the illegal immigrant — no proficiency in English, no acquaintance with American history and values, no proof of income, no record of education or skills. It does provide all the public assistance that it can afford (and more that it borrows for), and apparently waives enforcement of most of California’s burdensome regulations and civic statutes that increasingly have plagued productive citizens to the point of driving them out.

How odd that we overregulate those who are citizens and have capital to the point of banishing them from the state, but do not regulate those who are aliens and without capital to the point of encouraging millions more to follow in their footsteps. How odd — to paraphrase what Critias once said of ancient Sparta — that California is at once both the nation’s most unfree and most free state, the most repressed and the wildest.

Hundreds of thousands sense all that and vote accordingly with their feet, both into and out of California — and the result is a sort of social, cultural, economic, and political time-bomb, whose ticks are getting louder.

Monday, December 20, 2010

We're Done Here

[Need something to slap up here real quick. This is some conservative crap that wandered in off the Net. Typical conservative drivel. Goes on and on and on talking about the problem without ever mentioning the solution or mentioning RACE at all, but it does make some interesting points.]

For years, people have been laughing at the horrific economic decline of Detroit. Well, guess what? The same thing that happened to Detroit is now happening to dozens of other communities across the United States. From coast to coast there are formerly great manufacturing cities that have turned into rotting, post-industrial war zones. In particular, in America's "rust belt" you can drive through town after town after town that resemble little more than post-apocalyptic wastelands.

In many U.S. cities, the "real" rate of unemployment is over 30 percent. There are some communities that will start depressing you almost the moment you drive into them. It is almost as if all of the hope has been sucked right out of those communities.

Meanwhile, the economic downturn has been incredibly hard on the finances of state and local governments across the United States. Unlike the federal government, state and local governments cannot use the Federal Reserve to play games with their exploding debt burdens. Facing horrific budget deficits, many communities have begun adopting "austerity measures" in an attempt to slow the flow of red ink. All over the nation, deep budget cuts are slashing police departments, fire departments and other basic social services, but it seems like no matter what many of these communities try the debt just keeps growing.

So when you combine economic hopelessness with drastic budget cuts, what you get are hordes of communities from coast to coast that are becoming just like Detroit. In the city of Detroit today, there are over 33,000 abandoned houses, 44 schools have been permanently closed down, the mayor wants to bulldoze one-fourth of the city and you can literally buy a house for one dollar in the worst areas. Many Americans thought that it was funny to make fun of Detroit, but little did they know that what happened there would soon start happening everywhere.

The following are 24 signs that all of America is becoming a rotting, post-industrial, post-apocalyptic wasteland just like Detroit:

#1 The second most dangerous city in the United States - Camden, New Jersey - is about to lay off about half its police.

#2 In the city of Camden, about the only "industries" that are truly thriving are drug-dealing and prostitution. It is estimated that there are literally dozens of open-air drug markets in Camden.

#3 The city of Newark, New Jersey laid off 13 percent of its police force just last week.

#4 Of 315 municipalities the New Jersey State Policemen's union recently surveyed, more than half indicated that they were planning to lay off police officers

#5 At least 1000 people now live in the 200 miles of flood tunnels that exist under the city of Las Vegas.

#6 All over America, asphalt roads are being ground up and are being replaced with gravel because it is cheaper to maintain. The state of South Dakota has transformed over 100 miles of asphalt road into gravel over the past year, and 38 out of the 83 counties in the state of Michigan have transformed at least some of their asphalt roads into gravel roads.

#7 The number of Americans on food stamps has hit yet another new all-time record. 42.9 million Americans are now enrolled and federal authorities fully expect that number to continue to skyrocket.

#8 The city of San Jose, California recently laid off 49 firefighters.

#9 Over the past year, approximately 100 of New York's state parks and historic sites have had to cut services and reduce hours.

#10 In 2009 alone, approximately 4 million more Americans joined the ranks of the poor.

#11 The state of Arizona recently decided to stop paying for many types of organ transplants for people enrolled in its Medicaid program.

#12 Many of the police in Arizona that patrol communities near the border with Mexico say that they are "outmanned" and "outgunned" and now live in fear of being taken out by drug cartel assassins.

