Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monkey Man

Recently I read a short rant from some irate nigger who didn't like one of my posts. He especially disagreed with my statement that blacks have invented nothing and he called me a "lying cracka muthafugga" etc., and said that blacks had invented everything!

Well, I laughed of course, then shook my head, knowing that this stupid chimp was reciting some of the blatant lies the liberals have been teaching these apes in our liberal run schools.

According to the new "revised" liberal history books, blacks have invented everything from radio to nuclear fission. I have to bust up at this, especially when I know that blacks have never even produced one written language in all of history. Nothing. Not one tribe of tree hangers in Africa or anywhere else ever left behind any trace of a written language. And even their oral ones are all the same, just a series of primitive grunts and ooks. How can a species of ape that isn't even capable of a language, capable of something much, much higher? Well, of course they're not. But it would take intelligence for a black to see this, and since they don't have any, conning them is relatively easy for the liberals to do.

I once read an interview with one of the liberal architects of this campaign of lies, and he said that they did it to "boost their self esteem." Another lie. What they really did it for was to stir up their already mounting sense of entitlement to things they don't deserve. This will lend itself quite handily to the coming race war in which Obama will be able to use to his full advantage. All part of the plan.

Niggers are going to be an even bigger threat than the wetbacks when the collapse hits, and that's saying something. That's because blacks are mindlessly destructive. They tear things up just because they can. Whenever I watch the news or read a paper or surf the Net, all I ever see is niggers, niggers, niggers killing this or that person, raping somebody or robbing someone.

Murder in this country is at an all time high, and almost all of it is nigger caused. They've become not only violent, but mean. Their new favorite trick is throwing acid on women that piss them off, especially white women that refuse to screw them. This hurts their monkey pride and they chimp out. But instead of ooking and eeking and throwing feces, they're now throwing acid.

Quite a step up. I wonder what Jew taught them that one? This new arrogance and meanness isn't exclusive to the bucks, oh no! Just the other day I was in a supermarket and I passed by the baked goods isle. About mid-way down was a hateful looking ho' who had opened one of those Betty Crocker ready to spread chocolate frosting cans, and was standing there, dipping frosting out of it with her nasty ass monkey fingers and cramming huge gobs of it into her butt ugly face. If I had a face like that I'd wear underwear over it.

Anyway, this walking skid mark looked at me with open malice and said, "Whatchoo lookin' at muthafugga? She then looked back at her booty and said, "Dey owes it to me!" and crammed another mouthful into her fat face. It took every freaking ounce of willpower I possessed not to knock her into orbit.

If a white had tried a stunt like that they'd have been arrested on the spot. But since it was one of America's spoiled pet apes, nobody said or did anything. The employees didn't say a word. They just pretended not to see her as she continued to eat. Another thing all whites in this state have to watch out for is buying fruits and vegetables. That's because all these nigger ho's have extremely long claws...er...nails, and they use them to deliberately...deliberately ruin as much produce as they can by cutting into each and every piece of food they can get hold of with their nails, leaving deep, semi-circular gouges in them. The mountains of bacteria under their nasty ass nails ruins the fruit, causing it to spoil very rapidly, and making it unfit to sell to anyone.

I've seen their little niglets poke holes in tomatoes with their nasty little nose pickers just for the hell of it as well, making me want to wade through the lot of them with a machete. If these apes will do this to food, what do you think they'd do to you and your loved ones if a riot broke out? The next riot won't be anything like the past ones. It'll be the mother of all chimp outs.

Every year, liberal brainwashing is making these retarded sub-humans more and more violent, and more and more hostile toward the very people that feed them. They're way too stupid to understand that the "govmint" money they get comes from whitey. Like little kids, they think that money just appears when they want it, and they have no idea where it comes from..and they don't give a damn as long as they get it.

We all know what the liberals did to South Africa and Rhodesia(now Zimbabwe..a nice niggery name). Millions of hard working whites were butchered, robbed, raped, and driven from their homes by a nigger run government and the vast mobs of thieving, murderous bucks that monkey regime supported. Do any of you think we'll fare any better? We dare not sit back and trust our government to protect us, not when our so-called "prez" is a monkey himself, and one that is also an avowed white hater. We must arm and defend ourselves, our homes, our loved ones and our land by any and all means necessary. For every white they kill, we kill a hundred of them. For every white woman they rape, we castrate a hundred bucks. And for every white home they burn, we burn down an entire niggertown. And if this ape regime sends its mindless goons in to stop us, we'll deal with them accordingly.

NO government has the right to force its people to tolerate this kind of outrage. Our Founders must be rolling in their graves at the fact that we have allowed that evil ape to remain in office. The monkey man must be put in his place, now and forever, or we'll never have any peace as a race. Things will only continue to escalate until we're forced to fight anyway. Are we going to wait until our loved ones are dying before we take action? Then their blood will be on our hands, and we'll have to answer to our ancestors for our cowardice.

When the call goes out will you answer, or will you cower under your bed like the cur they say you are? It's time for all of you to search your hearts and decide now, because we're almost out of time. Race war is nearly upon us. Will the monkey man rule America..or will you????

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a HUGE difference in those two pictures, Mr. Haranguer. The intelligent and perceptive look in the gorilla's eyes!

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Haranguer!!!!

This has got to be your greatest blog post yet! "For every white woman they rape, we castrate one hundred bucks", "For every white home they burn, we burn down an entire niggertown." A-FUCKING-MEN!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous George said...

"We dare not sit back and trust our government to protect us, not when our so-called "prez" is a monkey himself, and one that is also an avowed white hater."

- Yes, and interestingly, I remember that Ed Steele had predicted that Obongo would be the most hated president in history, and that he would achieve that dubious distinction before even his first term was up. Ed seems to have been clairvoyant about that one.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boofer in the white house

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i totally agree, how they put a god damn spook in the WHITE! house is ridiculous especially, some fucking monkey whos last name is one letter diffrence from osoma , and who was raised as some muslim sand nigger. It is abosoutly insane! the only reason it happned is because of the large population of niggers and packies all across america who come together to elect oboma in which who they can relate to cause thetre either a monkey or muslim too..We white men have to stay strong and proud ...The skins from canada are behind you old man 100%

white power

6:20 AM  
Blogger Stateless Warrior's Blog said...

All I see is black nigger Government monkeys!

11:50 AM  

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