Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Dogs of Buggery

A while back I had a little extra cash and I rented the DVD of the latest Hollywood attempt at Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, with Jeremy Irons in the title role of Antonio and Al Pacino as Shylock, and Joseph Fiennes as Bassiano. I was kind of surprised they'd still perform the Bard's anti-Jewish classic at all; I thought it was headed for the Memory Hole long ago.

It's a mediocre job at best, and the acting was pretty damned lifeless, a really lousy performance compared to what one would normally expect of such a cast. Indeed, if I hadn't gotten a chance to look at Lynn Collins in period dress, I probably would have turned the damned thing off halfway.

Needless to say, the producer and director cut out most of Shylock's snarling anti-Christian lines, which was to be expected. But what was far worse, they just had to insert a little perversion into it, in the form of a slurpy homo lip-kiss between Irons and Fiennes which had nothing whatsoever to do with anything in the plot line, and which Shakespeare would never have countenanced. The implication, of course, was that Antonio was stretching his credit to the limit to lend Bassiano 3,000 ducats (in order to marry an heiress) because Antonio and Bassiano were bugger boys, which is a perversion of Shakespeare in every sense of the word and makes me want to vomit and strangle the nearest Jew.

And no, that asshole Bruce Alexander to the contrary, there is not one single jot or minute fragment of evidence that William Shakespeare was a homosexual. In fact, so little is known about Shakespeare that he might not even have been Shakespeare. A man of that name appears to have existed, but he may have been a pen name for someone else.

No, not Christopher Marlowe, either. There is some evidence that Christopher Marlowe made some sodomitic statements, but these appear to have been drunken tavern ravings, and Marlowe was known as one of these characters who would say or do anything to shock the stuffed-shirt establishment of his day, or should I say starched-ruff establishment? No evidence exists that Marlowe ever buggered a single little bum, and a lot less evidence than there is on Michael Jackson. (What appears to have gotten Marlowe whacked in Mrs. Bull's joint was his involvement in Walsingham's intelligence apparatus and Marlowe's apparent decision to run a little counterfeiting operation as a sideline, to general embarrassment all around.)

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The Rambling Nigger Channel

Well, guys, we have our first publicity, on the Rambling Nigger Channel. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I suppose its a start. Sort of.

Mah main nigga Roosevelt dont feel me.

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Northwest Migration FAQ

Hi, guys:

Just a reminder for those who are new: in my special two hour podcast dated September 23rd I answer a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Northwest Migration.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The First Thanksgiving


The First Thanksgiving Proclamation

June 20, 1676

"The Holy God having by a long and Continual Series of his Afflictive dispensations in and by the present Warr with the Heathen Natives of this land, written and brought to pass bitter things against his own Covenant people in this wilderness, yet so that we evidently discern that in the midst of his judgements he hath remembered mercy, having remembered his Footstool in the day of his sore displeasure against us for our sins, with many singular Intimations of his Fatherly Compassion, and regard; reserving many of our Towns from Desolation Threatened, and attempted by the Enemy, and giving us especially of late with many of our Confederates many signal Advantages against them, without such Disadvantage to ourselves as formerly we have been sensible of, if it be the Lord's mercy that we are not consumed, It certainly bespeaks our positive Thankfulness, when our Enemies are in any measure disappointed or destroyed; and fearing the Lord should take notice under so many Intimations of his returning mercy, we should be found an Insensible people, as not standing before Him with Thanksgiving, as well as lading him with our Complaints in the time of pressing Afflictions:

"The Council has thought meet to appoint and set apart the 29th day of this instant June, as a day of Solemn Thanksgiving and praise to God for such his Goodness and Favour, many Particulars of which mercy might be Instanced, but we doubt not those who are sensible of God's Afflictions, have been as diligent to espy him returning to us; and that the Lord may behold us as a People offering Praise and thereby glorifying Him; the Council doth commend it to the Respective Ministers, Elders and people of this Jurisdiction; Solemnly and seriously to keep the same Beseeching that being perswaded by the mercies of God we may all, even this whole people offer up our bodies and soulds as a living and acceptable Service unto God by Jesus Christ."


Note that the actual first Thanksgiving was proclaimed 56 years after the landing at Plymouth Rock, and so it had nothing to do with the Pilgrims. Note also that it was in June, which actually makes a lot more sense than a cold Massachusetts November. Finally note that the first Thanksgiving was to celebrate a White military victory over the Indians, not to invite them all to sit around the same table over turkey and cranberry sauce.

The present fourth Thursday in November holiday originated as a propaganda stunt proclaimed by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, in order to distract the North’s attention from the fact that at the time, the Union was getting its ass kicked by the Confederate Army.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Radio Free Northwest - November 25th, 2010

Racial Comrades:

Radio Free Northwest #44, dated November 25th 2010, is now available for download from the Party website at

In this podcast I apologize and corrects some errors I made in last week’s show, I talk about the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign, and I read the first Thanksgiving Proclamation from 1676, which like so much else, we have been lied to about by those who rule us.

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Joe Bob says check it out.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Video Link

I apologize for the delay in approving comments, etc. I was out of town on an organizing trip, an excellent meeting with our comrades down in Oregon, and just got back. Things are starting to move forward at a somewhat more rapid pace.

The Joos are starting to mess with Colonel House again (surprise, surprise!) Here is the latest link to one of his many, many back-up sites.


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Glossary From The Brigade

Glossary of Northwest Acronyms and Terms from the Northwest Novels

N. B. This glossary also applies to the previous three books in the Northwest series of novels: A Distant Thunder, A Mighty Fortress, and The Hill of the Ravens. Certain terms may not appear in all of the books.


A Mighty Fortress Is Our God—Christian hymn written by Martin Luther. The national anthem of the Northwest American Republic.

Active Service Unit—The basic building block of the NVA paramilitary structure. Generally speaking, an active service unit was any team or affinity group of Northwest Volunteers engaged in armed struggle against the United States government. The largest active service units during the War of Independence were the Flying Columns (q.v.) that moved across the countryside in open insurrection. These could sometimes number as many as 75 or even 100 men. More usual was the urban team or crew ranging from four or five to no more than a dozen Volunteers. After a unit grew larger than seven or eight people, the logistics of movement and supply and also the risk of betrayal reached unacceptably high levels, and the cell would divide in two with each half going its separate way. Command and coordination between the units was often tenuous at best. The success and survival of an active service unit was often a matter of the old Viking adage: "Luck often enough will save a man, if his courage hold."

Aztlan—A semi-autonomous province of Mexico consisting of the old American states of southern and western Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, parts of Colorado, and southern California, below a line roughly parallel with the Mountain Gate border post.

BATFE—Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives division of the United States Treasury Department. Used by the government in Washington D.C. unlawfully to suppress many early rght wing and racial nationalist groups and individuals. Unlike its more sophisticated counterpart the FBI, BATFE seldom resorted to such things as bribery, fabrication, or forgery to get convictions. All brawn and no brain, BATFE simply smashed their way into the homes of dissidents such as Kenyon Bellew and David Koresh and started shooting. Many of their agents later became Fatties when the FATPO (q.v.) superceded the old ATF organization at the beginning of the War of Independence. BATFE was declared a criminal organization by Parliament and any surviving members are subject to arrest, trial, and punishment if apprehended.

