Monday, October 11, 2010

Rule Britannia

[The author's name has been redacted, because were a British police officer to download this article from this blog, the writer would face seven years in prison for hatecrime. - HAC]

Housing estates with 90% unemployed in them. Our industries wiped away. We even rely on France to supply power nowadays. We cannot build our own reactors to replace the ageing power stations we have, all due to go offline in a year or two. Expect blackouts. The replacements we do have- wind farms- are useless and actually more expensive than nuclear or coal. As for food, we were once self-sufficient--not anymore. We import 80% of what we eat, much of it of low quality.

Islam is replacing Christianity, now relegated to the fringes as a quirky faith, on a par with New Age. Gas, electricity and water are now in the hands of foreigners. The prices for these very basic needs has jumped 500% in the last decade. Old people have frozen to death in their own homes. As usual the placid, cud-chewing, British herd moos a bit, then returns to its daily fare of garbage TV, and X Factor or East Enders or Strictly. I find them utterly embarrassing to watch - so I do not. Thank God Big Bruvver has met its end. A totally inane, idiotic, tasteless programme. I would be more entertained watching my grass grow. Just what will finally wake up the cows?

Our Educashun system is a farce. Our young cannot even speak properly, except for an Estuary argot only understood by themselves, when not running riot on the streets. In my village we are indoors by 7pm. Too dangerous to walk the cat these days, so Pussy has to go off on her own. I must be the only inhabitant whose cat accompanies me to the local shops.

Meanwhile our young people are dying in useless wars to impose 'democracy' on a people, and culture, who neither asked for it, nor understand such concepts. The coffins fly into Brize Norton, and people line the streets crying and clapping, as the dead are driven past. Strange to clap the dead isn't it? A pointless death, in a totally pointless war! What is there to clap about? Most peculiar in fact. A lot of peculiar things happen in the UK today. This was not the same land I was born into in 1953. It is bad enough for me to have to accept, so how must my father's generation feel?

We are also bankrupt. Our Navy is being literally dismantled, as is our once proud RAF. Will the crowds clap for that as well? Do you not consider it odd that we are cutting our forces to near non-existence in a time of war, even if it is a useless war? Yet we give £2 billion India for its space programme? More clapping, no doubt, by the cows.

We are in complete thrall to a Marxist alien power in Brussels. Almost every statute or instrument passed in Parliament is actually EU law. Westminster has no power. Sure the politicians make noises, and promise to curb the foreign power, but like the so called referendum, nothing will happen and if it did, we would simply be instructed to vote again until the elite had the required answer. All are "enabling orders", like the 2006 Terrorist Act that has allowed unelected, politicised, policemen to invade Parliament and even threaten to arrest a serving MP for "racist' comments" he made during a Parliamentary debate, supposedly protected by ancient Parliamentary privilege.

I actually interviewed the Northamptonshire officer responsible, and he informed me that there was no Parliamentary privilege any more - it was quote "inappropriate" today. I informed him about Magna Carta, and the Bill of Rights, Act of Succession 1688 to 1701. Again I was told these are no longer legal. Yet three MPs suddenly found they were, when they were charged with theft. Again very odd indeed. It seems we have laws that can disappear, and reappear, on a whim. Now you see them now you don't! Last year the boys in blue even raided the High Court and savagely arrested a QC, who had been attacked by Muslem former clients of his. His crime was to close the door as they struck out and abused him. Guess who was arrested, despite the pleas of the judge? The police are out of control. I loathe them today--I did not so long ago. Today they are just slobs doing the bidding of the rancid elite they serve.

Now a Briton can be arrested, and deported, and held in a filthy Greek jail for years, under the European arrest warrant. Habeas corpus no longer exists, by the way. Thought I would mention that, too. The EAW will soon allow Muslem countries to deport Britons for insulting Mohammed, once the EuroMed Union is established within five years at most. These are countries that we will not even return extremists to for fear of them being killed. However, that does not apply to you and me--we are Europeans after all. Indeed, the elite will make it a point of principle to ensure we are deported......better to be born black, or Asian.

Now we even have Harriet Harman's Equality Bill put into law. Under this "legislation" a joke, or comment, said days before, but repeated to a stranger, can if it causes offence, lead to a hatecrime and damages. The accuser does not even have to show intent on the part of the defendant - the latter has to prove he did not. At common law one is innocent until proved guilty, by having shown the accused intended to do what he is accused of--deliberate intent too. However under the EU legislation it reverses the requirement to prove intent, so that the accused is guilty until he can satisfy the Thought Police that he is innocent. Anything can be a hatecrime, too. It is for the accuser to decide, based upon their own subjective sense of hurt. When I studied law, such a matter would have been laughed out of court. However we live in most peculiar times, as I said. The cows may moo, but will continue to chew the cud.

3.5 million Muslems in the UK, with a real population of around 70 million, if Tescos are to be believed based upon a survey of food sales. Some reckon the population of the UK is already at 77,000,000. Yet all discussion is silenced. I would have thought a 200% rise in Moslem settlement, deliberately encouraged by New Labour, would elicit comment surely? I travel on trains regularly to London and I am often the only white face on board. Most peculiar.....

