Monday, September 20, 2010

Stealing From Kunstler Again

[I'm sorry, I know I should have better things to post here than stuff stolen from a kike, but this goy-hating hebe just has these moments of sheer brilliance...HAC]

...When everyday life gets detached from reality, metaphor is all you've got left. And in this ridiculous, sickening culture, with its toxic stream of electronic simulacrum politics sucking all the oxygen out of the collective brain-space, the mind is left wandering numbly across a kind of wilderness where twisted sign-posts point to mutant evangelists, freakish ideologies, false prophets, deadly miracle cures, phantoms on horseback, angels with bat-wings, and the ghost of Spotted Elk lying dead in the snow with his stiffened arm beckoning the way to extinction like Melville's Ahab corded to the hump of his sounding white whale. Oh, America, pull your head out of your electronic ass while you still can! And look out below!

-James Howard Kunstler


Anonymous Gymnastic Chick said...

I think this whole brainwashing thing has to do with the stupid masses.

Acquiring truth requires thinking. Thinking requires effort. Since the lazy masses prefer comfort over effort, the media present truth to them in a way that is entertaining. The more entertaining they can make the news, the higher their ratings, which accounts for their eagerness to dramatize the facts into a more sensational version. And, yes, the government uses this powerful tool to brainwash its citizens into cooperative sheep.

But it wouldn't be this way if the lazy sheeple put forth the necessary effort of doing their thinking independently for themselves without resorting to the thoughts of the media (or the government whom the media depend on).

The government is only following the Darwinian law by trying to survive like any other entity in the universe. What do they expect?
They only have themselves to blame.

1:05 PM  

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