The Beast—Term similar in meaning to ZOG (q.v.) used initially by Christian Identity people to describe the federal government of the United States and the Zionist, liberal power structure in general. The expression later came into more widespread use among the Northwest American Republic's non-CI population.

Break Bad—An incident or encounter between the NVA and federal forces or other enemy agencies that turned violent.

Bremer Wall—Heavy concrete berm, portable and lowered into place by a crane, used by the Americans to fortify police stations, federal buildings, FATPO barracks, Green Zones, etc. Also used extensively by American occupation forces in conquered Middle Eastern countries.

Brigade—In the paramilitary organization of the Northwest Volunteer Army, a loose combination of all of the partisan units assigned to a specific geographic area. In the larger cities of the Homeland such as Seattle, Portland or Spokane there might be as many as two or three brigades, each operating independently of the others, so that a single catastrophic betrayal or federal assault could not wipe out the NVA in that metropolitan area. A brigade could comprise as many as two or three dozen active service units of various kinds and strengths, including technical, supply, and support teams. Some of the smaller brigades covering larger and more rural areas only had a few units. In actual practice there was always an immense amount of confusion and overlap in membership and function between units. As is the case with any conflict, nothing about the War of Independence was ever as neatly cut and dried as the Republic's history books have portrayed.

BOSS—Bureau of State Security. The Northwest American Republic's political police. The mission of BOSS may be summed up simply in the five words of its motto: "We will never go back." In The Hill of the Ravens Don Redmond summarizes that mission when he says, "The revolution is forever. Our job is to make sure of that."

CI—Christian Identity. By the time of the writing of The Hill of the Ravens, the predominant Christian religious movement in the Republic. The faith of Pastor Richard Butler, Robert Miles, and many others among the founding fathers of the Northwest American Republic. The essence of Christian Identity is the transfer of God's Biblical covenant from the Jewish people to the Gentile or Aryan peoples through the medium of the Christ's Passion and the Crucifixion. In most Christian Identity sects this transfer is accompanied by a very complex (sometimes downright tortuous) theological construct whereby white people are alleged to be racial descendants of the Israelites of the Bible through the alleged wanderings of the Lost Tribes through Europe, Denmark being descended from the tribe of Dan, etc. However tenuous the historical and theological basis for Christian Identity, there can be no doubt of the spiritual strength and personal integrity that the CI faith imparts to its adherents. During the Time of Struggle and ever since, they have been the very backbone of the Northwest nation.

Centcom—During the War of Independence, Centcom was the central command authority of the American occupation forces, consisting of representatives from the executive and judicial branches of government, the FBI, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, etc.

Chug-Chug—Home-made mortar, often of unusual caliber, used by the NVA to attack fortified federal positions and Green Zones.

Code Duello—The official protocols and procedures governing dueling within the Republic, administered by the National Honor Court. The purpose of the Code Duello is to make sure that the ultimate sanction for personal misbehavior remains available to all the Republic's citizens, but only under very clear and formally recognized conditions. Ref. the Old Man: "One of the problems under ZOG was that there was no longer any penalty attached to being an asshole. There needs to be."

Come Home—To immigrate to the Northwest American Republic. Since the NAR is the Homeland of all Indo-European peoples, a white immigrant is considered to have Come Home.

Daryl and His Other Brother Daryl—Defamatory term used by certain white migrants to the Homeland during pre-revolutionary times to denote white people born in rural areas of the Northwest. Considered rude, boorish, and highly discouraged by the Party both before and since the revolution.

DHS—Department of Homeland Security. One of the many overlapping federal political police agencies created under Bush II as part of the suspension of the United States Constitution and the abrogation of American civil liberties that took place following the events of September 11, 2001. The Department of Homeland Security seems to have done little during the time of the revolution beyond adding to the confusion.

DM –Drooling moron. Defamatory term used by certain white migrants during the pre-revolutionary times to denote white people born in rural areas of the Northwest Homeland. Always frowned upon and discouraged by the Party. Several legal cases are now before the National Honor Court to decide whether "DM" is to be considered a killing word or not.

E & E—Escape and evasion. Associated with General Order Number Eight, a.k.a. the "Feets Don't Fail Me Now" order. When an operation went bad, or when confronted with a federal ambush, extreme danger, or overwhelming enemy numbers, every NVA Volunteer had a personal escape and evasion plan, a series of refuges and safe houses to which they would flee and from which they would subsequently regroup. The underlying rationale of General Order Number Eight was the ancient one of all guerrilla forces: He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

E-Piece—Throwaway handgun used for close-in assassination work, usually of small caliber and cheap manufacture, which could be discarded afterwards without the loss of an expensive heavy-caliber weapon such as a Glock or a Colt .44.

Ex Gladio Libertas—The motto of the Northwest Volunteer Army, and later of the Northwest American Republic itself as an acknowledgement of the origin of the state. Literally translated: "Freedom comes from the sword."

FATPO—Federal Anti-Terrorist Police Organization. A body of special auxiliary police officers recruited by the United States government to suppress the revolution in the Pacific Northwest, after the FBI and local authorities had clearly lost control and it was not deemed politically expedient to use the regular military in a significant role. FATPOs were mostly recruited from discharged members of the United States military, local police departments, and from both sides of the bars within the American empire's immense prison system. FATPOs were given a short but intensive training campaign at Fort Bragg combining counterinsurgency, commando and SWAT-team style tactics, along with heavy political indoctrination in diversity, multiculturalism, etc. Nominally subject to the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, but in reality the government in D.C. was far away, and a blind eye was turned. Local FATPO commanders had a blank check and more or less operated as independent warlords in their districts, above the law so long as they produced a plentiful white body count. Discipline and control from Centcom was patchy at best, accountability was nil, atrocities frequent, media reporting of those atrocities almost non-existent, and any serious military purpose or strategy quickly disappeared. The FATPOs in short order became nothing more than gangs of brutal gun thugs devoted to the bloody suppression of the NVA and any white citizen of the Northwest whom they so much as suspected might be sympathetic to the NVA. Strict policies of affirmative action and mandatory diversity were applied, and at any given time the force was only about 35 percent white and perhaps 25 percent white male. There was an unknown but significant percentage of lesbian and homosexual sadists who mainly operated in the intelligence units of FATPO as interrogators, and who earned themselves a reputation as some of the most cruel and vicious torturers in the history of human tyranny.

FBI—Federal Bureau of Investigation. The American secret police. Still extant, although now less involved in Northwest affairs than their rivals of the Office of Northwest Recovery (q.v.) Declared a criminal organization by Parliament after independence. Any member of the FBI or anyone assisting the FBI is liable to arrest, trial, and punishment under the laws of the Republic.