In a few months all hell is going to hit us all. The dollar, euro and pound are in great danger. France and Germany are already quietly printing their old currencies, as is Italy. What will you do when the supermarkets run out of food, the benefits system breaks down, and riots break out? As they will. The police know, and expect, this but the media continue to pretend that all is well, and rosy, in the multicultural madhouse. What will the millions of foreigners do when their welfare dries up?

I can guess, and so can you--we will provide it! May of these have no qualm about killing to eat, believe me. Most of the welfare bill is handed to aliens by the way--some figures I have been given mention 50% - 60%, maybe higher. One cannot get the real figures, even on the internet. Anyway the indigenous generations of Britons are fair-game for the tabloids, even if the people concerned are workless, through no fault of their own, but victims of a vicious deliberate, campaign to destroy our traditional working class. Just thought I would mention it by the way in passing.....

People accuse me of conspiracy theories or being overemotional. Peculiar that too isn't it? I have repeated the facts above, all checkable by any bovine on the internet, if they bother. I have long held that we have been under enemy attack for years. It is being done to us by the elite, determined to eradicate the UK. These are Fabians or the Class of Sixty Hate I write about. They just adore the EU, and do everything they can to destroy Britain, its people, its industries, so that the wretched EuroState can finally achieve its wet German-Franco wet dream of defeating England. We are at war, ladies and gentlemen, for our very survival, just as much as we were in 1940, although this time world Jewry is trying to destroy us and not Germany. Thought I would mention that as well- in passing.....

Have a nice day now!



Anonymous George said...

This is so sad - those poor whites in Britain, sigh. My wife went there on her honeymoon with her first husband back in the late 60's and says she loved it there. I would have liked to visit there once, but not now that I know how terrible things have become in that country.
The author writes about the destruction of his country, but it is all of Western Civilization (read WHITE civilization) that is being destroyed, Britain is just worse off because they were disarmed many years ago. HAC; the abbreviations used in this article could have been accompanied by definitions- what is an "MP"?; or a "QC"?, or the "EAW"? These acronyms are obscure to us "Amurricans".

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

England deserves what it is getting today. They helped to defeat the only Nation that came close to rolling back world jewry...that this author now complains about, in 1939 England was in the pocket of and tool of that same world jewry

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange, that someone who seems to have a good grasp of the situation nevertheless parrots the allied propaganda nonsense regarding Germany and WWII....


11:15 AM  
Anonymous Tina (Gymnastic Chick) said...

I see we American Whites aren't the only ones who've lost their marbles ... or, rather, their knowledge of math: Now England too is dumbing down its common denominator by diluting the excellence of its native population with the stupidity of these immigrant dolts. Yep, Great Britain has yet again tossed numerical mathematics and logical thinking out the window in favor of egalitarian mathematics and politically-correct thinking... thus breaking yet another record in Darwinian zero-ism! Nice going Britain!

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

English deserve it for marrying Jew. Jews would be nothing today were it not for their enablers, the English.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

MP is Member of Parliament; QC is Queen's Council. I don't know what EAW stands for. Probably some Brussels department.
In the dozen or more years that the Labour Party were in power in the UK they did immense damage to the country. All the parties are controlled by the big money jew boys behind the scenes. However, most of the Labour members were and are the worst type of liberal leftists, if not outright communists. Only a disaster can derail the planned destruction of the white peoples of the British Isles. You can now see white girls on the arms of niggers in the remotest towns and villages of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Worse, nobody seems to give it much attention or make any comment. As the writer stated, we have been disarmed and now only the police and criminals have guns. The kike won't stop until white Americans have also had their guns taken away.
Every year that passes the more the Northwest Front becomes the only viable solution for us.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for the Britons. I was raised on British television on PBS in the 70s and early 80s. I was an anglophile from the get-go and always had this image in my mind that while we may be drowning in mud that Briton was one last holdout as they were in 1940.

But that isn't true. London is now Londonistan. Shari'a Law now rules in Britain. The British have had it and they're going down fast. Those images of a way of life in Britain that I used to watch may have been idyllic but they're sure as shootin' gone now.

I get really depressed and sad when I think of it. Maybe us whites do have a collective death wish.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous fwood1 said...

MP=Member of Parliament; a member of the House of Commons.

QC=Queen's Counsel; a prosecuter.

EAW=European Arrest Warrant; a warrant that served throughout the European Community.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What good purpose does the introduction of large numbers of a very fecund brown race with a Third World culture and fanatical religion serve?

This is very maddening, disturbing and upsetting to read about what's going on in Great Britain and the (Orwellian) outlawing of dissent on this matter! This is totally unacceptable, alien and repugnent to the White Western mind!

If "diversity" is so great, why doesn't the tribe that is the driving force behind this nation-wrecking poison promote and allow for these mud races to immigrate into the Zionist state?! I'll tell you why: because it is not "good for the Jews!"

