Friday, October 22, 2010

My Inner Monster

All my life I've been exposed to things, people, places and situations that the average Joe Blow only reads about in adventure stories or true crime magazines. Life has been interesting as hell but hard...damned hard at times. I didn't start out looking for these things, they found me. It's almost as if I were some kind of weird magnet or nexus for events to concentrate around. I've never been a follower, but always a leader of the pack because I wasn't afraid to step out and deal with situations.

In fact I've never understood people that didn't. When I see a problem, a wrong, or an injustice I always want to do something about it, not just
walk on by and hope "somebody else" deals with it, like the majority of my fellow whites do. To me these people are cowards, too afraid of risking their necks or their comfy little lifestyle to do the right thing. I've often wondered how they manage to sleep at night or consider themselves decent people.

Just because you haven't lived the kind of life I have is no reason to think you can't stand up and kick ass like me. You're free, white, and American aren't you? That's all you need.

We all have a responsibility..a duty to act when we see evil, regardless of the cost. This
is what separated Americans from all other peoples of the earth, and the reason our nation became the greatest in the history of man. We acted, we didn't just lay up and quake with fear. We liberated France and the rest of Europe while their own people hid in basements and forests, afraid to resist. And even now the cowards refuse to honor us or our hallowed dead that freed them. Because if it had been left to them, they'd still be in chains..and rightly so. The more I think about it, the more I realize Hitler was right in conquering those peoples.

Just look at the evil they've produced since then. In fact I can't find one single positive thing
that defeating the Reich has done for this world, though I can name at least a hundred things it damaged. Actually, the only people that benefited from their fall were the Jews. The evil, insidious Jews.

But our practice of taking on wrongs and injustices fell by the wayside as soon as the liberal humanist philosophy took hold. It taught "tolerance" above all else, as if getting along with every lowlife, pervert and degenerate was our race's prime directive.

And because of this new attitude we allowed evil to blossom everywhere. I bet none of you can name even one aspect of our society or culture that hasn't been corrupted, polluted, or flat out destroyed by this evil philosophy. We are a people under siege in our own homeland by enemies from within that tell us they're "on our side" as they pass law after law destroying our freedoms and rights, and bringing us ever closer to a communist police state. And still most of us are still hiding under the bed. I can't relate to you my deep level of disgust and rage at these cowards, and I now feel that they deserve the horrendous fate that's barreling toward them like a runaway freight train.

What we need are more people that are like me...willing to unleash their inner monster. We all
have one whether we want to admit it or not. Some are bigger and meaner than others, but we all have one that's more than capable of sending our enemies running for the tall weeds in real terror. All it takes is to drop your GSL, or Give a Shit Level. Once you do and start focusing on what needs to be done instead of worrying about your own sorry ass, your inner monster will rise, and all hell will break loose. We've always had evil men among us and near us who hated America and Americans and wanted both of us as dead as hammered mud.

Just to create our
nation took a lot of blood and guts, with us killing a ton of these cockroaches. And they'll always be there, hiding in the shadows, watching every move we make and every last word we say, just waiting for the opportunity to wreak havoc on our society again.

There was only one thing
that kept them in check all those years before now, and that was fear. Fear of our forefather's inner monsters. They knew that if pushed, these men would sacrifice everything to take them down and make them wish they had never been born...

Well, they don't fear us anymore..not like they used to, and this has given them the courage
to go on the attack. For the past twenty years especially, we have seen an orchestrated effort to completely reshape our homeland into a nightmare of Jewish oppression and police state control. \

Most Americans still don't realize this, though the majority now know that we're being
ruled by a cadre of mobsters. They just don't realize the depth and depravity of their agenda, or who these animals really are. This is because they've been asleep at the switch too long, and even the news media which used to warn them of evil people like those, is now under the enemy's complete control. You and I are their only source for the truth.

And that, my friends,
is why I have been harassed by both Homeland Security and the Secret Service right here in my own home, warning me to shut the hell up. Truth is a very powerful weapon, and I've been handing it out to as many patriots as would take it. I've been doing my level best to wake up the inner monster in all of them. Unlike most of my colleagues, I've never asked my readers or fellow patriots to follow me, just to listen to their conscience and then act on it.