Flying Column—During the War of Independence, an independent unit of partisans numbering from 30 to 100 Volunteers. These guerrilla units were usually based in rural areas throughout the Pacific Northwest, and operated in the countryside and small towns. They were highly mobile and conducted operations against the American forces, against the means of production, and cleared their operational areas of American law enforcement, judicial, and governmental institutions to make way for the Republic's courts, police, and government. Because of the activities of the flying columns, the United States eventually lost control of the countryside almost completely and could maintain its authority only in the cities, and there only through repressive force. There were over thirty flying columns during the course of the War of Independence. The most famous among them were the Olympic Flying Column (Cmdt. Thomas J. Murdock); the Port Townsend Flying Column (Cmdt. John C. Morgan); the Hayden Lake Flying Column (Cmdt. O.C. Oglevy); The Barbary Pirates (Arcata and Eureka, California district, Cmdt. Phil McDevitt); the Sawtooth Flying Column (Cmdt. Winston Wayne); the Corvallis Flying Column (Cmdt. Billy Basquine); the Montana Regulators (Cmdt. Jack Smith); and the Ellensburg Flying Column (Cmdt. David "Bloody Dave" Leach).

Goots—Derogatory and defamatory term used by native-born white people in the Northwest for racially conscious Aryan settlers who came into the Homeland during pre-revolutionary times. Origin unknown but possibly originated with Seattle disc jockey Ray Sheckstein.

Green Zone—Heavily fortified and secured federal or military headquarters area, sometimes encompassing several square miles. Green Zones were used as bases of operations and administration for American occupation forces in the Middle East and in the Pacific Northwest.

GUBU—Grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, unprecedented. Slang term used to describe most activities of the Aryan resistance movement prior to the advent of the Northwest Migration concept, and regrettably for some time after that as well. Northwest equivalent of old American military term snafu.

Gun Bunny—Adolescent female Northwest Volunteer or associate of the NVA. A number of these young women distinguished themselves in combat, intelligence, and support roles during the War of Independence.

GW—Kinetic energy firearms named after the renowned Texas gunsmith and engineer Gary Wilkerson, who invented a kinetic energy plate whereby the bullet is not propelled by a gunpowder-charged cartridge, but by a small kinetic energy charge from a metal power grid in the receiving group or bolt assembly of the weapon. Wilkerson KE technology is the basis for most NDF (q.v.) small arms.

Hats or Hat Squad—Semi-derogatory, pre-revolutionary term used by native-born white Northwesterners for Aryan settlers who answered the Old Man's call for migration. Refers to the eventual adoption of the fedora hat as the badge or insignia for Northwest settlers, at first of the Christian Identity faith, then later on the practice spread to migrants of all faiths.

It Takes A Village—Slang term for the Federal Child Protection and Welfare Act, passed during the first term of President Hillary Clinton. Basically, a form of legalized kidnapping of white children for purposes of social engineering and federal revenue enhancement. The name comes from a book written in the 1990s by Ms. Clinton when she was co-president. Based on the precedent of the Elian Gonzales case of 2000, the act gave the federal government the power to obtain legal custody over any child deemed to be “at risk” from any “undesirable or inappropriate home environment,” terms which could, of course, mean whatever the local U.S. Attorney said they meant, and then place such children elsewhere. In actual practice the act was used to take advantage of the scarcity of healthy white infants and young children available for adoption by the wealthy, due to the declining white birth rate in the early 21st century. The only children deemed to be at risk under the act were white, from poor or politically incorrect families. Placement involved an adoption bond from the adopting parents, which could range from $100,000 for older children to as high as a million dollars for a healthy, blond-haired and blue or green-eyed female infant.

Longview Conference—The conference wherein the United States agreed to withdraw from the areas of the Northwest Homeland deemed to be "administratively untenable," i.e. effectively under NVA control. At that point in time this consisted of the states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, parts of western Montana, and most of Wyoming.

NAR—Northwest American Republic. Established as a worldwide home for all persons of unmixed Aryan, that is to say white, non-Semitic, European descent. The Northwest American Republic presently consists of the entire states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming as well as hefty chunks of northern California, western Montana, Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska.

National Socialism—The racial and political world view (Weltanschaung in German) of the philosopher, soldier, and statesman Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).

NBA—Northwest Broadcasting Authority. State body in charge of all broadcast communications and entertainment in the Northwest American Republic.

NDF—Northwest Defense Force. The combined land, sea, air and space commands of the NAR military. All male citizens of the Republic are required to serve in the NDF for a minimum of two years of active duty plus reserve requirements up until age 50.

NLS—National Labor Service. There is no welfare as such in the Northwest American Republic. Neither is there any unemployment. If no private sector jobs are available in a particular field or locality, the Labor Service steps in to provide employment, usually on public works of various kinds. Many Northwest workers choose to work for the NLS voluntarily.

NVA—Northwest Volunteer Army. Formed on October 22nd in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, in response to the murder of the Singer family. Predecessor to the NDF.

OBA—Old Believers Association. The official NAR organization of non-Christian religious groups including Asatru, the proto-NS Nordic Faith Movement, and some elements of Wicca and Druidic cultism.

Old Man—Early advocate of Northwest Migration and independence. Helped found the Party (q.v.) and served as a convenient figurehead for the independence movement during the War of Independence, although he always considered his role in the revolution to be very much exaggerated. Served two terms as State President and was able to stabilize and consolidate the gains of the revolution, but was effectively removed from power by President Patrick Brennan and the Pragmatic Tendency in Parliament because he was thought to be a dangerously radical relic of the past. Presently President Emeritus of the Republic and living in seclusion. Suffers from dementia praecox due to his advanced age and is generally confused and incoherent. Has issues with ducks. [See The Hill of the Ravens.]

ONR—The United States Office of Northwest Recovery. Covert agency of the United States government devoted to the long term goal of returning the Northwest Republic to the United States and Canada respectively. Regularly conducts assassinations, sabotage, and other subversive activities within the Northwest American Republic.

On the Bounce—NVA slang term for being on the run from the American police and military.

Operation Strikeout—Twelve years after the Longview Conference the United States and Canada, in conjunction with the United Nations, launched what they believed to be a surprise attack against the Northwest Republic, intending to re-conquer the Pacific Northwest and return the Homeland to American imperial rule. Due to superior intelligence on the part of BOSS (q.v.) and the War Prevention Bureau (q.v.) the attack was not the surprise that the Pentagon thought it would be. The Americans and Canadians were decisively defeated in a campaign lasting 46 days and large sections of northern California, Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska were added to the Republic's territory.

The Party—The fighting revolutionary Party of Northwest independence founded by the Old Man, once a sufficient number of racially aware migrants had arrived in the Homeland to effect the socio-political demographic change necessary to make such a Party feasible. Although the Party was comprised in the majority of people who were native-born in the Northwest, it was made possible by the influx of racially aware migrants who listened to the Old Man's call and heeded it. Based upon the principles of National Socialism as expressed in the Cotswolds Declaration of 1962 and the Ten Principles of National Socialist Thought, yet offering a broad program of tolerance and participation for all Aryan religious and political tendencies, the Party provided the political leadership for the revolution, while the NVA provided the military capability.

Resurrection Shuffle—NVA slang term for being on the run, escaping and evading the Federal forces.

Rockwell, Commander George Lincoln (1918-1967)—American National Socialist leader. Founder of the American Nazi Party and the World Union of National Socialists.

