Monday, November 15, 2010

Americans Are Dumb-Asses

by R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

Watch the behavior of adult Americans. Something is very wrong.

Many people say to me, “Americans are just stupid.” They point to the public school system as the dumbing down facility, or they put the blame on the parents.

There appears to be something far more sinister taking place.

Of course, what is about to be revealed to you will be hotly contested by every progressive on the planet. Their denial is meaningless, when the facts point to the obvious.

ANALOGY: If a building is on fire, then the building is on fire. Right?

POINT: If we see bizarre human behavior, then there is a cause, and it can be discerned. The first step is to recognize that there is a problem.

OBSERVATION: A large majority of Americans appear to be “mentally challenged,” because they fail to process incoming information, to analyze it, and then to adjust their behavior (i.e. change). For example, there is a huge increase in Attention Deficit and Compulsive disorders.

Recently, a large group of political activists were informed that the candidate, who they wanted to support, was not running on the GOP ticket; thereby, they should not vote straight party. They were told many times, Do not vote straight party.” They were told to manually select each candidate. In the past, most of them had always voted straight party. At the end of the voting day, when the supporters gathered to party and celebrate their hard work, the leaders discovered that the the supporters had voted straight party. The adult voters were distraught, when they learned that their candidate of choice lost the election. Is that stupid, or is it a mental problem?

Yes, those people appear to be really dumb and stupid; however, that behavior is an indication of something that is much more serious.

QUESTION: What is actually happening to the ability of American adults to perform critical thinking and to make rational decisions?

FACT: Under the Clintons, the federal government in 1998 through the Goals 2000 program labeled all children as “Special Needs.” The opinion at federal level was that all children have either mental, physical, or emotional problems, and they need assistance by experts. The education bureaucracy took that legislation and expanded it to levels that are still hidden from the public. Congress gave the Department of Education the right to “promulgate regulations;” thereby, it makes laws, which citizens must obey or face punishment. Hence, all children are“at risk” and need to be rescued.

FACT: In the late 1990s, billboards were all over South Carolina, which announced that humans need treatment for mental illness. President Clinton and his administration were busy getting ready to offer everybody that treatment. Medications are still advertised on television for conditions related to agenda (i.e., depression, sexual disorders, etc.). Those state and federal programs still exist.

POINT: My observation of the human mental condition has been noted by the U.S. Government. Some professionals believe that the federal government had a role in actually causing the disorder in our human state of mind, both in the USA and abroad.

QUESTION: Why are Americans having difficulty doing something that humans in the past seemed to do very well, like sitting in a classroom without disrupting it?

My professional opinion is that there is an underlying cause.

FACT: Most of the people who are over fifty-five-years old remember the days before television. My own family did not have television until I was seven.

As a child, my life was filled with the sounds of nature, which were very gentle and quiet. With four children in my family, there was plenty of human interaction, children chattering, and ongoing instruction by a busy mother. I lived in small cities most of my childhood. Families only had one car, so the sounds of traffic were minimal. Parents put children outside to play in the morning. After lunch, we took naps, read books, and then went back outside to play some more. The same thing after dinner.

In the 1960s, schools had the alphabet pasted above the chalk board and very little else to visually stimulate the students. No distractions were allowed. Some teachers had the resources to make a bulletin board, which was changed for each season of the year. Visual and auditory stimulation were minimal, which allowed the developing brains of children to process the incoming data.

However, within a decade, our society went to a different way of living. Families had televisions squawking all day long. Mothers watched soap operas, and no longer wanted to read to their children. They were too busy. Eventually, the children were given a television to watch with cartoons, whose characters insulted and injured one another. Fathers came home to their man chairs and assumed a position of The Watcher.

OPINION: Americans have mind-melded to a machine, which is destroying our ability to think.

FACT: A professor performed a study back in the 1990s about the amount of data that is coming into our human brains today. He compared the present input of the 1990s with the input of the 1890s. The input during the first two hours the morning in the 1990s was equal to a month (30 days) of input only 100 years ago. Humans are pounded all day with input from multiple sources, both electronic as well as from their environment.

FACT: Furthermore, the electronic vibration of the earth’s atmosphere has changed. One expert has documented that before the invention of electricity, the earth resonated at a very low frequency. However, the onset of the electronic era has increased the amount of vibration in the atmosphere in which we live.

The original resonance of the earth was 7.83 cycles/second, which is perfect for human learning. That resonance has drastically changed
. For more information, direct your studies to Dr. Nich Begich ( It is a fact, and not an opinion, that our atmosphere has electronically changed. Humans are surrounded by an increase in unseen vibrations, and our nervous system is strongly effected by it.

FACT: Another problem is the amount of data on brain tissue is enormous. Humans minds are under siege. It is no wonder our elementary children need drugs to stay calm. They cannot cope with all of the incoming data.

Many teenagers feel angry all of the time. Their normal hormonal surges, combined with the electronic pounding, is creating havoc within their brains. They seek relief with illegal drugs, by experimenting with sex, and they consume alcohol by the barrel. Can you blame them?

