Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Deserve A Break Today, Part Deux

by John Baydon

The worst part of McDonalds meals is the accompanying milk shakes and especially the fizzy drinks such as cola--where McD- make most of their profits. Next come the fries- now cooked in the tasteless but politically correct and carcinogenic vegetable oils, instead of the natural and more tasty beef dripping previously used.

Then there is the stuff called American cheese- a wondrous blend of the engineer's and the chemist's arts. This stuff appears to be some sort of coloured, extruded polymer, flavoured with lactic acid and salt, and no doubt, in common with most manufactured 'poor people's fare' bulked up with the profitable skimmed milk, and possibly the ubiquitous and carcinogenic GM soy junk?

Then comes the burger--American bread. Its consistency is reminiscent of Chorley Wood processing i.e. a sort of puffed up flash baked, pudding, but its taste is definitely American bread--that is, it is sweetened. Some say that this practice of adding sugar is down to a US regulation mandating a minimum nutritional value for processed bread? All I know is that to me, the sugary taste of the stuff goes more with jam or fruit conserve, and clashes badly with meat products.

Then there is the slice of gherkin, some green stuff and some squirted white sauce. I don't know for sure what the white sauce (mayonnaise?) contains, but as poor folks food it would surprise me to learn that it isn't skimmed milk (casein) some horrid GM vegetable oil and possibly GM soy flour?

So if you must eat McDonalds, it may possibly be best to eat the burger and throw away the rest. The expensive bit, the beef, is the most healthy and least dishonest component of the entire concoction.
With regard to the bits of green vegetation, the best part to my taste is the slice of pickled gherkin.

The other vegetables, the chips (UK) or fries (US). In the US these are probably some Monsanto nightmare GM potato-like-thing, grown in chemical saturated supermuck, but in Europe they will at least, be descendants of honest to goodness potatoes, grown in muck, but just a little less saturated in agrochem.

However, since these are vegetables they must be processed as all bulk vegetables are, cleaned of muck, using more chemicals, treated with anti-oxidants and fungicides for storage as chips (So2) then they are blanched and fried in the (1980s faddish) dirt cheap and likely GM vegetable oils--e.g. sunflower, rapeseed etc.

It is this junk, not the beef, that is the killer. This vegetable oil soaked vegetation is what shovels on the bad cholesterol and blocks arteries.

I do admire vegetarians. I admire their devil-may-care, cavalier spirit in chomping down the massive quantities of agro chemicals that horrify me and "enrich" the various GM and non GM plants they consume, and when I see people eating in vegetarian cafe's (pushing vegetation around their plates) I often wonder if they say "complements to the chemist" as they finish their miserable, over priced meal.

I admire the vegetarian his rejection of flavour and variety and all enjoyment (other than a sort of holier-than-thou PC arrogance) in eating, much as I admire some monochrome artists who eschew the colours of the rainbow for black and white.

I would like to admire them, though I can't, for their boundless trust and faith in the left wing and globalist cultural media, which for nigh on a century has been proselytizing the dictum that meat is bad, veg is good.

The quasi religious tone of the secular veggie lobby takes on the mantle of its religious zealot predecessors composed largely of English and welsh Puritans/ mercenary Methodists dour Scots Calvinists (the world's cheap eaters) or even gloomier Germans, and the Irish (the world's worst cooks)- "Eat up your (ghastly) boiled cabbage, young Seamus, or ye'll nivver get to heaven" and suchlike miseries and killjoys, all consumed with the irrational dual belief that enjoyment of food--or anything else other than toil and suffering--is sinful, together with an equally mindless compunction for obsessive cleaning and orderliness, especially marked in the German model, a mental disorder (OCD) which frequently results in mania.

As for the rest, capitalist and Communist alike, they distrust and fear the carnivore for his strength and vitality. The idea of a dumbed down, subservient, vegetarian world citizen suits the interests of both.

For at least forty years it has been near impossible pick up a glossy, woman's lifestyle magazine, or dull lefty paper, and not find an article urging vegetarianism, whilst the same sort of thing is seen in the business papers- though the emphasis here is profit, rather than the good for one's soul/ health.

Animals are expensive to rear, vegetation is cheaper and potentially more profitable.

Characteristic of all such nonsensical (but profitable) fads, vegetarianism is often intermixed with others for additional effect, thus the ridiculous global warming/ Co2 scam is incorporated--"Animals cause Co2 emissions- vegetarianism is good for the planet." No one pointed out what all omnivore people know--that humans eating a vegetarian diet tend to emit large amounts of noxious gases.(*)

And again--vegetarianism advocated in support of that other fallacy, inevitable global overpopulation (the white component of which is not increasing.) "Only the universal adoption of vegetarianism can hope to feed a hungry world." The question of whether it is either possible or even advisable to do this, is something which they calculate will not be asked by the average dim vegetarian.

Finally, the sheer, culpable ignorance and muddled thinking around all areas of this advocacy is staggering:

The argument against animal cruelty- "For the good of the poor creatures- they should not be slaughtered for our pleasure in eating them."