#13 Gang violence in America is getting totally out of control. According to authorities, there are now over 1 million members of criminal gangs operating inside the country, and those gangs are responsible for up to 80% of the violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year.

#14 Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts has announced that due to severe budget cuts there are a number of crimes that his department will simply not be able to respond to any longer. The crimes that the Oakland police will no longer be responding to include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism.

#15 One out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one anti-poverty program run by the federal government.

#16 The state of Illinois is so far behind on its bills that not even schools and essential social services are getting their money on time.

#17 The sheriff's department in Ashtabula County, Ohio has been slashed from 112 to 49 deputies, and there is now just one vehicle remaining to patrol all 720 square miles of the county.

#18 As our local communities degenerate economically, it appears that they are falling apart morally as well. There are approximately 400,00 registered sex offenders in the United States as you read this.

#19 In a desperate attempt to save cash, the city of Colorado Springs turned off a third of its streetlights and put its police helicopters up for auction.

#20 According to one recent study, approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States are living below the poverty line in 2010.

#21 According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 25 percent of America's nearly 600,000 bridges need significant repairs or are burdened with more traffic than they were designed to carry.

#22 In Georgia, the county of Clayton recently eliminated its entire public bus system in order to save 8 million dollars.

#23 Things have gotten so bad in Stockton, California that the police union put up a billboard with the following message: "Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops."

#24 Major cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore and Sacramento have instituted "rolling brownouts" in which various city fire stations are shut down on a rotating basis. So if you live in one of those cities and you have a fire, you had better hope that your local fire station is not scheduled for a "brownout" that day.

As I have documented in article after article, the "American Dream" is rapidly becoming the American Nightmare. We were once a nation that was endlessly expanding, endlessly growing and endlessly becoming more powerful, but now just the opposite is happening.

All of this didn't happen overnight. Back in 1982, Billy Joel could see what was starting to happen and he released a song entitled "Allentown" which captured the depression that many residents of once great steel cities were experiencing. The song started out with these two lines...

Well we're living here in Allentown,

And they're closing all the factories down...

Well, the United States has lost over 42,000 factories since 2001 and now all of America is turning into Allentown.

Unfortunately, things are going to get even worse. Thousands more factories and millions more jobs will be sent overseas. The debt loads of our state and local governments will continue to skyrocket. The truth is that city after city after city is going to start looking like something out of a third world country.

Northwest American Republic. An idea whose time has come.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"That Video"

Some people have asked me what "that video" is all about and why we are showing such frightening images--frightening in that they make weak and timid little quasi-conservatives run away and hide, shrieking denunciations on their pseudo-intellectual blogs from their hiding places under the bed.

I'm curious--how many of you honest to God, really do understand what this video is in fact about? How many of you get we're really saying here?

Tell you what. I will leave this one up for the whole weekend, so you guys can tell me what you think we mean. Check out

and then get back to me, okay?


Friday, December 17, 2010

It's The Jews, Stupid!

Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s December the 16th, 2010, I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

Okay, I’m going to begin this week’s podcast by reading one of the most famous articles ever written by Edgar Steele, the man who is now waiting for his trial to begin on March the 7th on one of the most absurdly fabricated cases ever conjured up out of the FBI’s fevered brain.

Actually, let me break I here real quick before I proceed with that. I have just seen something on the internet which indicates that the second assassin hired to kill Cyndi Steele has now been identified, and if this information is correct then it explains a hell of a lot about what’s been going on in this case. However, I am not actually certain about this information and its provenance, and so before I go running off at the mouth here I want to make sure and get some kind of confirmation. I will talk about this next week.

Anyway, as I said, this is one of Edgar Steele’s most famous columns ever, and it’s entitled “It’s the Jews, Stupid!”

* * * * * * * *

October 7, 2002

“Those who control the present control the past.

Those who control the past control the future.”
----George Orwell, 1984 (published in 1949)

Jews are the problem.

Jews have been the problem since before they saw to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, in fact.

Now they are bent upon World War III, just as they fomented so many of last century’s wars.

Books, indeed, libraries, have been written on this topic. I scarcely know where to begin.