ILLUSTRATION: There is an episode on one of the Star Trek television series, which illustrates this type of phenomena. A small video game was introduced onto the space ship for entertainment. People became addicted to the mild visual stimulus they were getting from playing the game, and they could gradually increase the stimulation. Eventually, the entire crew was playing the game all day and all night. No one was working. They were eventually rescued by a person who refused to play the game, and avoided becoming addicted to the machine.

FACT: Today pediatricians are seeing two-month-old babies that do not attend to noises. Parents bring them to the doctor, because they think the child is deaf. After testing for physical defects, and not finding anything wrong, the doctor begins to ask questions about the home environment. Doctors find this condition occurs when parents have a television running all day. The newborn cannot discriminate between the parents’ voices and the television. Parents are asked to turn off the television, which will allow the baby to learn the human communication s/he needs for survival.

THEREFORE, at this point in time, my professional opinion is that most of the human behavior problems are caused by our electronic environment, and that includes entertainment. We have been seduced into ways of thinking that heretofore would never have occurred. We are bombarded with incoming input to a level that is breaking the normal barriers of the human ability to cope.

Progressives have tried to convince parents that children and teenagers are disobedient creatures by nature. As a professional, I totally disagree with that idea, because history tells me otherwise. In fact, that history was my own.

FACT: In the past, most children obeyed their parents and teachers without question. They wanted to be good, because that is what they were taught. Mischief is not “badness.” Children are humans and very creative, but they usually do not wish to harm parents. Historically, adolescents were not openly rebellious. No one ever witnessed disobedience on a grand scale. Today on television, every show involves sassy, loud, disobedient teens. In the past children never saw disobedience, and the idea of disobedience was just not in their psyche.

In the past, people respected the property of others. Before the Great Depression, no one locked their doors, because stealing was considered immoral, wrong, and the community forbade it.

Kindness within one’s own family and community was prevalent in the past.

One did not covet better cars, better clothes, etc., because one rarely saw anything above the status of the community in which one lived. There were no television advertisements demanding competition. Instead, folks learned to be content with very little.

For the record, of course, I am aware of adolescents in all eras who choose to run away from home or who act out frustration in public. But again, the behavior is caused. If it is a genetic condition, then one must suspect that their immediate environment aggravated the situation. Again, the number was minimal.

SUGGESTION: The cure for this mental malady is simple: unplug the electronic devices that consume our minds.

CONCLUSION: I do not believe that a voluntary disconnect is going to happen. The minds of the masses are already corrupted, and that corruption by electronic abuse and conditioning spans several decades. The future is tilting in a direction that is bizarre. We are not moving toward socialism, but toward a atheist dictator government. Its plans are well documented, and it shall take over all humans on earth, who are conditioned to comply. Fiction has become fact.

QUESTION: Who will rescue humans from this electronic mental seduction?


Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Truly this phenomena is a few decades old,for when i travelled in the sixties there were few more politically astute than Americans,albeit with a strong dose of rolling stone,but one could have an enlightening conversation with them,but within ten years it all changed,then all they were interested in was "chocolate milk",and in the middle of the afghan desert they wondered if the afghans "had a bathroom here",much the same happened to the English that i met,who travelled thousands of miles to eat fish and chips,though it is the irony of travel that we destroy that which we long to see.Television is certainly the curse of the intellect,and it could have been the most enlightening medium humans have yet devised for the improvement of the human mind,instead it is used to silence children and imbue them with the experience of vegetables,because mother is too busy sat on her fat arse smoking.Television destroys memory and the capacity for reason,if we can not turn it off ,we are doomed.

1:33 AM  
Blogger FeminizedWesternMale said...

"QUESTION: Who will rescue humans from this electronic mental seduction?"

ANSWER: God, but only for a few.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold you and I both know,its not the T.V its the creatures who run it.This shit wont fly in our country,I have a strong feeling things will go back to normal real fast.

10:57 PM  
Anonymous unsheepled said...

My motto has been , since I figured much of this out while in the stupor; KILL ALL TVS
I have a little gadget battery operated, aim it at any TV it will shut it off( a mini universal remove, fits on a keychain
Called TV-b Gone :) great in public places that have these droning monsters.
Great Article !

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent editorial, Harold. I'm a couple of years younger than you and we had a TV, but we were outside or reading far more than it was on.

If you can control it, a TV can be useful. Otherwise, treat it like an alcoholic who wants to overcome his addiction treats liquor. Throw it out and stay away from it. The future will belong to the children brought up with the healthiest minds. By all means home school if you can, but even if that's not an option in this day of inflated costs, stagnant wages, and increasing taxes spend time with them instead of the TV. Read with them, and get them into reading worthwhile books. Do healthy outdoor activities with them. Don't let them ever develop an addiction to TV and computer games.

My 12-year-old daughter is ADHD, and we never let her watch much TV or do much video games. We cut her back a lot this year, letting her play in the back yard and help with yard work more. She also loves to read and to build stuff with legos. She didn't like it at first, but now she is really doing better.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unsheepled: Please! Where do I get one of those Gadgets?

11:09 PM  

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