The time is almost upon us when you will all have to make a choice whether to obey your evil government, which definitely does not have your best interests at heart, or to release your inner monster and join with other patriots in removing the enemies of white America from power and bringing them to justice.

Of course you'll be scared. Not just for yourself but for your loved ones. That's why I keep pestering you folks to perpetually prepare. Because the more you prepare, the less vulnerable you all are to our government's wrath. That part is totally in your control at this point. I wouldn't be wasting this precious time if I were you, because none of us knows just how long this grace period will keep lasting. It could end tomorrow.

I've had a few people ask me when I think the enemy will strike. And although I have a pretty good idea, nothing is written in stone. Heck, it could be another year...or it could be...tonight. We just don't know, and to be quite frank about it, I don't believe the enemy knows either. It all hinges on a multiple set of factors that all have to align at once to give them the optimum odds of success.

Always remember that these men may be psychopaths, but they're not fools. Their plans have been laid out, re-planned and reworked a hundred times over the decades, honing it to a near perfect storm of economic, social and political chaos intended to strike at the most opportune moment.

Our job is to be so ready, so prepared that it won't matter when they strike or how they strike, because we'll be able to defeat them hands down. To do that we must all learn to unleash our inner monsters. You can start right now by no longer ignoring injustices when you see them.

When some worthless nigger or thieving wetback harasses an old lady or steals something, or intimidates a family, or gets all niggery on you, you deal with his sorry ass right there on the spot. You instill in him the raw fear that his parents had for our parents. You write and call your leaders and you don't mince words. You call them the crooks and mobsters they are, and call them on their evil activities. You let them know in no uncertain terms that you and the rest of white America know exactly what they're up to, and that you will aggressively punish them if they don't back off. This is what I do every single day of my life.

And you know what? It feels good. In fact it feels damned good. There's nothing like the sight of some evil mud's backside as he hauls ass away from me, or the sound of a congressional aide as he sucks in his breath in fear at my words. They know they're guilty, and they know they deserve to be punished. But like the sneaky, cowardly weasels they are, they will continue to gnaw away at the foundations of our culture until enough of us put the fear of God back into them to send them scurrying back into the shadows where they belong.

You know what to do. Let them see your inner monster. I'm sure it's just as hairy, warty, fanged and clawed as mine is, and I'm sure that just like mine, it's howling and clamoring to be let out of its cage, so it can root and rip a bunch of lowlifes. It's up to you to let it out. You know what to do to prepare for this, and you know how to turn it loose. All that's left is the will to do it. Well?

What the hell are you waiting engraved invitation from Obungle?

-Lone Haranguer


Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Well said,in the past it was the pastor in his pulpit that inspired and inflamed his congregants and we had ORDER,indeed when i look around at all of these spinless countrymen of mine it is really sickening,like trained dogs they do whatever the new world fascists tell them,above all pay,pay pay,when any logical responsible man would tell them to go fuck themselves,at times i wonder if they are worth the effort in trying to preserve thier freedom,but then the shining beast grips me and i know that to bend the knee is the worst kind of treason against the white race, the forces of evil,extant in our societies must be confronted and eradicated if homo superiour is to emerge,let the sheep be sheep it is in thier nature,but not in ours.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous The Old Man said...

blowhard that ain't doing shit

4:09 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

You kick ass? Now, THATS hilarious! You're a scrotumless tart who doesn't have the nuts (as identified earlier in this sentence) to leave the heavily infested minorty neighboorhood in California that you live in. Good riddance, nutless tart.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Seltz. Not to mention that you keep going on and on about how its "all you can do" not to take some sort of action against the nigroids or muds but never do. You know, Haranguer, if wishes were fishes, you'd be the biggest fishmonger in the world. Just keep sitting there in fright while you think that its "all you can do" to dare to look back at the nigroid in front of you. After all, if you act in your convictions, something might happen!

7:25 PM  

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