Senior Citizens’ Quality of Life Act—Passed during Hillary Clinton’s second term as president. Allowed the euthanasia of elderly people in hospitals and nursing homes who, in the opinion of their physician, were “unlikely ever to achieve any quality of life or ability to live unassisted.” The physician was required to consult with the senior’s family before administering the fatal injection of sodium pentothal, or “hot shot,” but these very broad parameters led to widespread abuse by physicians who wanted to lighten their work loads or who were susceptible to bribes from family members, and by families anxious to gain inheritance and insurance benefits. The vast majority of elderly people thus legally euthanized were white.

Shock and Awe—A customary tactic for NVA partisans lying in wait to ambush federal troops, police, news media, or other enemy personnel. The concealed Volunteers would suddenly explode in a precisely aimed, concentrated hail of gunfire on full automatic or other rapid fire technique, using armor piercing bullets, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) etc. The object was to inflict as much damage as possible in the opening seconds of an encounter, disorienting and disabling enemy reaction, before a rapid withdrawal under cover of smoke grenades or other stratagems. Also known as the Mad Minute.

Spuckies—Derogatory and defamatory term used by local white people in the Northwest to denote racially conscious white settlers who came into the Homeland during pre-revolutionary times. Origin of this term unknown.

SS—Special Service. The NAR and the Party's élite military formation. Drawn from the top achievers of all the NDF branches, with naval, air, and space mobile wings. Highly trained and equipped with the most advanced equipment, the SS deliberately follows the traditions of its historic namesake of the Third Reich. The corps seeks to erase all differences and divisions of class, religion, and nationality, creating a true Aryan band of brothers. For this purpose, extensive political and racial education based on the principles of National Socialism is part and parcel of SS training and qualification.

Stukach—A Russian term meaning informer, dating from the time of Stalin and the hideous purges of the 1930s. How exactly this term entered the lexicon of the Northwest American Republic is not certain. When applied to the family or person of a citizen, it is considered the ultimate insult, along with the words "whigger" and "attorney." All three are considered to be killing words, i.e. prima facie casus belli under the law of the Republic for a duel to the death if the parties involved cannot be reconciled by formal procedures under the Code Duello.

Take The Gap—Broadly speaking, to Come Home. To immigrate to the Northwest American Republic. In practice, to "take the gap" generally connotes an illegal entry into the Homeland from the United States, Aztlan, Canada, or sometimes by air. "Taking the gap" often involves physically running the border under gunfire and pursuit.

Tickle—An operation of the Northwest Volunteer Army against a federal or Zionist target.

Third Section (Threesec)—Intelligence, counterintelligence, security and special operations department of the Party prior to 10/22 and during the War of Independence. Created by Matt Redmond, who served as Threesec's first director until his death. Organizational ancestor of both BOSS (q.v.) and War Prevention Bureau (q.v.).

Volunteer—A male or female soldier of the Northwest Volunteer Army.

Whigger—“White nigger.” A defamatory term for whites during the pre-revolutionary time who aped the mannerisms and subculture of blacks. Considered to be a killing word in the NAR, i.e. sufficient casus belli for a duel to the death if no compromise can be reached between the parties involved.

Whizz-Bang—Home-made rocket used by the NVA to attack fortified positions.

Woodchuck—Originally a term with defamatory and derogatory connotations used by Aryan settlers in the Homeland to denote those who were born in the Northwest, especially in rural areas. Now transmuted and claimed as a proud and honorable designation by those born in the Homeland.

WPB—The NAR's War Prevention Bureau. A covert agency designed to prevent the necessary military, political, and psychological conditions from developing within the United States, Aztlan, or anywhere else that might lead to an existential military threat to the existence of the Northwest Republic, through the use of targeted assassination and other black ops. The WPB is also responsible for tracking down and liquidating spies and traitors to the Northwest Republic, including informers and traitors from the time of the War of Independence. Their motto in German is “Alles bekennings wird abgerechnet.” (Translation: “All accounts will be settled.")

ZOG—Zionist Occupation Government. Term originally created by the obscure National Socialist writer Eric Thomson in the 1970s. Strictly construed, ZOG means the federal government of the United States. In actual usage it is a much more all-embracing term meaning the System, the Establishment, the generic "them" used by oppressed peoples to denote the federal tyrant.

For information on obtaining the Northwest Novels, contact

All four Northwest novels may be downloaded for free from

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New NVA Video

The inimitable Colonel House has returned:

Joe Bob says check it out.

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Radio Free Northwest - November 18th, 2010

Radio Free Northwest #43, dated November 18th 2010, is now available for download from the Party website at

In this podcast I talk about “negativity,” I discuss the problems intellectual racists have with the Northwest Front (and vice versa) and answer the question of “Will the Northwest Republic have a stock exchange?”

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The Constitution of the Northwest American Republic

Yes, we do have an alternative. Check out the shape of things to come:

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Americans Are Dumb-Asses

by R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.

Watch the behavior of adult Americans. Something is very wrong.

Many people say to me, “Americans are just stupid.” They point to the public school system as the dumbing down facility, or they put the blame on the parents.

There appears to be something far more sinister taking place.

Of course, what is about to be revealed to you will be hotly contested by every progressive on the planet. Their denial is meaningless, when the facts point to the obvious.

ANALOGY: If a building is on fire, then the building is on fire. Right?

POINT: If we see bizarre human behavior, then there is a cause, and it can be discerned. The first step is to recognize that there is a problem.

OBSERVATION: A large majority of Americans appear to be “mentally challenged,” because they fail to process incoming information, to analyze it, and then to adjust their behavior (i.e. change). For example, there is a huge increase in Attention Deficit and Compulsive disorders.

Recently, a large group of political activists were informed that the candidate, who they wanted to support, was not running on the GOP ticket; thereby, they should not vote straight party. They were told many times, Do not vote straight party.” They were told to manually select each candidate. In the past, most of them had always voted straight party. At the end of the voting day, when the supporters gathered to party and celebrate their hard work, the leaders discovered that the the supporters had voted straight party. The adult voters were distraught, when they learned that their candidate of choice lost the election. Is that stupid, or is it a mental problem?

Yes, those people appear to be really dumb and stupid; however, that behavior is an indication of something that is much more serious.

QUESTION: What is actually happening to the ability of American adults to perform critical thinking and to make rational decisions?

FACT: Under the Clintons, the federal government in 1998 through the Goals 2000 program labeled all children as “Special Needs.” The opinion at federal level was that all children have either mental, physical, or emotional problems, and they need assistance by experts. The education bureaucracy took that legislation and expanded it to levels that are still hidden from the public. Congress gave the Department of Education the right to “promulgate regulations;” thereby, it makes laws, which citizens must obey or face punishment. Hence, all children are“at risk” and need to be rescued.

FACT: In the late 1990s, billboards were all over South Carolina, which announced that humans need treatment for mental illness. President Clinton and his administration were busy getting ready to offer everybody that treatment. Medications are still advertised on television for conditions related to agenda (i.e., depression, sexual disorders, etc.). Those state and federal programs still exist.

POINT: My observation of the human mental condition has been noted by the U.S. Government. Some professionals believe that the federal government had a role in actually causing the disorder in our human state of mind, both in the USA and abroad.

QUESTION: Why are Americans having difficulty doing something that humans in the past seemed to do very well, like sitting in a classroom without disrupting it?