If you don’t see Jews as being at least part of the problem, then you are seriously misinformed and wandering in extreme self delusion. I won’t even try to deal with you in this essay below this level. Go do your elementary research, then come back, because we don’t even speak the same language as yet.

Admittedly, I have a somewhat different take on things, inasmuch as I have become such a target for them, daring as I have to stand up for free speech, against government tyranny and actually represent real, live racists in my legal practice.

I and my children have received death threats from Jews. My professional reputation has been destroyed by Jews. My law practice has been destroyed by Jews (not difficult, since virtually every power point in the profession is occupied by them). All because I thought it was unfair to hammer the defenseless for being a little stupid. Of course, it turns out my clients weren’t stupid at all! Little did I know...

So, there’s the source of my bias for all to see. However, just because you’re paranoid, as they say, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. And they’re out to get us all, believe me. The more activist among us come in for special treatment. It’s not for nothing that I use that tag line from The Matrix to close my essays.

The Matrix is a must-see movie for its allegorical take on society today. Most people are just batteries (see the movie - I’m not going to explain it here), while some are actively fighting the “agents.” Without a Neo, we are hopelessly outgunned, but once the red pill is taken, there is no return.

Most Jews play their roles, right along with the rest of us, in furtherance of the schemes of the NWO architects (they have so many names, but Olympians is the self-chosen one they seem to like best), but most Jews are just batteries, too. Little apparatchik batteries. They are as deluded as the rest of us, busily scurrying to deliver us all to their masters.

They made me their enemy even before I knew they were my enemy, just as they have done for eons, in country after country.

Is every Jew part of the problem? No. But there is such a concentration of them in the nub that it can be called nothing but a Jewish problem.

The current major manifestation is the impending invasion of Iraq, soon to be followed by America’s war on the rest of Israel’s enemies.

There is a reason that America has become the second most-hated country in the world (after Israel, of course). We have bound ourselves to Israel and given over our media and our government to zionists. Again, do your research and find out that all the media is now Jewish controlled, as are most of the government power positions, virtually all of banking and education and a good percentage of corporations.

History has been rewritten. The truth about so many things is starting to emerge: Pearl Harbor, Lincoln, etc. My favorite is the Holocaust shakedown, which now is becoming too threadbare to be sustained. A friend of mine puts it best: In all of German-occupied Europe, there resided 2.4 million Jews before the war, according to the World Jewish Encyclopedia. After the war, 3.8 million Jewish “Holocaust Survivors” were receiving pensions from the German government. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.

The “mass graves” at Treblinka have been proven not to exist. There were no gas chambers and ovens at Dachau and Auschwitz. Even the Jews have been forced to acknowledge these facts. Do your research and find this out for yourself.

The Diary of Anne Frank was partially written with a ball-point pen. Ball-point pens were not commercially available until after World War II.

These have been lies, people.

In Canada, Germany, Austria, England, Holland and many other Western European countries, I would go to jail for saying what I did in the four previous paragraphs. Ask those now languishing in those countries’ prisons for saying the same things. Guess who is trying to get the laws passed in America to jail us here, too, merely for saying the same thing?

During Clinton’s first presidential campaign, his campaign director, James Carville, devised a simple thing to keep Clinton focused on what Carville correctly perceived to be the very thing about which the American electorate was most concerned. He wrote, “It’s the economy, stupid!” on a piece of poster paper and taped it to the wall over Clinton’s desk. I propose to employ the same sort of thing, in order to keep us focused on what I perceive to be the real problem in the world today:

It’s the Jews, stupid!!!

The present is being rewritten as we speak. Thus, it becomes possible for them to write the future, just as foretold by Orwell. Sad to say, the future does not bode well for the likes of thee and me.

I have been dragged, kicking and screaming, to the conclusion that we come to life with considerable baggage, hardwired into our soul/DNA/genes/whatever. I conclude that the Jews cannot help it.

Their need to get on top of us, all the while whining about what victims they are, is a part of their basic structure. Most Jews with any honesty will attribute it to their culture. True, so far as that goes, but it does not go nearly far enough.