The result of universal vegetarianism would be the elimination of all ruminants. There would be no more happy sows with their piglets, no more cows munching fields of grass, daises and buttercups. They would all be dead and possibly extinct. No room for them in a vegetarian world.

So much for animal rights and welfare.

Lousy, irrational thinking.

Vegetarianism relies on ignorance of the contrary evidence of both history and basic human biology. We are not apes. Our design, from our teeth and jaws right down to the gut is that of an omnivore not a ruminant, and while some individuals may hold a preference for say more fruit, or more meat in proportion (I had a little Scotty/ Dachund dog that preferred vegetables and fruit) a varied diet, of good unadulterated, fresh food, eaten when hungry--i.e. on demand rather than at regular intervals--with periods of fast and feast, is what suits our design and constitution, just as it also suits that of our despised but successful fellow omnivore, the rat.

Much of the McDonalds criticism seems to come from the rich, pretentious and higher orders and is directed against the poor or lower orders, the inarticulate and un empowered who cannot answer back.

With the change in work practice from long days of very hard physical toil to sedentary occupations or even sitting about in front of the TV whilst slurping away on sugary drinks, beer and eating potato or wheat crisps (UK) chips (US) plus chocolate and sweet snacks.

Look into the shopping trolley of the average poor fat person, you will see expensive packaged convenience food, Crisps/ chips, whether potato or flour based but full of hydrogenated vegetable fat. Fizzy drinks, skimmed milk (idiotmilch) yoghurt-(more skimmed milk), margarine (synthetic butter spread). processed (imitation) sliced bread- full of cheap GM soy flour. It is these sorts of junk foods together with an idle lifestyle that makes people fat. If you are fat then you are eating too much, is a fact.

Personally I generally favour fish and home baked bread and real butter and eggs, but as I also smoke, drink gallons of coffee, work nights and often 24 hr shifts, and sometimes go a day without eating, I am no paragon of the healthy lifestyle.

Now if you wish to experiment and prove that one foodstuff is not really food at all try this experiment:

Take one pack of butter and one of margarine (non dairy spread) drop a lump of each on the floor in front of a dog or cat. The animal will quickly lap up the butter, but will take no notice of the margarine. Do the same in a pig sty--the pigs will go crazy for the butter but ignore the margarine. Rats love butter but even a starving rat will not touch the chemical spread stuff.
Insects generally will soon shift a dab of butter, leaving the margarine alone.

The stuff is not food. It is dangerous, carcinogenic rubbish, which only a stupid human could mistake for food. It is the last thing that any responsible parent should feed to her children.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely "spot on" to use a British expression! I disagree that cows and pigs would become extinct in a globalist vegetarian dystopia, though. Cow and pig shit would be simply processed into chemical fertilizers for the agrichem industry. Meat would still be consumed as well, but the eating of meat would be a privilege permitted only to the multi-trillionaire Jew Elite, just as Multiculturalism is touted as "good" for formerly-White homelands as the Jews hypocrtitically preach the necessity of practicing (allegedly "evil" unless it's practiced for the purpose of advancing Jewish supremacism) Apartheid in Shitsrael and those parts of Occupied Palestine not yet officially stolen lock, stock, and barrel by the filthy kikes.

Many consider my trim-but-muscular build to be "underweight" at 6'0" and 160# and point to the fact that I eat only when I feel the need to "refuel" as an "unhealthy" lifestyle. Most of those critics, though, look like the typical flabby Amurrican of the age of the chemically-enhanced food-substitute diet.

-- WhitePride65

8:25 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

I remember when I lived in Rhodesia how much meat was in the daily diet. No matter where you went or what time of day or night it was steak was always available. In the US or Europe if you order a steak sandwich you will be given a big bun with a couple of pieces of thin meat in it. In Rhodesia you would be given a huge piece of meat with a couple of thin pieces of bread which would soon disintegrate from the meat juices.It's no wonder that the Rhodesians were such strong,vigorous men. They produced so much food they didn't know what to do with it. Yet, you rarely saw any obese people. It has to be said though, that bowel cancer rates were high. You can have too much of a good thing. I also picked up a craving for biltong while there. Kudu meat was my favourite but you could get virtually any kind imaginable. I hear that there are no more kudu now, or any other wild life. The niggers have eaten them all.
By the way, not all apes are vegetarians. Chimps in central Africa hunt and kill monkeys for meat. Perhaps they learnt it from the apes with clothes who eat them at every opportunity.
I agree with you in general about the diet in white countries. I have gone off meat now because I don't trust the producers not to pump the animals full of drugs. Your assessment of vegetarinas is pretty much on the mark. As for MacDonalds, I wouldn't eat their poison on a bet.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read a book called fast Food nation to see how bad it really is. Fast Food entrepreneurs represent the best and worse of American capitalism. Self made men who rose for the bottom to become captains of corporations that they themselves founded, and then promptly forgot their roots and preceded to rape the American worker

8:29 PM  

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