My professional opinion is that there is an underlying cause.

FACT: Most of the people who are over fifty-five-years old remember the days before television. My own family did not have television until I was seven.

As a child, my life was filled with the sounds of nature, which were very gentle and quiet. With four children in my family, there was plenty of human interaction, children chattering, and ongoing instruction by a busy mother. I lived in small cities most of my childhood. Families only had one car, so the sounds of traffic were minimal. Parents put children outside to play in the morning. After lunch, we took naps, read books, and then went back outside to play some more. The same thing after dinner.

In the 1960s, schools had the alphabet pasted above the chalk board and very little else to visually stimulate the students. No distractions were allowed. Some teachers had the resources to make a bulletin board, which was changed for each season of the year. Visual and auditory stimulation were minimal, which allowed the developing brains of children to process the incoming data.

However, within a decade, our society went to a different way of living. Families had televisions squawking all day long. Mothers watched soap operas, and no longer wanted to read to their children. They were too busy. Eventually, the children were given a television to watch with cartoons, whose characters insulted and injured one another. Fathers came home to their man chairs and assumed a position of The Watcher.

OPINION: Americans have mind-melded to a machine, which is destroying our ability to think.

FACT: A professor performed a study back in the 1990s about the amount of data that is coming into our human brains today. He compared the present input of the 1990s with the input of the 1890s. The input during the first two hours the morning in the 1990s was equal to a month (30 days) of input only 100 years ago. Humans are pounded all day with input from multiple sources, both electronic as well as from their environment.

FACT: Furthermore, the electronic vibration of the earth’s atmosphere has changed. One expert has documented that before the invention of electricity, the earth resonated at a very low frequency. However, the onset of the electronic era has increased the amount of vibration in the atmosphere in which we live.

The original resonance of the earth was 7.83 cycles/second, which is perfect for human learning. That resonance has drastically changed
. For more information, direct your studies to Dr. Nich Begich ( It is a fact, and not an opinion, that our atmosphere has electronically changed. Humans are surrounded by an increase in unseen vibrations, and our nervous system is strongly effected by it.

FACT: Another problem is the amount of data on brain tissue is enormous. Humans minds are under siege. It is no wonder our elementary children need drugs to stay calm. They cannot cope with all of the incoming data.

Many teenagers feel angry all of the time. Their normal hormonal surges, combined with the electronic pounding, is creating havoc within their brains. They seek relief with illegal drugs, by experimenting with sex, and they consume alcohol by the barrel. Can you blame them?

ILLUSTRATION: There is an episode on one of the Star Trek television series, which illustrates this type of phenomena. A small video game was introduced onto the space ship for entertainment. People became addicted to the mild visual stimulus they were getting from playing the game, and they could gradually increase the stimulation. Eventually, the entire crew was playing the game all day and all night. No one was working. They were eventually rescued by a person who refused to play the game, and avoided becoming addicted to the machine.

FACT: Today pediatricians are seeing two-month-old babies that do not attend to noises. Parents bring them to the doctor, because they think the child is deaf. After testing for physical defects, and not finding anything wrong, the doctor begins to ask questions about the home environment. Doctors find this condition occurs when parents have a television running all day. The newborn cannot discriminate between the parents’ voices and the television. Parents are asked to turn off the television, which will allow the baby to learn the human communication s/he needs for survival.

THEREFORE, at this point in time, my professional opinion is that most of the human behavior problems are caused by our electronic environment, and that includes entertainment. We have been seduced into ways of thinking that heretofore would never have occurred. We are bombarded with incoming input to a level that is breaking the normal barriers of the human ability to cope.

Progressives have tried to convince parents that children and teenagers are disobedient creatures by nature. As a professional, I totally disagree with that idea, because history tells me otherwise. In fact, that history was my own.

FACT: In the past, most children obeyed their parents and teachers without question. They wanted to be good, because that is what they were taught. Mischief is not “badness.” Children are humans and very creative, but they usually do not wish to harm parents. Historically, adolescents were not openly rebellious. No one ever witnessed disobedience on a grand scale. Today on television, every show involves sassy, loud, disobedient teens. In the past children never saw disobedience, and the idea of disobedience was just not in their psyche.

In the past, people respected the property of others. Before the Great Depression, no one locked their doors, because stealing was considered immoral, wrong, and the community forbade it.

Kindness within one’s own family and community was prevalent in the past.

One did not covet better cars, better clothes, etc., because one rarely saw anything above the status of the community in which one lived. There were no television advertisements demanding competition. Instead, folks learned to be content with very little.

For the record, of course, I am aware of adolescents in all eras who choose to run away from home or who act out frustration in public. But again, the behavior is caused. If it is a genetic condition, then one must suspect that their immediate environment aggravated the situation. Again, the number was minimal.

SUGGESTION: The cure for this mental malady is simple: unplug the electronic devices that consume our minds.

CONCLUSION: I do not believe that a voluntary disconnect is going to happen. The minds of the masses are already corrupted, and that corruption by electronic abuse and conditioning spans several decades. The future is tilting in a direction that is bizarre. We are not moving toward socialism, but toward a atheist dictator government. Its plans are well documented, and it shall take over all humans on earth, who are conditioned to comply. Fiction has become fact.

QUESTION: Who will rescue humans from this electronic mental seduction?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Semper Fi

"When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual. Then it became optional. I'm getting out before Obama makes it mandatory."

-Gunnery Sergeant Harry Berres, USMC

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letter To James Edwards

Re: James Interview On VOR,

James and others of the Political Cesspool,

I realize that Harold Covington of Northwest Republic gets the short shrift when it comes to what is known as the White Nationalist movement. VOR and other radio programs can't or won't cover his Radio Free Northwest.

Covington has covered the Edgar Steele's travails as much or more than any other site.

Covington's four Northwest novels have been covered on, for example, the Occidental Quarterly site and I believe Tom Sunic has interviewed Harold. But that's as far as is goes.

Here is my opinion of what whites are up against on the North American Continent.

This country is going down the tube. This country can't be saved and should not be saved. It's a goner. Whites as a mass will not wake up, all on their own, to what's really going on.

All the White Nationalist radio programs and publications, except Covington's are nothing but talk, talk, talk. Covington is heading up the only visible program of doing something about saving the White race on this continent with his Northwest migration as outlined in his four Northwest novels.

This pussy footing around thinking that the mass of brainwashed Whites in America are suddenly going to wake to their peril is a pipe dream.
Granted, some are awake but have no idea what to do about what they're facing. There is no way in hell that this country, all 50 states, can be reclaimed back to the "good old days". There never really were any "good old days" of our fathers and their fathers. This nation was doomed before the ink on the Constitution was even dry, and Tom Jefferson and the other Masons knew it. The Constitution has buried within it the seeds of its own destruction. It's a dead duck. Get over it.

We have to stop living in the past and face what will be the extinction of the White race on this continent within 100 years unless the hard realities or met. In my view Harold Covington has mapped out the only viable option in saving a piece of this land and a remnant of the Whites in the Northwest migration.

Do you really think that the Jews, and their shock troops of beaners and blacks, whose rank and file hate the Jews as much as they hate Whites, are all of a sudden, in some future fantasy become nicey nice and let Whites survive when Whites become the minority in less that 50 years?