Many on my list will never see this message. I find that my internet access is being cut off incrementally. Many ISPs are blocking my domain name, saying there is either something technically wrong with my domain hoster’s DNS addressing (there is nothing wrong with it) or in retaliation for spamming and virus propagation.

The recent bugbear virus has been sent to lots of people this past week, with my domain name embedded as the source. I’ve been getting tons of returns from people of whom I have never heard, and who have never heard of me. The virus gets directed to some poor sap’s computer, you see, which then dutifully spreads itself to everybody the poor sap knows, with the return address being ““ Bounces and complaints come into my domain’s catch-all mailbox. My equipment is clean, of course. ISPs, thinking I am the source, put my domain name on black lists, so that, henceforth, none of their customers ever see anything from me.

If it were just me, I would chalk it up to paranoia. But, it isn’t. There are a number of the politically incorrect being targeted by the chosen who have been getting precisely the same treatment. So much so, that I suspect the bugbear virus is simply a cover for shutting us down.

It’s the Jews, stupid!!!

This is far worse than the hack attacks so many of us suffered in July and August, routed through on the West Bank by Israelis. That was coincident with the huge upsurge in in the WormKlez virus, you may recall.

Please pass this on to others. If you know you are on my list and not getting this firsthand, please raise a stink with your ISP about it. Without you even knowing it, lots of people like myself are being cut off from you. This is how censorship on the Internet is taking place these days.

That’s why I feel I need to get this particular message out of my craw...before I lose my forum altogether. And there is so much to I said - books and libraries.

Lots of this stuff gets traced back to Israel directly or close by, such as to I have done it, time and again, as well as to one Jew or another in New York. Those who have not researched this are totally unaware of the massive bulletin board campaign being waged out of Israel, orchestrated by Jews everywhere against those of us here in America trying to awaken our countrymen.

Yes, there is a conspiracy. Yes, it is being run by Jews. Yes, it is being condoned by our government, which has become Jewish.

It isn’t benign, either. Witness noted Harvard Law Professor (and Jew) Alan Dershowitz’ serious suggestion about legalizing torture in America for dissidents. His preferred method: antiseptic needles inserted beneath one’s fingernails. By the way, just how does Harvard end up having half its student body being Jewish, particularly when most of us can’t afford to send our kids to state colleges?

And who, exactly, do you suppose is behind the recent eradication of the Bill of Rights in America? And, with most of the legal profession’s power positions now in Jewish hands, there is nobody to set things right.

It’s the Jews, stupid!!!

California’s state government is sinking into a morass of red ink, clearly leading the
nation into the depression. So, why do even the most ridiculous Jewish interests still get all the state funding they want, led by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA, as evident from the most recently-approved state budget?

Just as they were in Russia, Jews have become the American ruling class. Just as they did in Russia, they are bleeding America dry. What, you didn’t know communism was a Jewish invention? Just what do you think Lenin, Marx and Trotsky were? Just who do you think funded the Russian “Revolution?” What do you think a kibbutz is? Just who you do think was responsible for killing over 20 million Russian Christians in the early 1900s?

The Russian mafia? No, the Jewish mafia. And the mob in America is, and has been for the past hundred years, Jewish.

Who do you think is behind the move to eradicate Christianity from America, starting with every public venue? Check out the names of the plaintiffs and attorneys and judges involved with those Pledge of Allegience, Ten Commandments, Christmas lights, cross cases...they rhyme.

It’s the Jews, stupid!!!

JudeoChristian? What a sick joke. This was a Christian country when founded. It has become a zionist country. Judaism is anathema to Christianity. Read the Talmud before you reject this line of thinking. I have. You will be shocked, I promise you. Read the New Testament. Christ said it straight out. Things have not changed in two thousand years.

Who do you think has been behind the racial polarization in America during the last forty years? Do your research. Find out the names of the civil rights “leaders” and lawyers - you’ll be surprised, I guarantee you, to find that...they rhyme.