Letting in large numbers of non-Whites is akin to pouring sand into the crankcase of a smooth running engine. It has no choice but to start running rough, knocking, and eventually seize-up!

The more I see this happening and the more I (find out) who the behind the scenes players are, the more I am convinced just how right the National Socialists were in trying to rid their country and ultimately all of Europe of this nation-wrecking parasite and its corrupting mindset. It is a great tragedy that they didn't succeed. Their loss is our growing nightmare.

Perhaps this is a very well-deserved karma that the United States and Great Britain had coming their way for interfering with and destroying National Socialist Germany in WWII.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous George said...

My thanks to Brian Boru and Fwood1 for defining the meaning of the acronyms that perplexed me.To the other anonymous posters (if Harold permits me); I do not believe it is a collective white "death wish", but rather an attitude of resignation, at least among the older whites who are racially aware and aware of the Jewish problem. Among the younger whites (especially the teenagers and early twenty-somethings) it seems that they are simply brainwashed through the "school system's" social engineering, television, and their peer's influence. There seems also to be the "hang around the Fort Indian" (reference to American Indians who wanted to act like white men after being conquered in the late 1800's) mentality at work as well. What has always amazed me is the long-range planning, spanning many generations of Jews, that was at work to make this happen. And as far as guilt for Jew victory over Germany goes, America is every bit as guilty as England in aiding our demise. If it weren't for the sheep-like WW2 "Greatest Generation" (barf!), the Allied victory over Germany would never have happened.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous George said...

There was this little bit that I wanted to add regarding this comment;

"What good purpose does the introduction of large numbers of a very fecund brown race with a Third World culture and fanatical religion serve?"

Why, it serves to focus our attention on those "fecund browns" and divert our attention away from our tormenters (Jews), it also serves the same purpose that mixing blacks from several tribes together on a slave ship bound for the New World did; they were at odds with one another (and counldn't communicate) and so could not stage a rebellion against their captors. This way you see, the Jew feels safe in our respective countries- he knows that most of us aren't even thinking about him, with all our other troubles to keep our attention diverted.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You make some very good points.

"This way you see, the Jew feels safe in our respective countries- he knows that most of us aren't even thinking about him, with all our other troubles to keep our attention diverted."

Yes, I am well aware of that. However, there is a small and growing percentage of the population who are not sheeple, who have awakened and are curious to know the truth, and thanks to this great research and information source provided by the Internet, have educated themselves and discovered the root cause of our problems and it is certainly "him."

We do pay attention to "him;" unfortunately, at this time we can only expose and educate others about the problems and misery his ilk has caused.

"What has always amazed me is the long-range planning, spanning many generations of Jews, that was at work to make this happen."

Yes, it is. It is pure Talmudic " hatred of the White gentile people by this age-old tribe of inbred vipers, ranging from super-rich bankers like the Rothschilds on down to professional liars and defamers like Abe Foxman of the so-called "Anti" Defamation League, etc.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian Boru said:

"You can now see white girls on the arms of niggers in the remotest towns and villages of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland."

The joke is on them! It's like walking around in a clown suit and thinking you're cool. :-D

They're just mimicking what they perceive to be 'fashionable' from what they see on TV and read in magazines; once again, the root cause leads back to the "usual suspects" not that I dismiss any possible shabbos goyim involvement. It has been my observation that the Jew will set the ball in motion, so to speak, and continue leading or fade to the background while the goyim take over and forward his agenda.

That's okay, more times that not, these deracinated "hoes" get a rude awakening when the poop-brown man with the monkey face they are sooooooo smitten with ends up 'biting' them. :-D

I say GOOD for them!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tina (Gymnastic Chick) said:

"I see we American Whites aren't the only ones who've lost their marbles ..."

It has nothing to do with losing ones "marbles." This is being FORCED upon us.

8:05 PM  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

A fair appraisal of life for the indigenous Englishman in the twenty-first century.Niggers,wogs and every other filth that is incapable of building a civilisation,now calls my country his,and tramples every cultural norm that i grew up with,and the saddest thing is very few of my countrymen are willing to oppose this ignorant immigrant filth,most remind me of the dinosaurs watching the meteorite slam into the earth,gazing with a mental vacancy,thier brains never quite catching up with events until the shock wave hits them,but the real Englishmen are not finnished yet,some still have fire in thier guts,and if it takes a pile of bodies as high as everest,we shall prevail.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Tina (AKA Gymnastic Chick) said...

Wow! We haven't posted so many comments in a long time... and good comments too.
Yes, "anonymous," you could say it was "forced" on us, but only in so far that the judges legislated them onto us from the bench. After all, they are the ones who interpret the constitution. But we're the ones who let them by not prostesting these decisions.
As for "Englishman," the Englishmen may indeed not be finished yet... but they are on the verge of being out-numbered, out-voted and out-crowded, guts not withstanding. Pacific Nortwest is the last remaining hope for you. Your only chance at prevailing would be by making your way over here. HAC has elaborated on this particular matter in one of his broadcasts, AIR.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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