Tom Chittum in his Civil War Two, Edgar Steele in his Defensive Racism and Harold Covington in his four Northwest novels have outlined what the possible scenarios for the future of whites may be. There are other books that cover the subject and have their place.

However, it's the Northwest migration of carving out a place for Whites in what is now the Northwest United States, as the only realistic option, that has a snowball chance in hell of saving Whites.

Now, I've said this to my friends and I've said this to Harold which he knows to be true; you can't save a people, they have to save themselves, you can't do it for them. The only thing one can do is to do all that's possible to give Whites the option that has a chance of success.

NW Native

Friday, November 12, 2010

Neo-Con Flack Whacked

[Some Classic HAC. This was originally posted to this blog on August 3, 2005. - HAC]

Yesterday a "free lance journalist" from New York City named Steven Vincent was abducted from a currency exchange shop in Basra, Iraq, allegedly by five men in a police car. Snatched up into the car along with him was his female interpreter, an Iraqi girl named Noor Teidis whom Vincent referred to on his blog as "Layla."

Vincent's bullet-riddled body was found dumped into a ditch outside Basra a short while later, and the girl was shot and left for dead as well. She is in the hospital, or whatever they still have in Basra that passes for a hospital under the Anglo-American occupation. The usual howls among the media about the poor martyred journalist are already wafting their way up to the heavens.

Well, I actually read some of Vincent's acclaimed Red Zone Blog last night, and frankly I'm amazed that he lasted as long as he did.

In the first place, to give the poor dumb bastard his due, Vincent was a good reporter. Parts of his articles in the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor were interesting. He exposed corruption and the infiltration of the Shi'ite religious parties into the occupation government authorities and the Iraqi police. Okay, this is hardly news. What? Corruption in the Middle East? Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East? I'm shocked, Carruthers, shocked, I tell you! And yet Vincent plowed on like a bull in a China shop, and he did so not from some nice air-conditioned trailer in the Green Zone but from out in the Red Zone on the street, hence the title of his blog.

Vincent also exposed the Geramsha and Halaf, two Mafia-like criminal tribes running protection rackets, waterfront rip-offs, and other organized crime in the port city of Basra. There are some who would call this behavior courageous. I personally think it crossed the line from courage into blind stupidity and pure American arrogance, but hey, it was his life.

But this was not just some Jimmy Olsen type willing to lay his ass on the line for a story. Vincent was more than that, and worse than that. The man was a an open and unabashed, raging neo-con, and a cheerleader for the vile and illegal American occupation of Iraq. He said flat out in his columns "American values are just better," and never once questioned Jug-Ears' mental or leadership capacities, or questioned Amurrica's right to go into someone else's country, steal their oil, and civilize the native chappies at the point of a gun.

He was also a religious bigot. I don't know if Steven Vincent was a Christian religious rightist, but he clearly had issues with Islam. He seems to have gone to Iraq specifically for the purpose of writing and publishing every insulting, belittling, demeaning thing he could say about Islam. To him, any Muslim who actually believed in his religion was a "turban" and by definition incompetent, vicious, and stupid. He made fun of Iraqi men, insulted and belittled them in almost every paragraph, while simultaneously making his unabashed admiration and longing for them dusky-eyed Arab beauties manifest.

Vincent went so far in his lust for Arab females that he furthermore outraged Muslim morality by his practice of swanning around Basra in the company of an unmarried Iraqi woman, who was at least partially unveiled some of the time, according to his accounts of his daily life on his arrogant and grating blog. He took this girl Layla into bars in the Green Zone where there was mixed company (including the loathed female soldiers whose very presence is an insult to the entire Middle Eastern culture) and where alcohol was served. Jesus Christ, could he have spat in those people's faces any worse? Why didn't he just piss in a mosque while he was at it?

The dumb-ass simply didn't seem to be able to wrap his mind around the fact that not everybody on earth grew up on MTV, Sex in the City, and Married with Children. Not everybody on earth was raised ogling Kelly Bundy's jiggly nubile young bod. There are some people remaining on the face of this earth who have not yet surrendered to Ronald McDonald culture and who actually insist on enforcing some kind of behavioral standards and decorum on women, which I know is a hard concept for pussy-whipped American men to comprehend, but there it is.

Over there, when Girls Behave Badly they actually get punished, again a concept which I know Americans have great difficulty in grasping. As I keep trying to tell these slack-jawed, Fox News-staring morons over here, not everybody in the world is ready to roll over and play dead yet and put up a Wal-Mart on the site of their ancient temples to their "false" gods.

Steven Vincent had the guts (or stupidity) to risk his own life for what he believed in, however pernicious and stupid and thoroughly wrong his beliefs. I'm rather surprised he wasn't capable of looking around the streets of Basra and noticing all those characters lounging in the corners with AK-47s and saying to himself, "Hey, Toto, we're not in Kansas any more," but apparently the penny never dropped.

Steven Vincent was typically American in his hubris, and that hubris killed him. Apparently Vincent thought he could get away with insulting, humiliating, and threatening the livelihoods of people in whose land he had not one bit of business, and still strut around Basra every day with his Iraqi "whore" (for thus she was viewed by her countrymen) with complete immunity.

Vincent had the right to risk his own life like that, call it courage or ignorant American arrogance as you will. He didn't have the right to risk the life of that Iraqi girl along with his own. He should have known better and if his regard for Iraqi women was so high, then he shouldn't have dragged one down with him. Even if she survives, Layla is now marked forever and ruined as a collaborator and prostitute, regardless of whatever their relationship really was. She's collateral damage. That's what Americans leave behind throughout the world, including the ones like Steven Vincent who carry a camera instead of a gun.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Radio Free Northwest - November 11th, 2010

Radio Free Northwest #42, dated November 11th 2010, is now available for download from the Party website at

This week I talk about police and federal informers and agent provocateurs within the Movement, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Weird Aryan History Series

Okay, I have been advised henceforth to avoid the use of humor in my posts. Apparently it's going over some of your heads.

I have also been advised to explain everything clearly, concisely, and simply, since apparently some of you are confused. So let me start by explaining the concept of a "Weird Aryan History" series.

Someone once said that Americans are a people without a past. I once saw a statistic to the effect that less than 50% of Americans (meaning White Americans) can name all four of their grandparents (I mean actually name them: Grandpa and Mee-Maw don't count) and less than ten percent could name more than one great-grandparent. Many Americans confuse the Korean War with World War Two. Something like 30% of reporters in the Gulf War did not know there had been a World War One, although you'd think the designation of World War Two might have tipped them off that there was a World War One floating around somewhere. (True story.)

We as a people have no idea where we've been, so it's no wonder we have no idea where we're going.

My Weird Aryan History series is an attempt to remedy that, to inform White Nationalists of some of the more interesting events in the history of our people and let them know that yes, in fact there were Aryan events going on before the time of cowboys and Indians, which is far back as most Americans have any historical awareness at all.

