Saturday, September 25, 2010

Solzhenitsyn Book On The Jews

Racial Comrades:

The last seminal book of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, 200 Years Together, is of paramount importance, as it documents in finest details the 200-year-long history of Jews in Russia, their ascension to power in the Soviet Union and their role in the Communist terror. It is a must read for every thinking man.

The book was translated into French and German immediately after it was published in Russian (2002) yet it was not translated into English. There is a rumor that when Yale University decided to do the translation, a powerful Jew forced them to cancel the project. The translation effort that is underway now is illegal, and copyright owners have threatened the guy who is behind it with a lawsuit.

The project was launched in the mid-June and by now a great deal of a book is translated. Donations by readers are the blood of the project so if you can spare ten bucks please do it. The chapters are being published as they are translated. For further information go to:

-Vitaly Rogoza


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you Harold for drawing this to our attention.
Surely the book is of extreme historical significance.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ironically, Solzhenitsyn was once the darling of the intellectional looney left. The "Gulag Archipelago" was a much quoted by-word of the intelligencia. But now, turning his eye to other threats, Solzhenitsyn DARES to point out the jew and he will be pilloried for it.

Personally, it increases my respect for Solzhenitsyn since he's not just a yes-man for the ivy-league jews and intelligencia. Sure, he was in agreement with them in Gulag Archapeligo but he's got the balls to tell it like it is and inform the world just how the little slimy worms called jews have derailed Mother Russia.

Hell, what do the jews think? If this guy didn't fear the NKVD thugs, do you think he's going to fear some jew metrosexuals poncing around effete and whiny as he puts the spotlight on them? Ha!

2:08 PM  

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