What, you didn’t know that all the Jews in political power in the US today are also Israeli citizens? Just ask Ari Fleischer, Bush’s spokesman, or Paul Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, Adelman, Satloff, Kissinger, Luttwak, Feith, Zakheim, Abrams, Grossman, Haass, Zoelick, Schlesinger, Sembler, Chertoff, Bolton, Greenspan, Goldsmith, Golden, Gersten, Gildenhorn, Weinberger, Bodman, Cohen, Davis, Bloomfield, Lefkowitz, Frum, Melman, Blakeman...all Jewish and all running things in Washington. Names from today’s newspapers.

Even Colin Powell has a Jewish forebear; he grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and speaks Yiddish (didn’t know that, did you?). His family was shabbas goy for the Jews (did their forbidden work on the sabbath).

It’s the Jews, stupid!!!

The price for the White House? Selling out to Jewish interests. That’s why the so-called War on Terror. That’s how Bush came from nowhere and coasted to the Presidency. He, Clinton before him and most of the presidents of modern times are traitors, pure and simple. They sold their country, including you and me, for a turn at the trough.

Yes, you heard me right: George Bush is a traitor.

Why in the world does America have to share Israel’s fate, simply because the Jews want to eject the Palestinians from all of Palestine today? Why do American boys have to die to advance Israel’s interests, when Israel’s boys do everything they can to shirk the call of duty during war (did you know the malingering coward slapped by Patton was Jewish?)?

Why does America lionize people like Clinton and Bush, both of whom dodged the draft? Shabbas goy...that’s all they are.

It’s the Jews, stupid!!!

They are going to get a large number of Americans killed, and soon. They are going to impoverish almost all of us. The party is over.

Something is coming at us, and coming fast. The market is in freefall again. It is one month until general elections here in America. Several major banks are literally on the edge of failing. Deflation is actively taking hold, along with its cousin, Depression. Bush has been slamming through his domestic crackdown agenda, designed to cope with all of us when the wheels come off next year.

Monday night brings some sort of major presidential address about Iraq. Look for Bush to announce that he doesn’t need UN approval to wage war on Iraq. Of course, we’ve been bombing that country to shreds for weeks already (everybody in Europe knows this, but it has been suppressed in America).

War is the classic distraction from an economic meltdown.

Expect another 911 at any moment, to generate the necessary public support for the Bush/NWO agenda.

No, 911 wasn’t perpetrated by a bunch of ragheads at the controls of 757s - again, do your research and think for yourself. The 8 am work population for the WTC was about 40,000. Countless Jewish companies moved out just in advance of 911 or had their entire staffs elsewhere that day. Jews, laughing gleefully, were witnessed photographing the entire disaster. Number of israeli Jews who died along with all those innocent victims, foreign nationals and police/firefighter heroes: exactly one. Before 911, Israel was being badly skewered in America’s Jewish-controlled media. That has all changed now, of course. Follow the money.

It’s the Jews, stupid!!!

Wake yourself up fully, then awaken the others. That’s all we can do...for now.

New America. An idea whose time has come.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Radio Free Northwest - December 16th, 2010

Hi, guys:

Radio Free Northwest #47, dated December 16 2010, is now available for download at

In this podcast I read Edgar Steele’s famous article “It’s the Jews, Stupid” and then I spend the rest of the podcast tearing the kikes a new one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Colonel House


The book download site has now been republished to the web. Hopefully it will last a little longer this time. The last incarnation of this site was housed on a server in the quasi-republic of Tokelau, an ex-possession of the UK formerly known as the Union Islands. I received notice that during a routine survey of their hosted sites, E-books .pdf Downloads was flagged for "violating terms of service" and "exceeding bandwidth limits". There must be a Jew on their board of directors.

The new address is:

The Northwest Quartet is immediately available, but upgrades and some tweaking will be ongoing for the next five to ten days. Coming soon - The March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp. A "coffee table" book covering the complete and comprehensive history of the White Race, spanning 350 centuries of tumultuous events. This is our incredible story - of vast visions, empires, achievements, triumphs against staggering odds, reckless blunders, crushing defeats and stupendous struggles. From the time of the emergence of the White racial type, our wanderings to the four corners of the globe, and finally into space itself, this remarkable story of human endeavor is without parallel or comparison, and is a story of awe, inspiration and heroism.

Coming in 2011 - Full-length videos, documentaries, and movies to inform and inspire.

-Col. House