Beyond a highly inaccurate movie version of the Wild West, some Americans have a vague impression of the Civil War (some re-enactors are downright anal about the 1861-1865 period to the exclusion of the other 3000-odd years of Western civilization, just like some National Socialists can recite a day by day history of the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945 and nothing else at all.) There is a dimmer impression in a few consciousnesses of George Washington crossing the Delaware, and guys in white wigs signing something in 1776, and beyond that there's Elmer Fudd in Puritan dress, wearing a cartoon steeple-crown hat and carrying a blunderbuss, hunting turkeys for Thanksgiving (nobody hunts with a blunderbuss) while having run-ins with Bugs Bunny. For 99% of Americans, that's it.

Now, in addition to being a people with amnesia, we are also a very sleazy people, as the current pre-occupation with Court TV and assorted media hyped crap indicates, from Scott Peterson to Natalee Holloway. Fine, I'm sleazy too. So I will be selecting all kinds of weird, wonderful, violent, bloody, bizarre, and ghastly stuff from the history of our race and presenting it for our own little tabloid show here on the internet. I started off last night with the mystery of the Princes in the Tower.

These articles will in fact be mostly fairly long and detailed and you will have to dust off the old attention span and give it a good workout to read and understand most of them, but I will try to intersperse short little Aryan factoids as well. I think this will actually be a kind of entertaining project, something to occupy myself while waiting for the lights to go out, and something many of you will appreciate. If you don't, there's always the old delete button.

Okay, are we clear on what the Weird Aryan History Series is and why? We do know that there is a purpose to it and it's not just Harold losing his marbles? Good.

To subscribe to the Weird History Series send a "subscribe" to

Tell 'em the Old Man sent you.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Martyrs of November 9th

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the National Socialist Revolution in Germany, and of the deaths of sixteen heroes who with the Führer marched that day from the Burgerbraukeller to the Feldherrenhalle in Munich.

They came from all walks of life but had in common a burning desire to restore the honor of the Fatherland, the spark of conscience and historical responsibility, and the knowledge that no matter how distant or unattainable the goal seems, the evil men do can also be undone by men.

Their names will never be forgotten:

Felix Alfarth
Andreas Bauriedl
Theodor Casella
Wilhelm Ehrlich
Martin Faust
Anton Hechenberger
Oskar Koerner
Karl Kuhn
Karl Laforce
Kurt Neubauer
Claus von Pape
Theodor Pfordten
Johann Rickmers
Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter
Lorenz Ritter von Stransky
Wilhelm Wolf

Heil Hitler!

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Moral Illegitimacy of Governments

by John Kaminski

We don’t have leaders, statesmen, or philosopher kings anymore. We have bagmen for the Jewish financial mob that rules the known world with its money tricks, with not a patriot in sight when the orders come down from the big boys, the top Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Schiffs.

I’d been wondering why the Jewish media have given patriotism such a bad name — inferring it is kind of a retrograde emotion that has no place in the One World government they are implementing, and hence, has gone out of fashion. This is what they’re telling the kids in your school. I got it when I went to school, too. What a clever way to destroy a country, eh?

The old Jewish multicultural scam — strength in diversity, they called it — has worked really well for them, destabilizing every country it has infected. In Israel of course, this social plan does not apply, as only Jews are deemed legitimate citizens.

And throughout the world, every Jew — every believer in the Jewish holy book The Talmud — believes that all non Jews are beasts, cattle, cockroaches, and most especially, able to be exploited, robbed and murdered with absolutely no pang of Jewish moral conscience, because the rabbis have repeatedly said and still say today that all these actions are perfectly OK, and that non Jews are on this planet to serve Jews.

You diggin’ that?

If you’re wondering where your money went — not to mention your country — look no further than Israel, the Sanhedrin world court which can capture anyone in the world and abduct them for execution, the City of London, owned by the biggest Jewish bankers, and the chambers of the U.S. Capitol building, where the U.S. Congress meets, which has long been known to the whole world as being Israeli occupied territory.

You are kept from knowing this by the worldwide Jewish media mindlock, which trumpets the Holocaust in its quest to get you to worship death as Jews do, which is also why they conduct all these invasions of other countries and false flag terror exhibitions on holidays significant to their demonic calendar. Purim, celebrating the ancient Jewish slaughter of Iranians, is their favorite.

We have lost sight of who and what our lives are for. This top down government gives up a top down society, where the slave owners have ruled the roost for 3,000 years. We’re in a more refined mode of slavery now, regimented by hourly wages and debt based tortures that fund enormous projects we don’t need to make our lives better, while ignoring the essentials of good, warm lives because we can make more money working for beaucoup bucks per hour manufacturing parts for Jewish drone air assault vehicles than we can tending our own gardens, growing our own food, and interacting with the dream world Garden of Eden of our own choosing, absolutely no government assistance needed.

It was with shock that I learned that the very beginnings of civilization, of course, involved a desperate struggle for survival in which the cultivation of grains seemed to solve the problem of an exploding population in the archeological analyses of the Natufian culture at Jericho in 8500 BC. Grain based diets, however, are essentially toxic to our digestive systems, and also create shorter, less robust humans (as the Mexican and Japanese cultures demonstrate) than those meat-eating European Aryans. Thus it was, for the health of the species, that the creation of cities significantly diminished us physically, due to dependence on grain. A wrong turn so very long ago, compounded by so many other errors of fear in the centuries to come.

Snap forward to today: Are people beginning to realize that the noble sentiments of our Founding Fathers have been totally betrayed by our dependence on our cancerous foreign entanglement? No one in Congress should be out of jail. They are not working for the people, or for peace. They are working for their financial masters (all of whom just happen to be Jewish), and for war.

Before you get too enthusiastic about your rising patriotic fervor, let me give you a heads up about a new book out, Thomas diLorenzo’s Hamilton’s Curse, which I hope later to describe at greater length once I’ve read it. Its thesis, however, hits the nail on the head about exactly what went wrong with the American experiment.

We talk about how this country was founded by Thomas Jefferson, but what we really got was the country engineered by Alexander Hamilton, the guy on the $10 bill. And that means the banks never really lost their grip on the behind-the-scenes terrain of the U.S. government, except perhaps for a brief period in the 1830s during the administration of Andrew Jackson, who avoided assassination by the bankers only because the assassin’s gun misfired twice.

So the whole America thing was essentially flawed from the outset. The Bill of Rights is really a nonapplicable feel good item that was added to the rest of the Constitution as prudent public relations. Judges in courts today don’t want to hear anything about the Bill of Rights, because they use a totally different system of law that only they and the lawyers know, one of the great flaws in the U.S. governmental setup.

Yet, the fact remains there is no better basic model of government that has been devised (notwithstanding the Homeland Security mutilations it has recently undergone). It can be perfected, with an emphasis on its essential guarantees rather than on the profiteers who have sabotaged these safeguards.

The U.S. government as it stands now is wholly illegitimate, prostituted as it is to the worldwide Jewish financial octopus, a situation that has existed, in the words of Ezra Pound, since the Civil War!

Our elected representatives who attempted to point this out were utterly destroyed by Jewish media and the Jewish controlled government of Woodrow Wilson and all the others. Did you know J. Edgar Hoover once threw Charles Lindbergh to the ground while the FBI was breaking up a campaign rally for Lindbergh’s father, who was trying to warn the world about the Federal Reserve in 1913? Guess who told me that, Eustace?

