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Meet Me In Montana

[Hey, all you assholes at the Montana Human Rights Commission--looks like you're getting some company up there in Kalispell.]

We Hit A Nerve

by Chuck Baldwin

September 8, 2010

My column last week announcing my family's and my decision to leave Pensacola, Florida, and move to Montana must have hit a nerve--and that's putting it mildly. Between my son, Tim, and I, we have received hundreds (no hyperbole) of emails. In fact, we have received hundreds of emails just from people who live in Montana. Altogether, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and congratulatory. But in truth, the reaction was much deeper than that.

Our decision to leave the sunny South and move to Montana has produced an avalanche of responses such as (paraphrased), "My family and I were praying about where to move, and now we know," and "God has already been moving in our hearts to do the same thing that you and your family are doing, Chuck," and "Make room for us," and "We just moved to Idaho, so we'll be neighbors," and "We know you are following God's will," and "We understand what you are doing and are praying for you," etc., etc. We have received hundreds of emails such as these.

As I said in my previous column, I believe Montana (and surrounding states) is in store for a FREEDOM RUSH. People all over America instinctively realize that things cannot keep going the way they are.

The tyrannical tentacles of Washington, D.C., are making life a proverbial hell on earth for people all over the country, and, unfortunately, many (if not most) states are unwilling to resist the Crown's (excuse me, DC's) evil machinations. So, in the hearts of freedom-loving people there burns the question, "What do we do?" My family and I have answered that question. Our move is in response to the direct and definite revelation of God, in much the same way that our Pilgrim and Pioneer ancestors followed God's guiding light.

But, just as our patriot forebears met with intense opposition, so have we. We hit a nerve all right! As soon as the announcement was made, Big-Government loyalists (some calling themselves Christians, to boot) began attacking me in the most vehement manner possible. The meanest and most cruel accusations, lies, distortions, etc., that one could think of were instantly hurled against my family and me. (Thank God, the faithful members of Crossroad Baptist Church where I pastored for 35 years understand my heart and--though hurt--have overwhelmingly expressed their support and love for us.)

It is truly incredible! Just ask yourself, "Why in the world should other people care--one way or another--that my family and I would decide to make a move? What difference should that make to them?"

People move all the time. Do others usually react with vicious slander and open hostility (mostly done anonymously, of course)? No. So why would they react this way because the Baldwins decided to move? I'll tell you why.

People realize that we have found the ultimate vehicle through which liberty can be transported to future generations. The principalities and powers that be recognize that what we are doing could lead to the restitution of genuine liberty in these States united. In short, they must feel threatened. They realize the potential of what we are doing is so great, so powerful, and so extensive, that it could literally change the course of American history.

Yes, I truly believe that. Do I believe that I am that important or powerful? Not at all. I am only one man (a rather simple man, at that). But I know there is a great God in Heaven Who inspired great men of history to incorporate great principles of freedom into the minds and hearts of a great people, and by so doing changed the course of history at that time. And I am convinced that this same God and those same principles are just as revolutionary--just as powerful--today as they were then. Therefore, the principalities and powers that be are scared silly that others will be inspired to do as we are doing. So, they are attempting to assassinate my motives and character. Well, it won't work!

Everything that my family and I have been accused of, America's founders were accused of. Things being said about me were said about Patrick Henry and Sam Adams. We are being called the same dirty names as were the brave men and women of 1775 and '76. And just as our patriot forebears paid no heed to these insults and mischaracterizations, and marched forward, so will we!

Yes, we hit a nerve! For some, it was an inspirational nerve of courage, understanding, conviction, and support. For others, it was a nerve of anger, opposition, and perhaps even fear--or maybe jealousy.

So be it! We always knew a line was being drawn in the sand, didn't we? It's about time we find out exactly where we stand in this freedom fight that is coming, because the fight is coming. With us or without us, the freedom fight is coming.

Again, I want to thank those of you who have poured out your love and support for this very difficult and life-changing decision that we Baldwins have made. I will continue to write this column. My web site will remain intact. And just as soon as possible, I will be back on the Internet, livestreaming my messages. Watch this column (and my website) for announcements and progress regarding all of the above.

And to those of you in Montana (and surrounding states), we look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you in the great freedom struggle that is to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are about a dozen references to god, or xtian, or church, but none regarding Race, which is what the NW Imperative is all about, he is not one of "Us"....


9:26 AM  
Anonymous Gymnastic Chick! said...

Wow! We've been trying to figure out ways to get people to move to the Nortwest, and here this guy comes out of nowhere with aims that are remarkably similar to ours, unwittingly corroborating many of the points we've been trying to make, nearly stating our case for us.

It goes to show that if you want something bad enough Karma will find a way out of nowhere. Support may come from the least likely source. Or in a way you expect it the least. But come it will, by hook or by crook.

Let's hope DC keeps up the "good work" by continuing to p!ss people off and driving them to the Northwest - it makes our job a heck of a lot easier.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baldwin better watch his back lest some cop "find" a pound of cocaine in his back trunk during a "routine" traffic stop or some jew school councellor suddenly reveals that one of his kids darkly hinted at "touchings." Or that a computer with his ISP was swapping underage girl pictures on the internet and, after getting a search warrant from the local neighborhood federal judge, they find (wait for it! ...) kiddie porn on his computer.

Good luck to him and his followers, hope they come up to the northwest and aid our movement. But personally, if I were a betting man, I'd go find a bookie and put down 100 bucks that ZOG will take this poor guy down inside a year through some machination. The reptoids at the ADL are probably fighting each other over who's plan to entrap him will be implemented.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Gymnastic Chick said...

Granted that my optimism is less than warranted, that Baldwin's decision to move to the only PLE town is a coincidence, and that race wasn't at least a factor in the equation, he doesn't have to be 'one of us' to further our cause. Suffice it to say that he and we have a common obstacle which our HAC was quick to perceive. We may have to welcome stranger bedfellows than the Rev. Baldwin. I would like some input from other readers on this last thought. Thanks

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The high school I went to in north Florida suffered from race riots when they integrated it back in the early 70s. Even then most of the white boys wouldn't rush to the fight, they'd go the other way pronto.

There was this one white kid who always tried to pal up with the niggers. Always took their side of an issue in classroom debates. Always sucking up to them. Then, one day a major fight broke out between classes in the hallways. This kid didn't know the rumble, wasn't with a friend, and didn't get his back to a wall. He was getting the living, livid shit kicked out of him when me and my friend James got to him. We punched our way out and brought the kid with us. Ever after that he would, "Nigger, nigger, nigger.", along with the best of us. And, when a fight broke out, he would look for me and James to get with.

See, it's like this, Chuck Baldwin and his ilk are not WN. They don't have to be. When the fight begins or the oppression comes down, the side he fights for will be designated by the color of his skin, his uniform as it were. We will need every one like him and more. We will need every Christian Fundamentalist, every Christian Identity, every Odinist, every atheist, and every agnostic we can get. If we win, there will be plenty of opportunity to thrash out what kind of society we will have. If we don't win, then it won't really matter, will it?

So, I think the attitude should be to welcome people like this. At least he recognizes the fed-gov. as the enemy. Is it so far from there to recognizing ZOG?

Terry Phillips

11:41 AM  

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