Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letter To James Edwards

Re: James Interview On VOR,

James and others of the Political Cesspool,

I realize that Harold Covington of Northwest Republic gets the short shrift when it comes to what is known as the White Nationalist movement. VOR and other radio programs can't or won't cover his Radio Free Northwest.

Covington has covered the Edgar Steele's travails as much or more than any other site.

Covington's four Northwest novels have been covered on, for example, the Occidental Quarterly site and I believe Tom Sunic has interviewed Harold. But that's as far as is goes.

Here is my opinion of what whites are up against on the North American Continent.

This country is going down the tube. This country can't be saved and should not be saved. It's a goner. Whites as a mass will not wake up, all on their own, to what's really going on.

All the White Nationalist radio programs and publications, except Covington's are nothing but talk, talk, talk. Covington is heading up the only visible program of doing something about saving the White race on this continent with his Northwest migration as outlined in his four Northwest novels.

This pussy footing around thinking that the mass of brainwashed Whites in America are suddenly going to wake to their peril is a pipe dream.
Granted, some are awake but have no idea what to do about what they're facing. There is no way in hell that this country, all 50 states, can be reclaimed back to the "good old days". There never really were any "good old days" of our fathers and their fathers. This nation was doomed before the ink on the Constitution was even dry, and Tom Jefferson and the other Masons knew it. The Constitution has buried within it the seeds of its own destruction. It's a dead duck. Get over it.

We have to stop living in the past and face what will be the extinction of the White race on this continent within 100 years unless the hard realities or met. In my view Harold Covington has mapped out the only viable option in saving a piece of this land and a remnant of the Whites in the Northwest migration.

Do you really think that the Jews, and their shock troops of beaners and blacks, whose rank and file hate the Jews as much as they hate Whites, are all of a sudden, in some future fantasy become nicey nice and let Whites survive when Whites become the minority in less that 50 years?

Tom Chittum in his Civil War Two, Edgar Steele in his Defensive Racism and Harold Covington in his four Northwest novels have outlined what the possible scenarios for the future of whites may be. There are other books that cover the subject and have their place.

However, it's the Northwest migration of carving out a place for Whites in what is now the Northwest United States, as the only realistic option, that has a snowball chance in hell of saving Whites.

Now, I've said this to my friends and I've said this to Harold which he knows to be true; you can't save a people, they have to save themselves, you can't do it for them. The only thing one can do is to do all that's possible to give Whites the option that has a chance of success.

NW Native


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People never want to circle the wagons until the bullets start flying.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think James Edwards should cancel his show?

8:46 AM  

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