No, you wouldn’t have read that in a Jewish newspaper (all the newspapers are Jewish now) or learned that from a Jewish schoolbook (and you can bet all the schoolbooks are Jewish now).

The entire American history of the 20th century is essentially one of Jewish manipulation from behind the scenes, letting Americans think Jews were just another minority, just part of the landscape. Now, realize that every song and every book you’ve ever heard, every TV show you’ve ever watched and every movie you’ve ever seen, has been at least approved but more often than not wholly created by Jewish censors who have moved society substantially in the direction of disintegration by denigrating every aspect of authority except their own.

They’ve controlled our music, our movies, our books and our schools for the better part of a hundred years. It’s no wonder no student in America is really educated anymore; they’re propagandized rather than taught how to learn, and how to think. This situation was no accident.

No one can get elected to Congress without supporting Israel, which is the central source of all the terror and injustice now afflicting the entire planet with this phony, constructed claptrap about terror, constantly being created by the CIA/MI6/Mossad to keep the addled goyim populaces convinced that they need the protection of all these superweapons and draconian security measures. It’s all bullshit, created by the Jews.

They blow up things, then blame it on somebody else. But a funny thing seems to be happening. Nobody seems to believe those stories anymore.

For a nation that was founded on the notions of liberty and justice for all, we have plummeted into into a mindless mechanism of regimentation that enthusiastically tortures people it knows are innocent (because it invented the bad guys and knows who they are) in which all human potential is flushed through a media meatgrinder of perverse conditioning that keeps people deluded and dependent on Big Brother. I think I wrote something once called “The Teeth in the Smile.”

And more people are seeing the government as their enemy, which it is, as Thomas Jefferson told us, on numerous occasions. His best is probably the most important message we could possibly receive at this time: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Perhaps the wisest of the so-called Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin predicted a fickle future for the new republic because of one questionable group. “If you do not exclude them from these United States in the Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance, and jeopardized our liberty. If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.” This quote was recorded by Georgia Gov. Charles C. Pinckney all those long years ago. And it has come to pass.

This is no government “by the people, of the people, and for the people,” as Lincoln once so proudly proclaimed. It is a government by the money, of the moneyed, and for the money,” which is why so many people in this world are dying needlessly in grand intrigues that really have nothing to do with them as people.

This is the tyranny that needs to be ended immediately, this moral illegitimacy of governments.

It is the purpose of government to be trusted, but that’s hard to do when it tells so many lies. Who, we may ask, are they working for? And why is that not us?

Our religious leaders have totally failed us in these matters, too busy with coverups of their own to alert us to the coverup that enslaves us. But if we don’t understand these bogus relationships, this phony moral cover provided by such theological troglodytes as Billy Graham, Sun Myung Moon, and John Hagee, then our liberty, such as it was, is surely at an end, all due to the moral illegitimacy of governments, always run by the rich with no concern for the poor. And this is why we have the world we have.

Slowly and carefully over all these years, we have been taught not how to care for each other but how to destroy and take advantage of each other. Getting past this barrier will decide whether or not humanity survives.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

"A Feeling That You Have Been Cheated"

"...Had it always been like this?...Always in your stomach and in your skin there was a kind of protest, a feeling that you had been cheated of something that you had a right to. It was true that he had no memories of anything greatly different...but was it not a sign that this was not the natural order of things, if one's heart sickened at it all?...Why should one feel it to be intolerable unless one had some kind of ancestral memory that things had once been different?"

The society George Orwell described in his classic novel 1984 was one of Stalinist scarcity, whereas ours today is one of Stalinist abundance. Beyond that, the parallels between the author's fictional Oceania and contemporaryAmerica, becoming sharper and more glaring every year, form one of the most eerie and disturbing prophecies in all literature. Every line is worth absorbing (I read the book through at least once a year), but the section quoted above has always struck a particular chord with me.

All of us feel that way, don't we? All of us in the back of our minds and hearts have an instinctive awareness that we have been cheated of a world and a life that is rightfully ours---a White world. The constant sight of muddy faces on the streets and in the stores; the ever-present gabble of Third World languages which have now become the incessant backdrop of American life; the never-ending, niggling little pressures in the workplace to bow down, to burn the pinch of incense before the altars of political correctness; the twinges of inner sickening at the sodomy and perversion all around us. The cheap, tawdry, empty feel of what passes for culture. The corruption and lies and arrogant disdain for normal people in politics which have become so normal that they long ago ceased to shock and are now merely boring.

This is one of the greatest advantages we have in recruiting others to our cause. The present order of things isn't right. It isn't natural. It shouldn't be, and in the deepest recesses of their hearts every White man and woman in America knows things shouldn't be like this.

Some of us are old enough to remember a better way of life. I myself was born in 1953, a few months before the rot set in with Brown vs. Board of Education, but it didn't go bad all at once, and I retain some fleeting childhood memories of what it was really like growing up in the much-maligned Old South, to go to school only with other children of my own race and so never have to worry about being beaten and robbed and bullied. The very idea that I could have come to harm at my elementary or junior high school simply never occurred to me or to my parents. The world wasn't like that, then. I only met drugs, integration, arrogant liberalism, lunatic leftism in the form of the SDS, and general racial reality when our family moved to Chapel Hill in 1968 and I entered a "racially diverse" high school.

I have also had the immense good fortune to travel. I lived in Rhodesia for almost three years, a privilege I will always be thankful for. There I saw and felt and lived what the past must have been like in the high Victorian summer of the British Empire, when White men ruled the world,before the madness of this terrible century began in August of 1914. In Dublin I learned what it was like to live in a major city and be able to walk anywhere, at any time of day or night, and not worry about being assaulted and murdered because of the color of my skin. How many White people today know what that feels like? To walk around a city and not keep a mental map of the black "no-go" neighborhoods in the back of one's mind all the time, constantly trying to stay oriented so you don't cross the wrong street and face death or mutilation?

I have lived in the West of Ireland and on the Isle of Man, where the stone ruins of our ancestors still stand on every hillside, and I have seen the sea and the rocks and the green land as they saw it, not a billboard or a black face or a McDonald's in sight. I have lived a full glorious English summer in Sussex. At these times my heart has told me without hesitation, "This is how it should be for our people."

What I am fortunate enough to have glimpsed, all of you sense exists, and I can assure you that your instincts do not lie. Yes, the past really was better, far better than today. Yes, Aryan people can indeed achieve peace and happiness and freedom to be what their spirits demand of them, and in a few remaining places in the world it can still happen. Yes, the key is race---our people can never be happy or safe in the enforced, equal presence of the mud people, as one quickly learns by contrasting those wonderful Sussex downs with the squalling hybrid squalor and filth of London's multi-racial East End.

They say you can't miss what you never had, but that's not always the case. We all miss the White world of the past in our very genes. Nature intended us to live in an all-White society, to live and love and mate and nurture our children among their own kind, and only among our own kind. Far more than anything else, an all-White society is our right. All other rights spring from that right, and all wrongs spring from the denial of it. No matter how squeaky clean the upper levels of our conscious minds might be washed by the PC thought police, there will always be something in the Aryan spirit that instinctively yearns for that precious White world that we have a right to.