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Radio Free Northwest - October 7th, 2010

Racial Comrades:

The latest episode of Radio Free Northwest, dated October 7, 2010, is now available for download from the Party website at

In this podcast I talk about the firing of Rick Sanchez from CNN for "anti-semitism," a possible fifth Northwest novel, and local organizing here in the Northwest Homeland itself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you ever decide to write that fifth novel, you may want to read "The City Without Jews" by Hugo Bettauer. Published in 1922, it tells how Austria votes to expel it's Jewish population and what then happens. I assume that this action was still available to European countries back then.

While the author makes the expulsion as humane as possible (I don't think he was for this in real life), it is the unintended consequences which is interesting and must be taken in consideration by your republic. For example, in the novel as well as in America, Jews are a large segment of the doctors (I think 30% in the US). Toss in Asians and assorted other non-Whites and this could rise to 40%. The result is that medical care won't be as available as it was before the succession.

The novel discusses such issues, from the trivial to the serious. Since clothing manufacturing has already been mostly out-sourced in the US, that isn't a current issue but his discussion of venture capital may prove relevant. Anyway, the book should be available as there had been some reissues (a paperback in listed in Amazon) and can probably be ordered through your local library.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You obviously don't have any real grasp of the net drag jews are to society if you really believe this clap trap.
1st, by getting rid of the "venture capitalist" jews
would rid us of the bernie madofs / goldman-sachs types who have bilked our people/economy out of billions if not trillions of dollars. Right there we would
already be in the black.
2nd, your fear of a health care crisis by riding our selves of jewish/non-white doctors is really laughable.
As a doctor friend of mine finally admitted, it isn't
"managed care" it is "managed death" with "modern
medicine",i.e. the doctors just "manage" you until you die. "Modern medicine" is riddled with grossly
over priced, poorly tested, or out-right dangerous
pharmaceutical drugs. Also,1000's of extremely expensive, unnecessary surgical procedures are
preformed on our trusting citizens every year.
If you do a little research, you will quickly find out
which ethnic group is pushing/benefiting from this
craze for "new" and "high tech" drugs and procedures. The AMA is simply a "Union" for doctors to keep their wages constantly increasing,
and it has been a jewish scam right from the beginning.
When doctors go on strike the death rate actually
3rd, all through history, when countries have expelled their jews, things got better for our people.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous #1 above: "The City Without Jews" was a blatant piece of Jewish-Marxist anti-N.S. propaganda, and Hugo Bettauer got what he deserved for publishing it (executed by real National Socialists). Go tell your masters at the ADL that you FAILED in your mission, because you certainly have failed. Don't be surprised if you get sent to Tel Aviv for "re-education" (read: "torture") for your failure, though.

@ Anonymous #2: Spot on! Any kike with a medical license is a quack Disease Profiteer armed with a weapon of mass destruction. Streicher's "The Poison Mushroom" deals with the problem of Jewish "doctors" exceptionally well. Ridding a society of Jewish loansharks and other parasitic pseudo-Capitalists only rids that society of its aspiring Marxist Oligarchs. There are plenty of legitimate means for meeting the "venture capital" needs of a society which do not rely on fiat "wealth" created out of thin air via the criminal methods employed by Jewish usurers and fractional-reserve banks. The "benefit" of Jewish presence in the world of business and finance is a cleverly-devised ilusion, and you certainly see past all the smoke and mirrors. Congratulations for your astute observations!


11:25 PM  
Anonymous Alrun said...

About the fifth novel, i personally really like your novels, in a way you cant imagine, and you are an excellent writer BUT the Northwest Front and the Northwest Imperative needs REAL, action real work; not more fiction. We have to work to build a real Republic; and i think you can use your that time better working in the reality.....

4:38 PM  

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